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This week's editorial will be slightly different as I want to try to explain a few things .

Firstly we will be launching the first of our themed side bars very soon. These special side bars may be available for all people on certain days, but are very hard to be able to have all the time, much in the same way avatars currently work.

As well as looking pretty cool, each side bar as certain advantages and disadvantages. For example if you have a Faerieland side bar, you will win more on the Faerieland games, but will not be able to visit the Haunted Woods at all. Exactly what each side bar does will not be explained, that is something you will need to work out for yourself.

There will also be special combo random events that you will get if you have a certain side bar that are better than the normal random events.

Secondly a few people have expressed some concern over the plot. At the moment we are on part 3 of 16 so that can give you some idea of how early on it is. Rest assured lots of very cool things are planned, including the introduction of the Thieves Guild (yes we REALLY do mean it), a puzzle and not one, but two battles that you may choose to take part in. Obviously to participate in one of the battles you will need to take sides and that may have certain benefits and disadvantages.

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying it so far, and now we will return to the normal editorial :)

(p.s - Check the Neocam pics over this weekend as we will be adding pictures of Neopets staff in their halloween costumes so you can laugh at us all. We even had a Dr Sloth!)

How come there's no evil, insane laughter NeoTitle? You know, like "BWAHAHAHAHA!!!" or "MUAHAHAHAHA!!!" or even just "*insane, evil laughter*". Couldn't you add one? Please? - Pocahontasgirl2000
Haha... OK sure!

The new Gallery of Heroes is great! I was wondering if you're going to add the more recent Villains as well as some of the older ones (Jhudora) to the Gallery of Evil. - Neopian_queen_liana
We will be adding more to both, although we are still debating whether Jhudora actually is evil or not. Also dont't worry Jeran won't be the only boy in the Gallery of Heroes for much longer either :)

What happened to Neoschool? - Kitty992111
At the moment Neoschool is on hold. There are no plans to release it in the near future. When we first thought of the idea it was just a rather simple thing, rather like an advanced quest system. As we started thinking more into it we realised that it could be something far more. Rather than rush and release something that just isn't as well thought out or properly implemented as it should be, it is on hold. This is not to say it will not happen, just not anytime soon.

I have been wanting to read the 'Hannah and the Ice Caves', but on the first chapter, I can't get pased the frist page! I read it all, then try to click next, but it does not work, so I went to chapter 2 and that next works! So can you help me so i can read this comic! thx! You guys are great! - Kikkiy222
I can see how that could be confusing. The first part is only one page which is why you cannot get to the second. Don't worry, you aren't missing anything :)

I just love the MP3s of the music for games. Could you please add some more? I especially like the Faerie Bubbles music. - Moonbird6
Glad you like them. We will be adding more MP3s for our games (including Faerie Bubbles) shortly.

One of my friend (a follower of sloth by the way) have been complaining about the random event where sloth turns your items to sludge.. do you think this is really fair to all the sloth followers? (OKAY, the real question is can you do something about it?) - Tsubasarune
Well in the future maybe true Sloth fans would have the Sloth themed side bar and be immune to the sludging ray :p

Last week in this editorial you told us the site would be running faster within like 2 days. Now I am 5 days further and the site is still going slow for me (I live in Holland). How does that come? - Imbecileartist
It took slightly longer to implement it than we originally planned but is up and running now. Modem users will notice the biggest difference, but it will affect everyone.

Will Kreludor be apart of the new story line in October or is it just going to sit there like... well... a rock? I was really hoping to see a possible Sloth come back. ^_^ - Agentsaepenon
Kreludor will not be part of the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot, but we will try to add more to Kreludor over the next few months so it isnt such an abandoned husk of a planet.

So your not coming to Canada for Hannah and the Ice Caves organized play event? - Mazew26
No, unfortunately we won't be in Canada. We will however be at the Legacy comic shop in Glendale, CA if anyone in the area wants to pop along.

I was looking at the hannah and the ice caves things, and i noticed the gelert theif guy. I would like to know if we'll see anything of him after the plot because to me, he's WAY to cool to waste. - F18pilot
I can't say too much, you will have to see how the plot turns out but the ending will answer this for you.

Can you please give us a clue as to what exactly the "Symol Hole" does. We are all quite curious! Thanks in advance! :) - Samsielove
Why don't you try it and see :)

Even though Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, will you still celebrate Halloween on the site on Sunday? - Samschelfhout2
Well most of the Halloween news has gone up today, but there will be something rather special happening on Sunday :p

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