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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"You don’t know what to say, you are so overwhelmed that you just hold the little Weewoo closer to your heart and whisper, “Thank you, you have no idea how much your kindness means to me.”

A New Faerieland

A few weeks ago, Faerielanders started to notice a rock floating in the clouds. Rumours about the faeries trying to build something in the sky have often been espoused ever since Faerieland fell out of the sky, but this time is decidedly different. Queen Fyora has largely remained silent about the rumours and has forbidden anyone from travelling to this new rock without her express permission. When I asked about why that was, she released the following statement: “There is a light faerie there named Lucia. For reasons unknown, her home was not affected by the fall of Faerieland, but she also just awoke from deep slumber. Out of respect for her and her friends, I ask that nobody visit her at this time. I’ve put a barrier spell around it so only authorised personnel may enter. Please understand that the poor faerie needs time and space.”

A Plea For The Weewoo

While White Weewoos are admired for their beautiful, pure feathers and the fact they’re utilized as mail carriers for the Neopian Times, other Weewoos are seen as little more than pests in many cases. This is an absolute shame, because all Weewoos are beautiful. Originally hailing from Krawk Island, these piracy-inclined inhabitants found that the Weewoo had great use on their ships. Weewoos can fly for miles, circumnavigating almost half the globe. With a strong homing instinct, they can also find their way back to a predetermined location or their bonded owner, the latter being exceptionally useful for seafaring pets. Of course, many believe the original Brown Weewoos are plain and even ‘ugly’, with their earth-tone feathers. This led to the breeding of Weewoo to create new colours and types.

What Keeps Us Neopians? 975-word Anniversary Tribute

What Keeps Us Playing? A 975-word Anniversary Tribute Most of us, hooked from childhood. As time has progressed, friends have been lost to the external world. Yet thousands of us return; some intermittently, some every day without fail. What is it that keeps us coming back to our favourite game? This 975-word love letter explores four of the key areas which make us love Neopets so much. ------ After 20 years on the site, I have taken the time to reflect on what it is that keeps me hooked. I have spoken to friends, asking them why they keep coming back every day. The answer is different for each person, but I have taken the liberty of identifying four common themes which would frequently creep up. Without further ado, let's dive straight in

Other Stories
"Nine Hundred and Seventy-Five Hours" by crazyboutcute
One hundred hours. Meekel doesn’t know why he starts counting again. He hasn’t counted the days since some time into his fifth year in Darigan Citadel’s dungeons as a prisoner of a war that ended almost as soon as it began. Now that he’s free, now that he’s back home on the farm with Ma and Pa and Edie, he’s counting hours. Maybe it’s because lately, each minute feels more precarious than the last. One hundred hours. Four days. That’s how long he’s been home. It doesn’t feel real. Inexplicably, after twenty years of stasis, four days doesn’t feel sufficient to describe how long he feels he’s been free. So, one hundred hours will do. * Three hundred and thirty-six hours. He’s been home for two weeks. A fortnight. He counts the hours meticulously. Farm life is quiet, but it’s louder and busier than prison. The crowing of the Wibreths always wakes him at daybreak—a far cry from Haskol’s boisterous morning taunts but equally annoying.

"A Weewoo’s Legacy, Never Unfinished" by _brainchild_
A grassy knoll in Brightvale was home to a community of Weewoos. There were many different colours which were bound to amuse the onlooker. The softness of a plushie, the radiance of a rainbow, or the ravishing robes of a royal princess were bound to delight. Each year, the Weewoos would compete in a flying race around Brightvale in honour of the Neopian Times’ special edition ending in 25, 50, 75, or 00. The enthusiasm for this anticipated event was even more exuberant than the shiny feathers of its participants. Not a Weewoo could be found who stuck their beak up and refused to enter. Out of all the Weewoos, Angela the White Weewoo was known for her adeptness at flight, a skill without parallel. She had been practising ever since she was grown enough to fly. Angela usually won; in fact, her fellow Weewoos could only recall a single year in which another soul took the title. While most Weewoos participated primarily for amusement...

"975 Ways to Say I’m Sorry" by smart100000
“Good deed number 974,” Fyora wrote in her journal. “Making sure that she’s not alone on Christmas.” Fyora looked down at the sparkling neon-pink quill in her hand, uncertain. “Is this truly something that I can consider a good deed?” she wondered to herself. “It’s not really an act of selflessness if I’m just doing this to make myself feel less guilty, is it?” She gently stroked the soft tufts of her quill as she contemplatively stared out the window. Truth be told, she didn’t particularly like the look of the glimmering, obnoxiously shiny quill she was writing with. The flashy style was more suited for a young child than for a mature and regal Faerie Queen, which was fitting, for it was a wide-eyed young girl who had gifted this quill to Fyora. The Faerie Queen remembered the bright smile of the little Speckled Xweetok who had presented it to her, green eyes glimmering with excitement behind her thick spectacles. “Happy holidays, your majesty!” the girl had exclaimed, many years ago.

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