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Hi! Shouldn't the Desert Draik Tail Ring (part of a deluxe paint brush set) be Rings, since there's more than one?... ~~crazydinosaur
Good catch! We added in that missing "s" so the item should now be correctly titled "Desert Draik Tail Ring". Thank you for bringing that to our attention! ~~Aesop

Hi there! I ADORE the new Magical galaxy markings from the NC portion of the festival of neggs, however when used on a Tonu it completely negates their mane. This is really weird considering it doesn't seem to have this effect on other species. Can the zoning please be fixed please so my faerie Tonu can rock both her majestic mane and these stunning new markings? ~leitra
Hi there! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The zoning for the markings have been fixed, and your Faerie Tonu should now be able to rock both the mane and the markings! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

heya! are the Egg Salad Packed Lunch and Cheese and Pickle Packed Lunch items' descriptions mixed up? maybe a silly meepit switched out their meals X3
Oh no! The meepits do love to play pranks with our lunches in the work fridge, so I'm not surprised they got into the Egg Salad Packed Lunch and Cheese and Pickle Packed Lunch as well. We just went in and swapped around the descriptions so that they correlate to the correct item. Appreciate you letting us know the Meepits were up to their old tricks! ~~Aesop

I was just wondering... how do you say "from Kreludor"? Because on the main page, it says "Kreludan", but the 2021 April Fools prank uses "Kreludorian". I just wanted to clear that up. ~thedancing
I don't blame you for the confusion! Kreludan is the correct term to denote that someone is from Kreludor. “Kreludorian” on the other hand appears to be some kind of pun, likely parodying something from outside the world of Neopia.

Be wary of trusting any information from the April Fools pranks, as these annual shenanigans usually happen outside Neopets lore. So, best to take any lore information from those April Fools pranks with a grain of salt, especially from that Nick Neopia fellow... ~~Aesop

The unpainted Narwhool has been around since 2001 but has never won the PPL! Could you show Narwhools some love let them win the PPL? ~jokirs
I’m sorry but the PPL is chosen randomly, so we do not have a say in who wins it. But we are glad to see Narwhools are being loved by someone so passionate about them! Keep that love up and someday it is sure to pay off! ~~Stone

Hi - if you're fixing old items with less than kind names and descriptions, please give some attention to the "Split Personality Poogle Plushie" and "Dual Personality Makeup". People with Dissociative Identity Disorder need to be treated better than this. They are people, not the butt of a joke. Thank you. Please remove my username. ~Anonymous
We have been doing our best to change items with insensitive names and descriptions, so thank you for bringing these to our attention! We've gone and removed the insensitive language from the titles and descriptions of those items to better reflect the values of Neopia.

We also tweaked the "Green Neoboard Pen" description, which had similarly inconsiderate wording, and changed all instances of the word "minstrel" to "musician" within our item names and descriptions based on another user's suggestion. Please keep letting us know about any insensitive terms you come across on so that we can continue to make Neopia a warm and welcoming place for everyone! ~~Aesop


I just wanted to give a BIG thank you to the team for bringing us such a fun Festival of Neggs!! I was having such a great time with all the neggtastic hide and seek; then, y'all went and outdid yourselves with the grand finale prizes!!! I love each and every one of them!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping this site fun and engaging! ~lynnavalin

Hi, I just wanted to send some positivity to the team. As a Muslim, I wear a hijab (headscarf) and wanted to customize with the beautiful fabric too. Lo and behold, it is a wearable item! I just wanted to say thank you for the continued representation of all kinds of folx - for helping us feel seen and re-affirming your commitment to diversity. Please send my love to the artists too! ~Anonymous

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