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*throws rocks, cookies, small children, whatever* Why is it that, when you enter a Neopet into the Customization Spotlight, it automatically makes the Neopet have a happy face? Just like people, not all Neopets are always happy and smiling... sometimes I make certain customizations when they are sick because it adds a certain mood about the setting... can you make it so a Neopet looks EXACTLY how you entered it? There are far too many great dark and gloomy wearable items to be limited by only happy, smiling faces! *hurtles my underutilized gloomy items* ~thatsmaamtoyou
Hmm... while you have a valid point, we aren't sure we want to encourage people to starve their Neopets or purposely make them sick or wounded for the sake of fashion. We'll discuss this amongst ourselves, but for now we'll be keeping it this way.

Hi TNT, I often see "NOTE TNT: Other family members use this computer to play on Neopets, please don't freeze" or something along those lines. Do you guys take notice to these? ~mangoju1ce
Yes, we notice them, go "ARGH!" and promptly delete them from the User Lookups (especially if we're spotlighting the account) as people see these and get the impression that this is somehow necessary. It's just as easy for a multiple account abuser or scammer to put this on their UL as it is for anyone else. We do not take these notices into account; we look at the information and evidence we have and do our best to figure things out.

Please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE can you give us a clue to the Chef Bonju mystery?!? My brain is over-confuzzed. Also, does it have anything to do with Puzzle Adventure, and can anyone get it? ~ixiblues
Well, since you asked really nicely... yes, any account is eligible to get the Bonju avatar, and no, it has nothing to do with Puzzle Adventure, but you guys had better be quick! It looks like there's only a few more days left to figure out the combination before the secret of the Bonju avatar is going to remain a mystery for another year. We're offering some clues in this Editorial to help you out because we're nice like that. Also, we don't want to read another year's worth of "How do you get the Bonju avy?" questions to the Editorial. *innocent half-crazed smile*

Better be quick, this avatar won't last,
If your Neopet doesn't know how to cook,
then they'd better learn fast!

Hello, TNT! *hands you cookies* I was on a board where people insisted that making a board about Boochi and posting spam about Boochi (as well as making loads of boards about him over and over again) would increase their chances of getting his Random Event. Is this true? I'm asking because it's very annoying. ~sparkleandtwinkle
Ugh, no. Not at all. That's far more likely to net them a warning than anything else. There's nothing you can do to attempt to "force" a visit from Boochi.

When can we expect colored morphing potions to come out for Krawks? I mean, we have the mutant potion and we also have the basic colors but where are the faerie, plushie, and even Darigan potions? ~simsine604
Ohh, good point. We did release some new Draik eggs, so it makes sense to add some more Krawk morphing potions as well. We'll schedule them in for the upcoming weeks. :)

We'll be making more KRAWK POTS! HAHAHHA GET IT?
(No, this isn't a Bonju clue. Those items are *very* affordable.)

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering, why can't you take apart a Lab Map and resell it once you no longer want it? You can take clothes and battle items off your Neopet and resell them once you are done with them, so why not the Lab Map? It's not a one time use item. Thanks, TNT! You guys and gals are awesome. ~artist_at_work111
When you turn in the map, you get rewarded with 10,000 NP and some rare items. If you could remove the map and reform it... well, you can see the issue that would create. Aside from that, we want the map to be an investment for your account, not some temporary thing.

Hi. *hands plate of cookies* It appears that no one has gotten the Battledome challenger Count Von Roo in a number of years. Has the Random Event to get him been retired? I know that people who already have him can still face him, but no one else seems to be able to get him; instead, we have duplicates showing up in our 1 Player found opponents that a number of us think should be him. :( ~buoyakryllyn
Oh, that's weird. We'll talk to our amazing Battledome mistress and see if she can figure out what's causing that.

Hiya, TNT! I have a question that has puzzled me ever since... ever. My question is about the Blumaroo Steak. Is it made from real Blumaroo? I thought Neopets didn't die. The description says it "goes bounce... bounce... whirr... splat." Does that mean... it died? Please remove my username. You'll never believe what angry vegetarians will do nowadays. Thanks! ~[username removed]
Lawyerbot would like to state that we have no knowledge of any violence against Blumaroos. Any such actions were performed by an evil third party and are not condoned by TheNeopetsTeam.

What happened to Mutant Day? It appears to have been lost between Grundo Independence Day and the 26th. :S ~agb2001
Well, we had to push back Grundo Independence Day because of the weekend, so we decided to also push back Mutant Day so that the artists wouldn't be as rushed and we could offer you better content, just a tad late. :) Didn't mean to panic you guys!

You can't rush beauty like this!

Hi, TNT. I have been seeing people take commissions off-site on various art websites. People will pay Neopoints, or even real money, for artwork of their Neopets or for applications. Is this against the rules? If so, what is the best way to report it? Please remove my username. Thank you. ~[username removed]
This is very much against the rules. You may not trade Neopoints for services, and it's very much not allowed to accept real money for artwork that's making use of our intellectual property. Please report this by going to our Contact Us page and then going to Abuse Questions: Reporting.

Is it wrong to have the word "hack" in my guild name? I received a warning for creating my guild (it was named neo//.hackers, related to a video game series I like named .hack). I have no idea why I got the warning. I asked on the Help Boards and concluded that it was really the name of the guild that may have made you guys think I had the intention of hacking Neopets' website =(. Can you please clarify this? I got so confused; I really enjoy the website, and I was so happy with the idea of creating a guild... then all of this happened. Should I try a guild name without the word hack? If so, then how would I talk about the the series without even mentioning its name in the guild? Thanks for your attention. ~soujiharumi
A lot of us enjoy video games and are aware of the .hack// franchise, but likely many people are not, so we're sure it's understandable how some people could severely misinterpret your guild name. Please avoid using "hack" in a guild name. As far as talking about the game, we understand you're a fan, but posting "hack" anywhere on the site is going to raise alarms for our monitors. Our priority is the safety of our users, so it's probably best to avoid using that word. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(

Hey, TNT! *passes out jelly doughnuts* I have been a user of your site for six months now and I try to only write you when I have a question. My question is this: if there are so many people who send in questions, and they all really want answers, why don't you at least send them Neomails as answers to their questions? There are a lot of confused people who never get their questions answered in The Neopian Times! Thanks for listening! ~xxxmusicismylifexxxx
Alas, we wish we could, but one issue is the number of hours in the day, and another is that we've already answered the question many times before, or we simply can't tell you the answer. :( If you have questions about the site, please feel free to see if Sarah the helpful Zafara knows, your fellow Neopians, or (finally) site support.

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