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Stripe the Strange Skeith

by kikik312


(Here is the tail of the book, Stripe the Strange Skeith)

Stripe was from a family of an Usul and a Chia, and so he saw nothing in what these other Skeiths called fun, which was picking on pets similar to his siblings. Not only that, Stripe was a vegetarian. He also wanted to be very smart, and intelligent, like Hagan. He enjoyed helping Illusen every single day, and he did it so much that she knew just about everything about Stripe.

      There was one problem, and that was that everyone thought Stripe was strange. Stripe didn't understand why the other Skeiths didn't like him, and why the other pets at Neoschool didn't like him either. He was always so depressed because of it, until one day he discovered something important. It all started as a normal day at Neoschool…

      "Hey guys look, it's the weirdo, Stripe!"

      Stripe frowned as he approached the large group of Skeiths, as he just wanted to be their friend. "Please stop I just want to---"

      "Let me guess, hang with our posse?" said Osolik the largest of the group. "Well, you can't!" Grabbing Stripe's shirt collar he shoved him up against a locker, and shook his fist, and was ready to throw a punch when a voice hollered out.

      "Put him down!"

      Osolik and the other Skeiths froze, and then turned and ran screaming in fear.

      Stripe hit the ground and looked over. It was just as he had suspected. It was his little Usul brother, Mickey, and his Chia Brother, Archie.

      "I don't get why they can be scared of my shadow, it's not the real Shadow Usul, and it's easy to tell the difference." Mickey said, laughing.

      "Well, it's because they are just plain dumb!" replied Archie.

      "Yeah… Heh heh." Stripe made a fake grin and turned to leave when Archie called to him.

      "Stripe, I know what you're thinking," Archie started.

      "The reason they don't like you is because you're different, and you don't need friends like that you're brighter, smarter, and better than they are. Just hang with--"

      "No, I'm different. Even the other pets that aren't Skeiths don't like me because I am a Skeith…" Stripe said, "...And the bell just rang, so I'm off to go to Illusen's, and do a quest."

      Mickey and Archie looked at each other, then to Stripe. "Stripe wait!" they called, but he ignored them. He didn't want sympathy.

      Along the way he thought of things, about maybe acting like a Skeith, but then he realized he didn't know how, and decided against that plan. As he arrived in Meridell, he was heading straight for Illusen's house. At least she was his friend. He didn't bother to sight see and talk with nearby Meridellian citizens as he usually did, and he ignored the Grarrl who always asked him who he should bet on at Turdle Races and what he should feed it, if anything, and just went on.

      When he arrived at Illusen's humble home, he knocked on the door, and called out.

      "Illusen, it's Stripe!" he shouted out to her.

      There was no answer, and then he began to worry. But wait, what was he hearing…? Was that Judge Hog's voice he was hearing? It was…

      "Move over, young Skeith, I am here to inspect a theft. Someone sighted Gargrottaw, and Illusen never contacted me to inform me of her safety today."

      Stripe was at first confused, then astonished, and finally both. Then he looked in peeking around the corner. Judge Hog was helping Illusen, who was currently tied to a chair. Stripe gaped in disbelief, the place was in ruins.

      "Excuse me umm.."

      "Stripe," Stripe said, giving his name to Judge Hog.

      "Yes Stripe, could you bite these ropes, I can't seem to get them off."

      "Yes sir, right away!" Stripe replied, and scampered over, and bit the ropes, and then pulled the tape off of Illusen's mouth.

      "He was here! That thief! He snuck up on me and attacked me! Then he destroyed the house stealing all of my stuff!"

      "Gargrottaw WAS here than… He is such a troublesome criminal. Stripe, I highly doubt Illusen is up for quests today. Besides, I need to interrogate her about this…"

      "Wait, can I stay at least…?" Asked Stripe, being as polite as possible.

      Judge Hog looked towards Illusen who nodded and he responded with a nod to Stripe as well, and they all pulled up some chairs.

      "So he snuck up, attacked you with a bunch of battlecards, and such? And then he used a smoke bomb, and blinded you, and then he tied you up after using your own weapons against you? Wow, that's the best attack plan he's had yet. It improves a bit each time. I know where he is headed next, I must go catch this odd green Mutant Jubjub for the--"

      "One minute sir, may I ask you a bit about him?"

      "Okay, but make it quick."

      "Where is he going to head next, and what does he look like?"

      "He is headed to Kavaura's most likely, as he is always stealing magic stuff and potions, and that's one place he hasn't struck, and one of the best places for him to cash in. His looks? He's a Mutant Jubjub, about four inches below a JubJub's average height. He is blue as well, which is odd and makes him stick out like a sore paw… He also wears a red cape, with a G written on it in white…" Judge Hog answered with no hesitation.

      "Any other information on him AT ALL?" Stripe asked curiously.

      "Yes, he likes using snowballs, battlecards, and muffins. He has blue eyes. He's very fast. He also always seems to sneak up somehow. He's also normally leaving the ones he steals from tied up, frozen, paralyzed or in some similar state… Why?" Judge Hog was now curious himself.

      "Because I have a plan. We'll need a freezing scroll, open window on the left side of Kavaura's shop, gloves good or gripping, a dark reflectorb, invisihat, goggles and spells to see those wearing invisihats, a supersize, and a minimize. We'll also need my brothers' help, and we need to warn Kauvara. He'll strike soon… tonight I'm sure. Let's go." So off they went to prepare, getting ready for the plan, and getting ready to catch a villain…

      The next morning Stripe and his two brothers, Archie and Mickey, were on the front page of the Neopian Times--- for catching Gargrottaw. It was all because of Stripes plan. Here's what had happened:

     They went to Kavaura's shop and warned her, and then told Stripe's brothers who went and bought the supplies, while Stripe and the other two worked together to work out the plan perfect. They opened the window, and Judge Hog crouched outside it, and they readied other hiding spots. They brought the weaponry their and distributed it and prepared.

      That was when he arrived. Gargrottaw entered and had on an invisihat, and Kauvara used her special equipment to spot him. She turned and acted like she knew nothing, and had saw nothing. Behind the counter was Archie, using a minimize so he could not be spotted as the Jubjub crept back there. But then, as he got right in position to attack, Archie used a supersize and the Jubjub was frightened and leapt into the air, and threw a muffin and a battlecard.

      As he was about to throw, Judge Hog jumped through the window yanking down on the cape of the tiny thief, jerking him up and his aim went way off, and then with a quick calculation in math using angles and such, Stripe whispered in Mickey's ear where he needed to position himself with the dark reflect orb. Immediately the attack was deflected at the astonished Jubjub (whose invisihat had now fallen off). The Jubjub stood up, dazed by the attacks deflection. He quickly shook it off and tried to run, but then Kauvara flipped around.

      "Stop thief!" she shouted, and used a freezing scroll, stopping him dead in his tracks.

      Yes, Stripe played a big role in Neopia that day. He was a hero. He captured the thief, and became a Defenders Of Neopia Agent. And at school that day, it went pretty well. Better than ever, in Stripe's mind at least.

      "Hey Stripe!" Everyone was calling out for him to sit with them. He ignored it.

      "Hey Archie. Hey Mickey. Room for the third friend?" he said, smiling, as he sat with his brothers--- with his friends. He finally knew what true friends were like, along with the friendship. And the most important thing of all was that now and forever more, Stripe wasn't such a strange Skeith anymore.

The End

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