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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"Picking their way through the dense vegetation, the duo reached the northwestern edge of the oasis' flora just as the snow-capped mountain range that separated the Lost Desert from the city of Altador and beyond began to glisten in the day's first light."

Summer Fun Around Neopia

Hello, all you wonderful Neopians! The weather has turned warm in Neopia, that must mean summer is here! After the hard winter, the warmth is a perfect excuse to get out and enjoy your days. Here are five short little stories about Neopians who did just that - and how you can dress your pet up to do the same! Barbecue Break Sweet was definitely working on living up to her name. Known for being a great host, she anxiously hurried about to make sure everyone in the neighbourhood who had shown up to her barbecue was enjoying themselves. "I’d take more lemonade, Sweetie." An Elderly Bruce called out to her. She came right over with the pitcher of hand-squeezed lemonade, chuckling respectfully at the anecdote about the Bruce’s grandson. "Oh, and a hot dog when you have the chance, dear." "One hot dog, coming right up. Would you like some chips with that?" Sweet answered. The bruce nodded excitedly and she turned around and rushed over to her little grill, picking up a spatula and poking at the meat. "Sweet, over here for a picture!" She looked out to the call and then turned so the beautiful lights she had put up on her tree would be seen. She lifted her spatula and let the joy of the afternoon overtake her features. Yes, Sweet definitely was a social butterfly, and even though events that had everyone getting together like this were stressful and busy, she wouldn’t like to spend her weekend any other way. Items Used: Mystery Island Hut Background, Spatula of Wondrous Cooking, Polka Dot Bandana Wig, Blue Polka Dot Skirt, Red Polka Dot Shirt, Barbecue Apron, Gold Starfish Sandals, Sizzling BBQ Grill and Lantern lit Tree.

10 Things You Should Do Every Day!

Stumped on what to do every day? There are many "daily" activities you can do each day on Neopets, but some award better prizes than others! Here are 10 things I personally do every day to maximize my profits and maybe win a rare item or two! Disclaimer: You probably won't win big every time you do these dailies! Most of it is up to luck and chance, so don't expect to get something amazing each time. If you get lucky, however, you may get some decent items to sell in your shop, or use on your pets! 1. Collect Trudy's Surprise You get a minimum of 445,375 NP a month if you spin every day, even if you get no matches, and on the 25th day you always get 100,000 NP! Every 7th day you'll get a prize as well, but these are usually not worth much. Make sure to spin it every day or Trudy will reset to day 1! You can win up to 522,250 NP if you get the "bad luck bonus" every time, so don't skip this important money-maker! 2. Battle for codestones and food If you have a pet with more than 10 HP (and you should if you collected the Pink Birthday Cupcake on their creation day and fed it to them!), you can battle Chia Clown and later S750 Kreludan Defender Bot for 15 prizes and up to 1,500 NP a day. A cheap beginner battle set is two Scroll of Ultranovas and a Magical Healing Potion. Select either both scrolls or one scroll and the healing potion if your pet is low on HP. You can increase HP (and other stats) through training in the Swashbuckling Academy, Mystery Island Training School, or through completing Faerie Quests. If your pet hasn't trained at all, you may need to heal each time you fight. You can win regular and red Codestones and lots of food...

How to Care for Swamp Gas Neopets - A Simple Guide

Swamp Gas Neopets are notorious for their pungent odour. It’s the main reason why many Neopians tend to stay away from them. Although the stench might be off-putting, they’re just like any other lovely Neopet if that small flaw is disregarded. However, it’s easier said than done, sometimes even for the owners of the Swamp Gas Neopets themselves. Moreover, their owners have other issues to deal with when it comes to their diets and bringing them along for a day out. If you happen to be a struggling owner as well, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place! This article is a simple guide on how to solve some of the most common problems faced by Swamp Gas Neopets and their owners, which includes smell, food and contamination. 1. SMELL The first and foremost reason: they reek of garbage and sewers and … well, swamp gas. The smell will permeate every nook and cranny of your whole Neohome, making it virtually impossible to live in. They could potentially cause the plants in the surrounding area around them to wilt or even worse, kill them. This would be particularly devastating if it was your favourite Pink Hydrangea Bush or Potted Cypress Tree. There’s ample reason for you to be cautious. Yes, these Neopets tend to smell a little bad but it can be controlled by spraying copious amounts of sweet-smelling perfumes like the Eau de Daisy or Lavender Perfume. Your Neohome won’t be affected by the odour once you’ve applied these fragrances; instead, you’ll be breathing in the wonderful smell of flowers. Aside from that, air fresheners are a viable alternative but it doesn’t solve the root problem. You’d ideally want your Neopet to smell amazing wherever they went, instead of just looking after your Neohome. Also, swamp gas does not affect plants in any way, so the myth about plants being susceptible to the gas is just that – a myth. This has been tested and proven by multiple botanists and scientists, so you can rest assured that your favourite trees won’t be harmed.

Other Stories
"Where All Things Begin" by bymoonlit
The crisp morning glittered with shiny dew drops among the grassy mountain range. In the valley, there were several thousand flowers; growing in a colourful variety of pink, red, and blue, they all blended together to make a velvety array. To the west, the sea lapped the windy shore, where black grains of sand were littered with crystal-coloured glass beads. A small old grey cottage was nestled into the bluffs, which was abandoned and had been for quite some time. It was rare to see a ship pass by, but seldom as they do, ancient bloodlines of royalty, pirates, and fishermen could be spotted on the horizon. One day on a high mountain peak, a band of merchants set up a small camp. They built a coal fire which glowed red and sent a stream of silver smoke up into the dim twilight. On their travels, the merchants had collected many wares and had several carts filled to the brim with goods from all over the world. The carts were covered up with tarps for the night, to protect them while the traders slept. In the morning they hiked up their carts and continued on their journey to the markets. While passing through the flowering fields they managed to find themselves jostled in the thick foliage. Bumping along in the soft soil, one very sharp jolt sent a cart tumbling over. Many items fell into the flower beds, and almost everything was recovered.

"Call Me Serian" by parody_ham
The day I changed my name, I remember it well. I had just turned 26. It was months after Boochi’s curse was broken by Lisha. To this day, I’m in awe of her magical prowess. Had she told me why she was studying curses when I was still in my child form, I would have fled. Where I would have gone, I have no idea. Back in my younger days, I couldn’t imagine having friendships with someone from Meridell, let alone family. Living under their care was… embarrassing at my age, but my options were few. Thank the Citadel they had no idea who I really was. Not then, anyway. Jeran had figured out I was trained by Darigani, but could never have guessed he was housing an enemy general… but I digress. It had been early in my redemption. Neopians asked for aid and we helped them however we could. With my weakened physical state, it took a while to work my way back to being a skilled swordsman once again. My arms quickly grew sore after each practice. Even the pads of my hands needed to get used to hours of drills once again. And my wings? They also hurt with overuse. Accursed curse. Kayla insisted on giving me potions for my “owies,” as she still called them. Even though she looked nervous, she was one of the only ones who really cared about me. Not that I could blame the others, of course. Giving out Jeran’s sneak attack plans to Darigan scouts—

"Rescued by Kindness" by totodileplush
The howling of the wind awakened the Green Draik from his sleep. It was dark inside the room, and where the moon was positioned in the sky, showed it was the middle of the night. A soft glow from the moon illuminated the snow build-up on the windowsill. The Green Draik began to rub his eyes softly as he raised his body from the warm spot on his bed. Looking around his tiny bedroom, he spotted a candle with a match and decided to light it. “I might as well stay up now,” he said to himself as he was lighting the candle. The candle showcased a room with little personal objects; a bed with cream sheets with a wooden frame, a tiny fireplace that contained a buildup of ashes, a wooden desk with a chair and a pink uniform with the name tag that said “Simonkun”. The Green Draik climbed out of his bed and walked over to the window. Snow was frantically falling as the wind was howling like a Ghostkerchief Petpet. The Draik looked over at his fireplace and noticed there was no wood to light a fire and a look of disappointment took over his face. “I knew I should have prepared for extra wood before this snowstorm arrived. Now I will probably freeze to death in this tiny cabin of mine!” he said out loud as if he were speaking to someone. The Draik walked over to the door of his room and opened the door handle. The Draik wasn’t being dramatic about the size of his cabin...

Legendary Petpets

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