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I keep seeing things about baby Neopets and was wondering how you get one. Do you buy them? Do your Neopets have them? Do you have to have a special spell, or level? ~nella147
There are no special requirements! As long as that Neopet can be painted baby, all you need is a Baby Paint Brush to paint it with. There is also an extremely rare Random Event that can turn your Neopet baby, as well as a variety of morphing potions you can use on your Neopet to turn them into a little ankle-biter. :)

Yet another sock-eater in Neopia!

Every once in a while, my Lenny refuses to read a book. No matter how long I wait for him to change his mind he always ends up telling me that it's boring. Is there a way to knock some common sense into him or is that just part of his personality? :( ~alienize
Perhaps he doesn't like the title. If that's the case, it's doubtful he'll change his mind. :( You'll have to find another book he'll be interested in.

Hiya TNT. I noticed a lot of people ask for their name to be anonymous in the questions that they send you. If you ask to be anonymous, though, would that not count toward getting the Neopian Times trophy? Or can you not get a trophy by submitting a question? Thanks in advance for your answer! ~secret00
There is no reward at all for getting a question into the Editorial. You will not get a trophy, or "credit" toward the NT avatar. Also, we really do prefer people allow us to use their usernames in the Editorial. If you're not willing to back up your question or comment, it must not be too important, right? You actually have a greater chance of getting in if you do not ask to be anonymous. ;)

Sorry, only stories, articles, and comics can get you this.

Do you get your editorial question answered if it doesn't make the Neopian Times? ~jonathanatsma
We really wish we could answer everyone's questions, but as of now, there are 108,975 questions in our database and it's growing every minute! We can't answer everything that comes in, unfortunately. Of course, just because we don't respond here doesn't mean we ignore your question. Many things brought up in the editorial are then passed around the office for discussion or fixed if they are bugs, regardless of whether the question is responded to. It should be noted, though, that we'd really prefer bugs were submitted via the proper contact form so we don't have to sort through so many here. ;)

How come, when your Neopet goes to the Neolodge, it gets fed but does not have its hit points restored? o.O ~marinagong
Due to financial cutbacks and the risk of malpractice lawsuits, the Neolodge does not provide medical care for your Neopets. It simply feeds them and lets them rest. Only cures, potions, the kind faerie at the Healing Springs, and a few other things can heal your Neopet.

Hi TNT, I recently purchased a Lutari Uni Stamp but when I went to put it in my album it told me it was "invalid" and to "abandon ship." To start with, I'm not on a ship, but most importantly why can't I place it in my album? It IS a stamp, after all! Thanks! :O) ~irresistable_ewe
Well, not all stamps can be placed in the album since there might not be a place for it. ;) However, we've added both Lutari Island stamps to the Other page in the album. They should work fine now!


I was wondering if the Soup Kitchen was considered a daily. I have too much money on my main to visit it but I visit it on my side account. You can't make money from it but it certainly saves you some. I really don't want to violate any rules so I was wondering if this was allowed. THANKS!!! ~lost_penelope
No, you are free to visit the Soup Faerie and Healing Springs faerie on your side accounts, to keep your Neopets there healthy and happy. This also includes the Neolodge.

I searched the help section but didn't find an answer. Does the rarity index of food increase, even if stored in your Safety Deposit Box or inventory? ~ewokintelligence
Except for on very few occasions (like the great morphing potion update of Y5), the rarity of items never changes. If the rarity does change, though, it is generally changed into rarity 180, which is retired. Keeping an item over time will not make the rarity index increase or decrease.

I might start to smell a bit if you leave me
sitting in your SDB, though.

Hey TNT, do you only answer questions from people that have been on Neopets for a long time? I submitted quite a few questions but didn't get any answers. If you don't answer this question, I'll leave Neopets forever. :P ~kriwstal
~You don't need have an old (or new) account to have your question answered in the Editorial.
~You don't need to feel rejected if your question isn't answered.
~You certainly don't need to be dramatic about things either. :P

All you need to do is ask a question that hasn't been asked and answered many times before, and something that can possibly supply other Neopians with pertinent or entertaining responses. Like we said above, there are over 100,000 questions in the database as we type. All those people are all trying to get in the Editorial just like you are.

I'm having a... slight disagreement with my mom. Is it Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie, or Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle? ~iyki
It is a Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie. :) Congrats to the one of you that got it right. ;D

Whatever you call me... I'm still creepy.

I know this is a weird question, but is insulting someone's Neopets/user lookup etc. considered harassment? I would really like to know, and please if possible leave out my name. Thanks. ~Anonymous
Depends on what you say really... if you say, "I've seen better," or "Your Neopets are really boring," it's certainly rude, but not harassment. "Your user lookup stinks!" is starting to push the line, and "Your Neopets and UL look like dung and you are totally stupid" has officially crossed it.

We know it's a really odd concept for the internet, but really, if you don't have anything nice to say, it's amazing how much others will appreciate you not saying anything at all. Something that might not be so harsh to you may be harassement to someone else. Just be nice, or move along. :)

Haloo, TNT! Here's something I'd like to have cleared up: are Neoboard signatures with "Kisses-1 Hugs-54 Flirts-0 Pokes-17 Frenches-2 Care to donate???" etc considered Dating/Romanticizing? I've been seeing a lot of these siggies lately. ~snarky15snickle
Oo! Yes! Those are considered romantic/flirtatious, and not allowed. Hugs? Fine. Pokes? Fine. Kisses, and French kisses!? Let's just leave those alone, huh guys? Please? Neopets is not the place for finding yourself a date, and it seems an awfully lame thing to have to get a warning over.

What's up with the shields after 6 years? I'm a proud 6 year-er and I like the cute plushie shield, but... is it ever going to progress further than 6 years? I know you're all busy, but my lookup is getting boring to look up! :) ~chic_girl85
Sorry about that! With all the plots that have been going on, we've gotten a bit distracted. We will continue prodding and poking ourselves until new shields are released.

No, not that kind!

After entering my Neohome for a Neohome spotlight award, I got a Neomail from TNT telling me that my home was under consideration. It also stated that I shouldn't change anything in my home in case they needed to look at it again. My question is . . . how long will I have to wait to change my home, and will I be informed whether I win or lose, either way? I was wanting to add some things, but I don't want to do that until I hear something. *keeps fingers crossed* Thanks ~okie_gal_40
Hehe, well, generally one submits for the spotlight once they feel their Neohome is completely finished, so it shouldn't be an issue. But in this case please wait a week or so, and hopefully by then you will be informed if you won or not. If you don't hear anything, feel free to add those things. What we mostly want to avoid is people who constantly tweak their Neohome after submitting and making it very difficult for the poor judge who has to check every single room.

Hi TNT!!! I have a question about the pound. Is there any search engine where you can search for a specific color or species?? If not I think it would be a nice feature, and if this makes the editorial thank you I love you guys!! ~Karleebuck
Actually, if memory serves, this was (very long ago) a feature. However it was terribly abused, and there are enough problems with pound snipers already without making it even easier to search for rare or painted Neopets. It was also causing our Database Monkeys' brains to explode because of the strain it caused on the servers. So, we do not plan on making that feature available again. Sorry!

TNT, I've been trying to find my really old Blue Pteri I created very long ago. I remember a part of her name, but no matter how hard I try to recall what I named her, I can't remember it. So my question is, could you at least do a beta test for a Neopet name searcher that searched all Neopets with a certain word in its name? I think this would be a useful tool for people to use, since sometimes they forget their friends' usernames but remember a part of the Neopet's name. ~pwnwager
As with the above features, this would just about kill our database. (BOOM!! *fizzle*) Could you imagine if someone had a Lupe named "Lupe34435" and searched "Lupe"? Or other words like "dragon" or "dark"? It would come up with quite possibly over a million results. And, if a quarter of a million of those were identical-looking Blue Pteris, it really wouldn't be useful at all, since if you didn't know the numbers, you'd have to search through them all, hoping there is something identifiable on their Pet Lookup. x_X So yeah, we don't think it's possible. Sorry... again.

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