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Hey TNT. I won't hand you a cookie, since you've had too many and need to watch your weight! Anyway, I am an impulse board creator. When one explodes, I'm off and making another. But sometimes (like when recruiting members for my guild) I’ll see another one of the members made one, and it’s getting more people, so I (as most people do) post, "Board Closed," etc. Wouldn't it be spiffy (and a little snazzy) to have an option to delete your own boards? I know there are people watching what we type and have the power to delete our boards, but it would be nice if we had the option too. Oh, and hurry up with the Pound opening -- they will soon run out of food for the Neopets in there! Thanks! ~tennytiny25
Much like a lot of ideas, while is sounds good on paper (or erm, your monitor) in actual practice it will cause a lot of issues. Scammers could quickly post for players to see and then delete their thread before a monitor has had a chance to catch them. Harassment could run rampant, too, as the same post-and-destroy-evidence posting tactics could be used there as well. We've thought about this issue quite a bit, and there are just too many ways to abuse such a feature. Sorry. :(

Hey TNT! I thought you might be tired of rocks, so I got you dynamite because you're DY-NO-MITE! Waitaminute, THE DYNAMITE'S LIT! *throws it away* *BOOM!* Sorry about that, and BTW, do any of you ever wish that Neopets really existed? If so, then I'm not alone. ~kimba94
We're sure there's more than a few of us here that would be downright giddy if we could make our favourite Neopet "real." Alas, we're just too early. *imagines a future of fluffy creatures genetically created in a lab* O.O Kinda cool and freaky at the same time.

Then we'd *really* need toilets in Neopia...

*Tries to melt the ice on you because you're so cool* Hi! Okay, I was shopping for Petpets, and I found a Wuzzer and Spoppy. What's up with mixed Petpets and how do you get them like that? Thanks TNT! ~katepop
These mixed Petpets can be created from Jhuidah's Cooking Pot on Mystery Island. Only certain combinations work, though. Can you imagine if we had Kadoblews wailing around?!?

Hello, Neopets Team. I was trying to change my lookup and was looking directly at the html code for the page. I found some nifty things buried in the code. One was, "Look! A clock. Niiiice" and the other was, "Yay for Suckerfish!" I found this on every page I checked in Neopia. Who is Suckerfish, one of your programmers? Can we learn more about her/him? How about a plushie in their honor? ~serissa98
Suckerfish is an open-source CSS menu we (and many other web developers) used as the base of our navigation system. If you have no idea what that means, no worries. It's programmer malarkey. Basically, it's a piece of code, not a person!

I would offer you a rock, but I'm sure you're tired of them, and if I offer you another cookie, you'll get fat. So have a radish. Moving right along, I had a question involving romance in role plays, Neopian Times articles, etc.: why isn't it allowed? Most of the movies/books kids grow up with involve romance, so it's not as if younger users are being protected. Wouldn't it be just as easy, if not easier, to catch Neopians role playing or writing inappropriate romance than romance at all? Thank you for your time! Oh, and could you remove my username? ~[removed]
Trust us, the way we fight each other for a cookie burns off a lot of calories!

Anyway, we've learned over the years that ambiguous rules and lines just cause confusion, and we really hate it when accounts get caught in the crossfire. We know even the tamest of movies often have romantic interests, but where is the line drawn? What one person considers "G-rated" may not be so to another. Is hugging okay, as long as there's no kissing? And rather than weigh you down with a hundred different things that are or aren't okay, (and face it, there's no way we can come up with a rule for every situation) we just don't allow it at all.

And for the last time, no, these rules don't apply to us! We may occasionally put a bit of romance in the stories we tell. We know where to draw the line so that the story is appropriate for users of all ages.

TNT #1: What's that?
TNT #2: A radish.
TNT #1: Isn't that a Pokemon?
TNT #2: No, that's Rapidash. -_-
TNT #1: Oh.

I *heart* the Advent Calendar! This is by far one of the best set of prizes that I've ever received. TNT, you're so kind! ~neo587200
*whew* You're quite welcome! We're glad you all are enjoying the gifts!

Dear editor, I understand that Christmas Petpets from the Advent Calendar (i.e. snow Kookith, or recently, Christmas Arkmite) cannot be painted, but does this include the Petpet Lab Ray? Because we don't get any profit from zapping Petpets anyway. (: Tell Snarkie she's cool. ~shadowed_violets
Oops, we misread and told her she was a *tool*. We're sure she'll stop crying in the corner soon.

Advent Calendar Petpets can be zapped liked any other Petpet, but of course will revert back if they are ever removed. :)

What color of socks taste best? I was just wondering. ~writingkid
Periwinkle. This question was too easy. Next!

Hi TNT! *shoves cookie* I submitted a poem to the poetry competition, but it didn't get posted (I was really sad, since I took great effort in making it...). So does that mean that it will never be posted, or are you just waiting for a specific holiday to come so that the poem will have a chance to be posted? It's because I didn't get notified if you rejected it or not. Thanks, and please have my username removed. ~[removed]
We're backlogged on poems at the moment so it may take us a while to get to your submission. Not everyone gets a rejection notice, and yes, on occasion we do save the poems for specific days. Your poem will eventually be read and perhaps published, so don't let your hopes get down. :)

Hey TNT, are you ever going to create a category in the SDB for wearables?? That would be pretty nice! ~lady_doom666
The category system is actually inaccurate since we introduced Customisation. Prior to that, an item could only be one type - Neohome or Food or Toys, for example. Now, though, an item can be multiple types. You could have a Neohome item that you could also choose to wear, eat, or play with. This is all done outside the category system, though, through a system of flags. (Again with the programmer speak!) Basically, categories are now obsolete since an item can only be placed in one category at a time. It's on our long list of things to rectify. :)

*Hands you cake* First off I have to say that I love the new rule, no more auto spammers on the AC. :) I'd just like to know what is the time for the new rule? Like, the time in between posts, because I have gotten 153 seconds and a lot of really high numbers. ~electra46
It shouldn't be more than 30 seconds. We're really sorry about the funkiness lately. If you get a long wait time, try refreshing. We've got a couple of rogue servers that are set to the wrong time, so you're having to wait longer than normal to post.

(Oh, and don't tell anyone, but we're looking at some ways to cut down on the wait time for older accounts. *fingers crossed*)

So, TNT -- I totally just noticed that you changed "Whack-a-Kass" to Kass Basher, but the icon beside the game still says "Whack-a-Kass"! Were you guys getting around to it, or trying to trick us? ~Mushroomsofdoom
Lawyerbot's programming was updated and he learned there might be some "whack-a" games that existed prior to our Neopian games, so we renamed them. (He tends to be touchy about those things.)

Hey guys... could use a little item renaming over here.

Hello TNT! I have a question that I hope will be answered. Is there a limit to the number of a certain item that a person can have? For example, my Christmas Bori plushie collection. Would there be a limit to the amount of plushies I could have? I would like to know because I'm trying to collect as many Christmas Bori plushies as I can but I want to know if there's a limit. Thanks! :D ~saphira2468642
Nope, there's no limit. Collect all you want. :)

Would you ever consider letting users belong to more than one guild? It does not directly effect game play and it's a good way to meet new Neofriends. I'm not suggesting you let people join hundreds of guilds but maybe you could have a limit of three? ~galaxa310
This is why we allow players to join guilds on their side accounts... so they can make and keep in touch with a variety of groups of friends. That being said, we also believe in loyalty and the concept of a guild as a team. It's more productive (and we think more fun) to devote yourself to a single guild rather than constantly bouncing between several and getting them all mixed up in your head.

Hi TNT... I am a longtime player and I have always really enjoyed the site. It is, for me, a means of productive entertainment for the small amount of spare time I do have. Lately the site seems to have become more and more and more complicated. Outside of the very basic human need to make money, why have you made the site so difficult for users who are not on every second of every day? I rarely know what is going on, even if I check the site every other day. What is the point of making it so difficult to access? ~alesium
How do you mean? The only things we've really added are Customisation and Neovision. The rest of the site was just, well... organised. It was a bit disastrous before. We're not exactly clear on what's throwing you off. If you want to keep up to date with what's going on, be sure to check the New Features page whenever you log on. If you have specific areas you feel are confusing, feel free to submit another question and let us know. (And, to clear the air, we do like *some* things to be complex... after all, if everything was easy, it wouldn't be a challenge!)

I got the Lab Ray and started out with two Poogles. I decided to zap one of the Poogles and it turned into a desert Poogle. I kept zapping and now it's a starry Xweetok. I went to customize my other Poogle and in the closet it had a Lost Desert Poogle headpiece and another lost desert clothing item so I put one of them on my other Poogle. Is this a glitch or is it just a way of getting something out of painting a Neopet and then repainting it? Are the items supposed to disappear when the Neopet changes color? Also, since it's the Lab Ray is it legal and fair that I get to keep the items that come with the brush even though I never paid for the Lost Desert paint brush? ~lizzipwnsyou
Everything is working as intended here. :) You can keep the items even if your Neopet's colour (or species) changes later. You paid for the Lab Ray and took your chances... you can definitely keep the clothes!

*Throws origami rock at TNT* You got a paper cut! Now, if you have a game trophy and that game goes to the Game Graveyard, would you still have the trophy? Please answer! (If you don't then you don't get a cookie.) ~ralph111936
OWWW. That was just cruel. ;_; Yes, once you earn a trophy, it's all yours, regardless of what happens later on to the game you won it from.

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