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Hey TNT! As a kid, I loved the Neopets TCG. But when I moved, somehow my cards went missing (though my mom is looking suspicious) Is there any chance you would re-release card packs? Hope your day is just dandy! ~puter809
Oh no, so sorry to hear about your cards going missing! Although we currently do not have any plans to re-release card packs, you might be excited to hear that we are working on an entirely new line of Neopets collectible trading cards with the Upper Deck Company! This new trading card collection is slated for release in late summer of this year, so be sure to keep an eye out! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! I love the new skater wearables from trudy's surprise, any chance we can get a wearable skateboard to go with them? We needs some wheels for that sick skatepark! ~keng200
Hello! So glad you’re enjoying the prizes! A skateboard WOULD be a great addition… Love the idea and we’ll try and roll one out soon x) Thanks! ~~Miss Rainbow

TNT! What a wonderful advent calendar, it kept me exciting and coming back daily, I had SO much fun. And you finished it off in the perfect way- a new exciting site theme! I was really excited to use it, but when I went to my userlookup, I see my site themes didn't go up a number. I was excited to finally hit 25! Is this something that can be fixed? ~slipperoux
HELLO! A great question. We took a look into it and we saw that all counts appeared correct. If you see any other issues regarding this, please submit a ticket to our support staff. ~~Yarner

Hello TNT. Could you please change the name of the item "Sticks N Stones" to "Sticks N Stones Speaker"? It's rather confusing as it is right now. Us rock and roll fans will greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot! :) ~chasingshadow
Thank you so much for reaching out with that superb suggestion! The team agreed that the item name could certainly be confusing, so we changed the name to read "Sticks N Stones Speaker" instead. Rock on! ~~Aesop

Hi, TNT! I have a question for Kikocat, if possible. Each time a new art gallery gets posted, I see several artists posting beautiful pieces on social media that they submitted but that was not chosen. It just breaks my heart to see all that effort not recognized on site! Could we possibly have bigger art galleries, like, two pages at least for each special day? Adding more paint brushes to the economy would help with the ongoing inflation, too. Thank you for considering this request. ~swordlilly
Hi, kikocat here! I can try to do two pages for each gallery when we do get more entries. The system makes me have 12 entries on a page before I can submit it to the site so some days we don't have enough for the 24 slots but if we do have that many then of course!! The more art highlighted on the site the better!!! ~~Kikocat

Hi, 2022's Advent Calendar gave us few nice battledome items. Roxtons Trusty Bowie Knife dealing 15 icons and blocking 75% earth (It would've been cool if it was 100% blocker or reflected) and Feeling Better Soup, Once per Battle item that heals 50% and fully blocks air, making it unique 50% healer. To be honest, when i got this, i though it was food item and not battledome item. Soup's item description is bit confusing since it says This One Use Item was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y24 When others that have used in battle says it's once per battle item. I hope item description gets fixed, saying This once per Battle item was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y24. Please don't make it one use... Anyway, Happy New Year to all TNT workers. Please don't mention my name. ~Anonymous
So happy to see how much users have been appreciating the new Battledome items that we released during the Advent Calendar! As for the Feel Better Soup, you are correct that this weapon was intended to be once per battle, and our team can definitely see how the item description is causing confusion. We went in and updated the item description to better reflect that it can be used once per battle. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that we can cut down on any future confusion, and have a Happy New Year! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! *tosses edible cookie dough - no really, it's delicious!* I was discussing the "no romance" rule with a friend recently, and we were both a pretty confused with how it's worded in the official rules vs. in editorials. The rules only say no "sexual content", which is an entirely separate concept from romance (see: asexuality, which we're allowed to mention now!). Just the concept of people dating/being married/having romantic relationships is child-friendly, and kids see it happen in the real world all the time. Under the wording in the official rules, it looks like I could mention two pets/characters as "dating" (or "married", or "together") without any issue, but I know from past editorials that this isn't true at all! Could you either update the wording in the rules to make it clearer, or change the policy to allow casual and chaste mentions of romance with no sexual content? Thank you! :) Please remove my username. ~Anoynmous
This is a tough one! You can, of course, mention if your pet is married, dating or in a relationship. However, you couldn't go into details about that relationship in detail or be out looking for a relationship with other pets. ~~Kikocat


I just wanted to tell you, that I like that you release other items on pets days now. I am really looking forward to see what items get released besides clothing. ~padxe

TNT, Thank you for an AMAZING Advent Calendar this year. It made playing 10x better this season. I appreciate all the fun gifts as well as really hard to get/expensive/rare items. Plus the new one are really fun! Thanks again for the fun times this season and look forward to more fun shenanigans! ~reignoftheman2

The Advent Calendar was absolutely incredible, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ~crazydinosaur

Hi TNT, Thank you so much for the amazing prizes this Advent Calendar!!! It was amazing to receive such rare items and to hear you taking on board the complaints of users regarding rare items being hard to obtain! Thank you again :) ~rainbowflower_

Hi TNT! Thanks for the wonderful gifts in the advent calendar this year. I jumped back into playing just for AC, and now I'm fully addicted again like when I was 10 (I'm 29 now). -no tags here-3

I just wanted to drop TNT a note to say thank you so much for this years Advent Calendar. You guys really pulled it out of the bag with the prizes. I have only recently come back to Neopets this year, and this has given me a reason to keep logging on daily. Appreciate the effort the team put in, and I'm looking forward to what's to come in the future! Take care and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year! :) ~paulah2004

Happy new year! I just want to say thank you to as much of the staff as I can. In recent years I've felt like the site was becoming a relic, and had pretty much written it off entirely as more and more functionality was lost (flash). Felt like watching a pet you love slowly succumb to old age. I'm so glad I listened to my best friends and checked in on things recently...the passion the staff has for the site and the users is astonishing! I'm so excited to login every day again now! I'm just beyond words with joy and appreciation for all the work you're doing and continuing to do. I've re-subbed to premium after cancelling 2 or 3 years ago because I'm just so eager to support y'all. I can't wait to see what comes next!! Pls don't publish this because I'd die of embarrassment lmbo but THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND ENERGY it's definitely shining through in every aspect of the site :D ~faeishh

The new maps are so beautiful!!!!! They gave me the biggest hit of nostalgia at the end of an otherwise not-so-great day. Not to mention how outstanding the Advent Calendar has been this year. Seriously, thank you for all your hard work, love, and energy you pour into this community. Like so many others, Neopets is my favorite escape, and we wouldn't be able to have it without your efforts. Happy Holidays, TNT! ~neur0nerd

Thanks y’all for all that you do for us! The systems you have inherited that have changed hands through the years are so ancient, I just don’t know how the site is still running! TNT asks for our opinions now and actually implements things that we want. We are a lucky community. Certainly, things get frustrating, but y’all are doing your best and just wanted you to know that it is appreciated. ~bbgirlsmom2022

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