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A day at the Usuki-Con

by bubbles150


     In room number 28 of the Cheap Hotel was a young unconverted Faerie Xweetok who was sitting on her Beauty Bed with her Gold Ona and Bumbluz. Her Beauty Bed wasn’t the only item that she had belonging to her room. She had a Purple Wardrobe which was in the corner of her room, a Wooden Desk which had two drawers, that was located at the opposite side of her bed and the last item which is a Pink Aisha Bookshelf. The Pink Aisha Book shelf was on the back wall where a large square window was.

     On the Wooden Desk were several Usuki Dolls. The Xweetok loved collecting Usuki Dolls and had a lot of them. Some were put in her wardrobe and above it, while others were on her bookshelf, her bed and the floor. On her Beauty bed next to her was a 10th Birthday Usuki Birthday Lunch Bag, with all her lunch in it.

     She had planned to go out that day after hearing the Usukicon with her friend, Edimira, who is a Faerie Xweetok and loved Usukis too. “Let’s see. I’ve got our lunch, and NeoPoints… But I can’t help but feel that something might be missing. Lira, do you know what else I might need to bring with us? Edimira will be here soon” the Xweetok asked her Snowbunny.

     “Have we got water, StarrysAngel?” Lira asked, revealing the Xweetok’s name.

     StarrysAngel nodded. “Yes. We bought it from the food shop yesterday. I know it the Usukicon doesn’t open until 10amnst. That’s two hours away from now” she said. “I just wish I knew what was missing. Do we need to bring a Usuki with us? That would be a very hard decision as I have so many to choose from!” she asked, looking at Lira.

     “Although, it’s tempting to bring one, I think you might be better off leaving them behind, Star. What would happen if you need to buy something?” Lira replied as she looked at the collection of Usuki that StarrysAngel has.

     “Good point, Lira. Alright, all we need to do is wait for Edimira to come now” StarrysAngel said with a smile. She lay down on her bed, resting her head on the pillow and looked at the ceiling.

     “If I can, I might get some Usuki posters so I can put it up on the ceiling above my bed so I can admire them” StarrysAngel added, imagining herself looking at the posters from her bed.

     “What ones do you hope to get this year?” Lira asked, looking around at her current collection. While she was doing just that, she noticed her Blumbuz had jumped on StarrysAngel’s shoulder.

     “I’m hoping to get the expensive ones to be honest. I’ve saved up all my NeoPoints as much as I could so hopefully I can find the ones I’m after. I’ll show you when we get there. I wrote down the list on a notepad which is in my bag” StarrysAngel informed her. “I have most of the cheap Usuki Dolls at the moment” she explained.


     The sound of someone knocking at StarrysAngel’s door came, making the Xweetok quickly jump from her bed, accidentally knocking Lira and Blue off in progress. Lira and Blue both landed on the floor with a thud, though you couldn’t hear Blue falling down, due to Blue being so small.

     “OW! That hurt!” Lira complained, looking at her owner who quickly turned her attention back to her. Blue climbed onto Lira’s shoulder, without a word.


     The knocking continued, this time sounding somewhat impatient.

     “I’m sorry, Lira! I didn’t mean to make you fall off the bed. I’m going to answer the door, I think it’s Edimira” StarrysAngel said, feeling bad about it.


     The knocking repeated itself.

     “Apology accepted, and don’t worry about it, Star. Go answer the door, they’re knocking again” Lira told her.

     - KNOCK! KNOCK! -

     StarrysAngel walked up to her door and unlocked and opened it. She smiled seeing a female Faerie Xweetok waiting for her. The Xweetok was dressed in an Evening Xweetok Wig, Evening Xweetok Dress, Evening Xweetok Shoes, White Lace Gloves, Faerie Xweetok Collar and a Faerie Xweetok Tail Ring. On the ground next to the Xweetok was an Ona.

     “Edimira!” StarrysAngel exclaimed, hugging the Xweetok. Edimira smiled and returned the hug.

     “Good morning, Star. Are you ready to go to the Usukicon?” Edimira asked, letting go of the Xweetok. She turned her attention to her Ona. “Magic is looking forward to it, aren’t you?” she looked at her Petpet.

     “Yes, I am! I hope to get a Usuki Doll” the Ona, now known as Magic said and smiled. When Magic spoke, Lira got up and ran up to her with Blue still on her shoulder.

     “That’s great, should we head off now? It’s 8:30amnst and by the time we get there, the Usukicon will be open” StarrysAngel asked as she flew over to her bed and grabbed her 10th Birthday Usuki Birthday Lunch Bag. While StarrysAngel was talking, Blue jumped off Lira’s shoulder and onto the floor, near where Edimira was standing.

     “Yes. It will take us a while to get there” Edimira answered, picking up Magic.

     StarrysAngel picked up Lira and noticed that Blue wasn’t with her. “Blue?! Where are you?!” She called out, hoping to spot a little blue spot somewhere. She held Lira in her arms while frantically looking around her room, flying as she did.

     Edimira stayed where she was and looked around for a little blue spot. She found him close to her feet. “Here he is. He likes wandering, doesn’t he?” Edimira said, knowing that Blue was an adventurous Petpetpet.

     “Yes. He does. At times like this he worries me” Lira answered, going up to Blue and putting her paw out to him. Blue climbed up her arm until he reached her shoulder.

     “Thank you for finding him for us. Blue doesn’t speak often” StarrysAngel explained. “He’s shy and enjoys hiding from time to time. Thankfully he is mostly easy to find thanks to his colour” she added.

     “You’re welcome. I hope we don’t lose him when we are at the Usukicon. That would be horrible. There are possibly other Neopians who have a Bumbluz like him too” Edimira said.

     StarrysAngel nodded in agreement, hoping that she won’t lose Blue at the Usukicon.

     “Now that everyone is together, let’s go!” StarrysAngel exclaimed, making her way to the door which was still open from when she opened it to greet Edimira. She flew out of her room with Edimira following her. StarrysAngel then closed the door and locked it and led the way to the Usukicon which was somewhere in Neopia Plazza. Edimira and StarrysAngel both talked about the Usukis they planned to collect as they flew.

     “If I ever get a double Usuki of what you don’t have, I’ll let you have it” StarrysAngel promised Edimira with a smile.

     “Aw, thank you, Star. I’ll do the same for you” Edimira said, as she kept an eye on the scenery below. It was amazing how small Neopia looked from the skies!

     “You know. When we fly, I sometimes imagine we’re giants because everything looks so tiny from up here” StarrysAngel said with a laugh.

     “Oh yes, I know what you mean by that. It’s almost like the Neopets on the ground are Petpetpets!” Edimira said and laughed. Both of their Petpets stayed quiet. Blue didn’t move from where he was for a change. Lira figured that he might be a bit scared of flying. It took a while for the two friends to get to the Usukicon and when they got there, they saw that there were several Neopets lining up excitedly, waiting to get inside the building which was located somewhere near the Kadoatery.

     “I wonder what time it is now,” Edimira said aloud as she and StarrysAngel flew down to the ground where the crowd of excited Usuki fans awaited.

     “It’s 9:55amnst” a Shoryu replied, jumping from one foot to the other with excitement. “Not long until the doors open.”

     “Yes! We made it in time,” StarrysAngel said, smiling. She looked at the queue and noticed Neopets of all species were there, some were holding their favourite Usuki dolls, while others were with Petpets and Petpetpets.

     “I do wonder what the Kadoatery think about the crowds when Usukicon is on,” A Vandagyre said, looking over at the Kadoatery centre. “They must think we’re loud!”

     “They can be loud sometimes too! LOOK! The doors are opening!” Edimira replied to the Vandagyre, meaning that the Kadoatery can be louder than Neopets. Sure, enough the doors were indeed opening, two green Xweetoks were opening the large doors.

     The Shoryu who was waiting and spoke earlier about the time, could no longer hold their excitement, and flew up to the doors as the Xweetoks opened it. The Shoryu squeezed its way inside, only to be turned back a moment later due to pushing in, which wasn’t allowed.

     “Hello everyone and welcome to the Y20 Usukicon! We all hope you have a great time. Please show your tickets to the Skeiths who are sitting at the desks, or buy the tickets from them before you enter the Usukicon. We hope you enjoy your time and the doors close at 5:30pmNST sharp” one of the green Xweetoks announced and flew inside the Usukicon building with the other Xweetok after speaking.

     Edimira and StarrysAngel looked at one another. They couldn’t wait to go into the Usukicon and buy up! StarrysAngel had purchased the tickets earlier after hearing about the Usukicon so all she needed to do was to inform the Skeith. She looked at the line ahead and saw there was about fifteen Neopets eager to pay their way in. She watched as a female Usul, the first Neopet to be entering the Usukicon look around for her bag to give the Skeith the ticket. The Usul began to look worried as she couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. That was until a Hissi next to her had noticed that the ticket itself had fallen on the ground and was at her feet. The Hissi kindly picked the ticket up and gave it to the Usul who quickly thanked it. After handing the ticket in, the line slowly began to move.

     StarrysAngel couldn’t wait until it was hers and Edimira’s turn to enter the Usukicon. She hoped she could find the Usukis she wanted to add to her growing collection. A few minutes later, it was their turn to hand their tickets to the Skeith, who in return gave them a Pile of Usukicon Y14 Product Advertisements (even though it was Y20). Both the Xweetok and Xweetok excitedly held the item given to them while holding their Petpets. StarrysAngel and Edimira both thanked the Skeith and excitedly ran inside the building.

     “YES! We’re in! We’re really in! YES! I can’t wait to start spending. Ooh, where should we go first?!” StarrysAngel exclaimed hugging Lira and Blue tight. Edimira smiled at her friend’s reaction and looked around. There were tables everywhere which had Usuki items on them, behind the tables were a different species of Neopets, who were all Usuki fans. Magic glanced here and there. It didn’t take her long until she saw a Vandagyre selling unique Usuki Plushies.

     “How about we go to where the female Yellow Vandagyre is? It sounds like they might have something we need” Magic suggested, pointing to where the Neopet was standing waiting for customers.

     Several Neopets walked past StarrysAngel and Edimira as they took note of their surroundings.

     “Alright, sounds good to me, Magic. What do you think, Star?” Edimira asked, looking at StarrysAngel and at the Vandagyre who now had a few customers.

     “Yes. Let’s go and see what she is selling” StarrysAngel answered happily. She kept hold of her bag and the Pile of Usukicon Y14 Product Advertisement. “I think we should hopefully find a bag too, this one won’t hold all the items we need” she added.

     “I knew I should’ve taken my two backpacks with us! I have a Kaia Backpack and a Faerie Backpack back at the hotel” Edimira complained, wishing she took them with her as they walked towards the Vandagyre’s stand.

     “Don’t worry, Edimira. I’m sure there will be a stand selling backpacks somewhere so we can put all of our Usuki’s in” Lira assured her as she gazed about to see if there was one.

     “Maybe the stores will provide them?” StarrysAngel asked as she put her Pile of Usukicon Y14 Product Advertisement in her 10th Birthday Usuki Birthday Lunch Bag after opening it. She closed her bag and continued walking with Edimira. It took them about five minutes to get to the store where the Vandagyre was standing serving a Cybunny.

     The Cybunny left as soon as Edimira and StarrysAngel arrived with their Petpets and Petpetpet. Edimira looked at the Usuki items on the table which were: Air Faerie Usuki, Artistic Usuki Doll, Battle Faerie Usuki, Beach Fun Usuki Cupcakes, Captain Rourke Usuki Doll, Collector’s Edition Usuki Doll, King Altador Usuki Doll and a Lisha Usuki Doll. StarrysAngel wanted all of them but could only afford so much as she had saved up 500,000NPs from the beginning of that year. Edimira had the same amount.

     “May we please have the Captain Rourke Usuki Doll, King Altador Usuki Doll and Air Faerie Usuki Doll?” StarrysAngel asked, hoping that she could afford the three as she looked at the Vandagyre who grunted.

     “The Air Faerie Usuki Doll is sold out! She was expensive. You can have the others though. I’ll take them out of the boxes” the Vandagyre told her. Underneath the table were several boxes, which Edimira guessed held the Usuki Dolls in.

     She was right. She watched the Vandagyre take out two boxes and put them on the table. He opened the boxes and gave StarrysAngel and Edimira a Captain Rourke Usuki Doll and King Altador Usuki Doll each and told them how much it cost in total. Both the Xweetoks happily thanked the Vandagyre, and put their Petpets on the floor, to get out their NeoPoints. Once they found their NeoPoints, they paid the Vandagyre the right amount for both Usuki Dolls and looked at one another in excitement.

     “YES! We got them. Now we need to find the rest. It’s a pity the Air Faerie Usuki is sold out though!” Edimira said happily as she hugged both of her Usuki Dolls. “Do you have any backpacks for us to put our Usuki in?” she asked, looking back at the Vandagyre who was putting the boxes away.

     “No, but one of the other stores might be selling them” the Vandagyre replied.

     “Thank you, we hope you have a great day!” Edimira said, picking up Magic. In one arm, she had two Usuki Dolls, in the other, she had Magic. That was the same with StarrysAngel after she picked Lira up except she also had the 10th Birthday Usuki Usuki Birthday Lunch Bag in one hand. The Xweetok and Xweetok happily went from stall to stall, buying Usuki and posters. They had no luck finding someone that would sell them a backpack so the pile of Usuki and posters filled their arms. They ended up with so many that they could barely see over the pile. Their Petpets and Blue had to sit on their shoulders.

     It was soon lunch time when the two friends began to feel hungry and began to look for a food stall (forgetting they had lunch on them). They noticed there was a mini Pizzaroo nearby and went to check it out. With their arms still full, StarrysAngel and Edimira attempted to see past their plushies to see the menu. They could just make out that a Blumaroo was the owner of the stall.

     “How may I help you?” The Blumaroo asked looking at the two friends curiously noticing that they were struggling with the pile of Usuki they had.

     “Do you have any Peperoni Power! Pizza? And maybe a backpack, please?” StarrysAngel asked, as she moved her head to the left of her pile to get a better view of the Blumaroo who was behind the stall.

     “Yes, we have plenty of Peperoni Power! Pizzas, how many would you like? And no, we don’t have backpacks, however we might have a few Gift Boxes that may be able to help you with your collection” The Blumaroo said, feeling sorry for the two who seemed to be struggling with their Usuki Dolls.

     “May we please have two slices each and maybe four boxes? Thank you so much, I will pay you once my arms are freed” Edimira asked, as she moved her head to the right of her pile to look at the Blumaroo. Lira and Magic felt overwhelmed with the amount of Usuki in front of them, Blue was nervous about it but didn’t say anything.

     “Yes, I’ll get the boxes first” the Blumaroo announced and looked under his table. He pulled out four Gift Boxes and put it on the table for the Xweetok and Xweetok. StarrysAngel was the first to put all of her Usuki’s down and let out a sigh of relief. “I think next year we’ll be more prepared. Thank you so much” she said to the Blumaroo as she took a box down from the table, took the lid off it and began putting her Usukis in it. She could fit four to a box.

     Lira and Blue hopped down from StarrysAngel’s shoulder and looked at all the Usuki’s. Without looking, StarrysAngel took the surprised Snowbunny and put her in the box with Blue as Blue was still on Lira’s shoulder. “There, all done for that box” she exclaimed and put the lid on it. .Sje then opened the next box and put the remaining Usuki Dolls in it. Surprisingly, StarrysAngel didn’t know that Lira and Blue were missing. She put the second box on top of the first one and watched as Edimira did the same, Magic watched Edimira in interest, from her shoulder then looked at StarrysAngel noticing Lira and Blue were nowhere to be seen.

     The Blumaroo was busy making the fresh Peperoni Power! Pizza slices for the Xweetoks. “Star? Where is Lira?” Magic asked, as she quickly glanced around here and there, from Edimira’s arms. Just as she asked, there was rattling coming from the box that Lira was accidently put in, however, StarrysAngel couldn’t hear the rattling due to several Neopets talking loudly walking past them.

     “She’s on my shoul…” StarrysAngel began as she looked on her shoulder and gasped in horror to find out that her beloved Snowbunny wasn’t there. “der…. I thought she was with me… Wait a minute, if Lira’s missing then Blue would be too… Oh no! This is horrible. I hope we can find them before we go home. Excuse me, Blumaroo, have you seen my Snowbunny and her Petpetpet?” she said, as she looked around from where she was standing then turned her attention to the Blumaroo who had just put two slices of Peperoni Power! Pizza on a plate.

     “No, I haven’t. Are they missing? They were with you earlier” the Blumaroo answered, as he put two slices of Peperoni Power! Pizza on another plate. The box that Lira and Blue were in rattled when he spoke, however, that went unnoticed by StarrysAngel and Edimira as another lot of Neopets walked past them, laughing loudly at something.

     “Edimira, can you please stay here while I fly around to look for Lira and Blue?” StarrysAngel asked, growing worried about them. The box rattled again, yet again StarrysAngel failed to notice it. “Yes, sure, I’ll let them know that you’ve gone looking for them if they turn up” Edimira answered.

     “I hope they will be okay,” Magic said, wishing she knew where the Snowbunny and Bumbluz would be. “They never told me that they were going somewhere” she added, looking at their four Gift Boxes on the ground that were near her. “They wouldn’t leave without telling us.”

     “What if the Petpet Protection League finds out they’re missing? Now that’s what’s got me even more worried. Oh no! I’d better go and start looking for them now” StarrysAngel started to fly above Edimira, and flew around the Usukicon twice in hopes to spot her. However, she had no luck and returned to Edimira’s side in tears.

     “Edimira! I can’t find them! I’m so upset. They mean so much to me and now they’re gone. What if I’d never see them again?” StarrysAngel cried to her, covering her eyes with her paws.

     “Magic and I looked from where we were and didn’t see any sign of her either” Edimira told her – StarrysAngel was devastated to hear that Edimira hadn’t seen Lira and Blue while she was away looking for her and Blue. Just as Edimira spoke, the Gift Box that they were in moved again, this time the Blumaroo who made their pizzas noticed it.

     “Excuse me, StarrysAngel, was it? I can’t help but notice just now that the box over there seems to move. Look, it’s doing it again. Perhaps, they were accidently placed in there?” the Blumaroo suggested pointing to the box that moved. He still hadn’t had the chance to give the Xweetoks their pizzas were ready.

     Sure enough, when StarrysAngel took the second box off the first one and lift the lid up from the first Gift Box. She smiled when she saw her golden Snowbunny jump from the box with Blue and into her arms. “Lira and Blue! Please don’t scare me like that again. I thought I’d lost you both forever” StarrysAngel exclaimed, happily hugging her Snowbunny. “Thank you, so much for noticing the box moving, and how much were the pizza?” she said, turning her attention to the Blumaroo.

          Feeling somewhat sorry for the Xweetok, the Blumaroo smiled to her. “You both can have the pizza for free, just don’t tell anyone. Enjoy the rest of your Usukicon” he answered as he gave a plate to Edimira and one to StarrysAngel.

     The Xweetok and Xweetok thanked him, and sat down to eat. StarrysAngel shared her pizza with Lira and Blue, though to the Blumaroo, all he could see was a tiny blue spot on the pizza. ‘I wonder if that’s a Blueberry that somehow got on it,’ the Blumaroo thought as he watched the friends eat their pizza and share it with their Petpets and Petpetpet. He didn’t know that the blue spot was a Bumbluz who was enjoying the pizza too.

     After eating their lunch, StarrysAngel put the lid on the Gift Box that Lira was accidently put in and put the second box on top of it. This time, Lira and Blue had been sitting on the Xweetok’s shoulder relieved that her ordeal was over. She hated being in the box.

     “Should we go home, now?” Edimira asked, as she picked up her two Gift Boxes. Magic yawned, she wanted to go home for a nap.

     “Yes. This time, I have everything, and my bag” StarrysAngel replied, glad that she didn’t have to go home without Lira and Blue.

     It took the pair of friends about two hours to get home due to the Gift Boxes they had to carry in their arms.

     When they got home to the hotel, they were tired out. Edimira and StarrysAngel said goodbye to one another and went their separate ways with their Petpets and Petpetpet.

     It was only when StarrysAngel returned home she realized they had forgotten to eat their packed lunch due to having pizza instead! ‘Never mind, we’ll eat that later!’ she thought as she put everything away with Lira and Blue helping her.

     The End


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