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Staying cozy in a Terror Mountain blizzard

by pizzanoodles2


     Whether you are a Mystery Islander and looking to make the most of a real snowy winter weekend trip, or just a Terror Mountain resident getting exhausted by those short dark days and long cold nights, I have some insider tips for you on how to make the most out of these last few (seemingly endless) months of winter lying ahead of us.

     You may be thinking: why on Neopia would I go to Terror Mountain in the middle of the month of awakening?! But that's just it! Tourism is down, and the magnificent shops, sights, and eats of Terror Mountain are yours for the taking! You won't need to wait in line for a game of Snowball Fight, and the Igloo Garage Sale shop has some of its best items in stock. Now that the advent calendar is over, the rushes of super festive Neopians are gone, and you can experience some peace, quiet, and beautiful fresh snowy days. If you're still in doubt about the weather, just follow my tips here on how to stay warm and make the most of your time!

     1. Bundle up! No exposed paws or tails!

     You definitely will not survive a weekend in Terror Mountain if you are not dressed appropriately – take it from a local who ended up in the NeoHospital with frostbite. Make sure to head on over to the Unis Clothing Shop before you embark on your journey and stock up on your winter gear essentials. Do make sure to get some sturdy snow boots, a big warm scarf, mittens or gloves, and a cozy hat or earmuffs, for you and each of your pets. You won't regret it when you feel that harsh icy wind chill wash over you.

     2. Play some games for distraction

     It's hard to remember just how cold you are when you're having oh so much fun! Or that's what I try to tell myself... But truly, Terror Mountain has some of the most exciting and varied games in all of Neopia. There are true age-old classics: Rink runner (that one will really get you in the cozy wintry spirit), or Hannah and the Ice Caves (for some real adventuring fun). There are also the newer additions like Snow Roller (you can’t be cold rolling down a hill!), and Let It Slide (where you’ll run around collecting gems). Each unique area of Terror Mountain has such a variety of games, you could spend the whole weekend doing nothing else. Buuuut, at some point you may really feel the chill getting to you and you may decide you’re in the mood to spend some neopoints…

     3. Pop into to the shops for some warmth

     Terror Mountain has some of the most exciting and unique shops in all of Neopia! Bold claim, I know, but where else can you buy ACTUAL MYSTERY ITEMS? Nowhere other than Tarla’s Shop of Mystery! She sells you a mysterious bag, for a seemingly random amount of neopoints. All you can do is make a guess, and you may end up with a wonderful treasure… perhaps even an exclusive paint brush or negg! But you also might get a Broken Fake Uni Hat. But trust me! That’s all part of the fun.

     My other favorite unique to Terror Mountain shop is the Igloo Garage Sale. Run by the lovely chia husband and wife duo, Mika and Carassa, what makes this shop so interesting as that you really never know what you might find. The garage sale can stop ANY item with a rarity of 89 and below. But beware – you can only buy 10 items per day, and you’ll need to wait a few minutes in between purchase. You need to give other Neopians a chance to buy some unique items too! Note: these chias also host a very fun game based on their igloo garage sale, which I recommend as well!

     But of course you also have your classic Terror Mountain item shops – The Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop (I mean, the name alone is enough to draw in anyone, so cheerful) and the Slushie Shop, where you can buy some of the most tantalizing and delicious treats in Neopia. I highly recommend the Pepperminto Slushie if you’re fully feeling the wintry spirit… but there are so many delicious options. And for those feeling truly brave – the Kelp Slushie.

     4. Try something new

     Every Neopian land has its games and shops, of course. And while I do tend to think that Terror Mountain’s are particularly special, I may be a bit biased as a local (who, me?). What DOES really make Terror Mountain unique, you ask? Well, where else could you do a quest for Taelia the snow faerie and win expensive unique items AND a secret avatar, scratch of a scratch card at a kiosk and potentially win MILLIONS, and exchange tokens for super exclusive neggs all in a day’s work? There is nowhere like Terror Mountain to try something out of the ordinary!

     5. Lean into it! Act like a local

     As they say, after all: when in Terror Mountain, do as the Terror Mountainites do! You wouldn’t want to miss out on such a unique experience for fear of a bit of ice and chill. Embrace the elements! Head outdoors – for as long as you can take it.

     6. And finally, if you’re brave enough…

     You must make a visit to the snowager! Just be sure to go when he’s sleeping - 6:00am - 7:00am, 2:00pm - 3:00pm, or 10:00pm - 11:00pm NST. Otherwise you’re really in for a nasty shock. Be careful, though! Even if he’s asleep, you may just get unlucky and get a huge icy blast. If you do get a bit of luck though, you could be in for a wonderful prize. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk!

     Terror Mountain is the Neopian land that is basically a three-in-one: Happy Valley, charming and bubbly; The Ice Caves, mysterious and sparkly; and the Top of the Mountain – for the most serious Neopians only! This place has something for every pet to enjoy. You don’t want to miss out just because of a little frost!


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