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Whatever happened to the editorial? It's the funniest section of the Times! Is this permanent, or are you just out of questions? - intelligentia
It was just a once off, what with my birthday and flying to England and making sure everything was set up for new features while I was away, I just didnt have time to do it until now. Now you get two week's worth of editorials at once though :)

I always believed that the Lab Ray could possibly turn your pet into any color that was available to it. The other day someone told me the lab ray never turns your pet baby because you have Boochie for that. I just wondered if this is true? I have been taking my pets to the lab for over a year and while they have turned all different species and colors, I have never had one turn into a baby pet so I thought maybe this is true. - ladywench
There are some colour options that the Lab Ray cannot turn your Neopet, likewise there are some colour options such as Robot and Sponge that you can ONLY get at the Lab Ray.

please give the zafara a makeover I have been waiting forever!!!!!!!!!!! - zobe910
I can see your point, but the Quiggle needs a makeover so much more!

What is a Snicklebeast and can it be painted? - cutiegirl783
A Snicklebeast was a Wintery Petpet that was given out by the advent calendar in year six.

What is the newest neopet? Will you be adding any more types? - Rrdog1
Bori was the latest Neopet to be added. We have plans to add a new one (sort of looks like an otter) early in the new year.

How did the Neopets Team come up with the name and design of the Neopets? - Seagirl19912000
Originally it was mainly me drawing lots and lots of designs and Adam saying yes, or no. Now its a much more organised process with our team of artists sending designs based on an idea or concept from Adam or me. They then get approved or sent back for tweaking until we are totally happy with the species.

I want to know if you guys could make a Limited Edition Day, where ALL the L.D. pets are free to all and you can make one. - krawkycrazy
Haha. Err maybe not. Its a nice idea but it would freak out all the collectors and could possibly have serious affects on the value of some of the rarer items.

I'm swiftly coming to the conclusion that you guys all hate Eyries! There is NO Eyrie merchandise- not even a notebook!- and there are NO colouring pages with Eyries in! Please, can't something be done to keep us Eyrie fans happy? I'll be very, very grateful if you can! - falcon_darkblood
I am not sure that is true. It is not that we hate Eyries, we just can't do every Neopet at once. I have seen a Shadow Eyrie plushie though (in real life) and I know we have some more Eyrie merchandised planned in the near year.

I heard there are other ways to feed the Kadoatery pets, can you explain - cottondego
As far as I know there is no other way to feed a Kadoatie.

Why do you sometimes draw Wockys with fingers and toes, and other times you don't? Do they have fingers and toes, or don't they? - Bdd1
It really depends on the drawing. They do have paws, but sometimes it just looks clumsy if you don't use a little artistic license and extend the paws to look more like fingers when holding things.

When I battled "petty thief", I realized he had a "Tornado ring". I searched by the wizard, trading post and I found...NOTHING! the ring doesn´t exist? please, answer meeee X3..... - shirokuro_kitsune
The Tornado Ring is a retired battledome item, it is incredibly expensive and hard to get hold of which is why you didn't see it on the shop wizard or trading post. Here is a picture of it, in case you were wondering what it looked like.

We all have a favorite Paint Brush we dream of one day painting our pets--mine happens to be purple. I was so excited when I finally purchased a purple petpet paint brush only to find out my beautiful little companion was going to have ORANGE SPOTS! Can you please explain your reasoning of making the Purple Paint Brushes paint our pets purple AND give them ORANGE spots?! Are you planning on fixing this? - Clumsymango
Well there was a very funny and cool reason why all purple Neopets have orange spots. It was tied into why orange Grundos and purple Grundos had their big rivalry on Kreludor. As we didnt do the Kreludor plot, its doesn't really make sense now. I will talk this over with Adam, maybe we will have a poll on it.

I have an ice bori, and it is REALLY boring. It can't fight well, it is picky, and it is always getting sick, but there is no way to get rid of it, is there? If there is, I would like to know, and if not, then I really think that there should be! - wolfiekins86
Well if you are sure you want to get rid of your EXTREMELY rare and expensive Neopet that very few people own, you can always drop him off in the pound. I am sure he will find a good owner in seconds.

Why isn't the Ice Bruce made of Ice like the Ice Bori? - wildo
That is bcause we thought it would be cuter as a Brucicle :)

Donna, what kind of neopet do you think you most resemble? - Teepeefreak
Hmmm.... I have messy hair so I guess a Chia?!?!

My grarrl is invisible so when I put his invisible picture in the beauty contest they rejected it. Could you please change that so invisable pets can enter and have a fair chance as every other neopets does. - sith_ruler_5
Well I can see why he isn't being accepted. Who knows if he is really there and it isn't just a blank image? For the beauty contest you really need to be able to see the Neopet, otherwise how can you vote on how pretty he or she is? I would try entering another Neopet that is more visible.

What Colour did Pets that were painted glass or stone turn in to? (Just Curious!) - crj400
Oh wow that was a long time ago. I can't really remember, I believe they were just turned into one of the four basic colours at random.

Do Ice Boris melt in the summer time? - firestorm871
Nope, they are guaranteed not to melt. Same as the Ice Bruces.

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