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"Three of a kind:Part Two" by rkbear
"Don’t worry about it, Goo,” Ash replied, shaking his head, and earning frown from Steel. “Bellsamy what are you going on about?” “Didn’t you ask Scarlet what happened to her after you got separated?” Bellsamy sighed, standing up and opening a cupboard. She set a stack of plates on the table. “Well, no, but, well you didn’t give me the chance!” He protested. “Well, that’s hardly my fault, how long did you think I was going to keep Goo entertained, and any way, we could hear you loud and clear, you two haven’t changed at all,” Bellsamy sighed. “I don’t remember much,” Scarlet interjected. “Steel, remembers more, he was with my mom when they find me. All I remember was it was warm…” “Warm?” Ash and Steel asked in unison. They looked at each other for a moment before Steel continued. “It was the middle of winter,” Steel said. “Mom had brought us there for month of celebration. She thought it would be fun. Then I heard someone calling my name and we found you in the hollow of tree. You were snoring.” Steel chuckled at the memory. “I don’t miss that,” Ash joked.

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At Your Brilliance
I've come back to Neopets to purely write for the Neopian Times. You'll see more from me in the future! ~Kelvin

by weewoowriter


Faerie Fables – Mira the Space Faerie
Mira giggled as she grabbed the apple and banana out of the fruit bowl and placed them into her backpack, it was a pleasant accompaniment to the two cheese sandwiches, she had already packed.

By Devotedly, Tarons & Sportsagain

by devotedly


The Secret Avatar: Opinions That No One Wanted
This submission contains Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this article series!

by bouncyhanyou


So you've zapped your dream pet? What now?
What to do when you don't know what to do with your lab ray anymore

by rkbear


Kads Are STILL Picky ...
awh, are you hungry?

by butterflybandage


I will be your hero
a dip in the pool

Collab with smilingpony

by kieselcamper

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