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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The day when the faeries turned to stone, when no one knew what to do as Faerieland shuddered and shook and came crashing from the sky, were the worst of Penny’s life.

Hissi Day Hype: What I Love About Our Scaly Friends

Hissi Day is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favourite serpentine pets. What with them being a limited edition species, I’d never had the chance to own one – until last year, when I came across a beautiful Spotted Hissi in the Pound and have been attached to her ever since. Although it’s only natural that, given their limited status, relatively few Hissies have been created compared to other species, I can’t help but feel that they’re underappreciated. I can understand why many users would prefer a cute Cybunny or Poogle, but I’m here to talk about some of the reasons why I also love the Hissi.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Neopets Experience

Did you just finish painting your final dream pet, or just placed that final stamp in your album? Maybe you just got the perfect customization completed for all your pets and now you don't know what to do next? It is easy to get laser focused on one area of Neopets and then feel a little bit empty when you maximize out that goal. Some of us spread ourselves too thin among a lot of activities, but there are those of us who hone in on one thing and want to be perfect. So what do you do if you are feeling like you've completed all your goals? Or if you are feeling a little bit burnt out on Neopets but don't know what to do next to stimulate your enthusiasm?

A Faerie's Guide to Magic and Mischief

Hello, Neopian Times reader! Glad you could make it here today. My name is Seiche of the Glittering Glade, and I am a faerie Yurble. Not just any faerie Yurble, however. All across Faerieland, I am known as the trickiest little prankster you'll ever meet. Remember the time you lost your keys, just when you were running late?

Other Stories
"A day at the Usuki-Con" by bubbles150
In room number 28 of the Cheap Hotel was a young unconverted Faerie Xweetok who was sitting on her Beauty Bed with her Gold Ona and Bumbluz. Her Beauty Bed wasn’t the only item that she had belonging to her room. She had a Purple Wardrobe which was in the corner of her room, a Wooden Desk which had two drawers, that was located at the opposite side of her bed and the last item which is a Pink Aisha Bookshelf. The Pink Aisha Book shelf was on the back wall where a large square window was. On the Wooden Desk were several Usuki Dolls. The Xweetok loved collecting Usuki Dolls and had a lot of them. Some were put in her wardrobe and above it, while others were on her bookshelf, her bed and the floor. On her Beauty bed next to her was a 10th Birthday Usuki Birthday Lunch Bag, with all her lunch in it.

"Ways To Rebuild" by leopardy
The day when the faeries turned to stone, when no one knew what to do as Faerieland shuddered and shook and came crashing from the sky, were the worst of Penny’s life. Carlita, always the first in line to comfort her siblings, had said that whatever happened next, at least they would never had to live through those days again. She was right, of course. But what could you call living each day of the aftermath if not still living through it in some way? * * * When she was younger, Penny’s favourite excuse for getting out of doing her share of household chores was that it was much easier to clean with paws than with hooves. Years later, she found that there was more truth to it than she’d realized. In the clean up after the final battle, she couldn’t help but be frustrated by how all the sweeping and scrubbing took her acara sisters a fraction of the time it took her.

"The Rainbow Ticket" by thebiscuitbunch
After a long day editing for the Neopian Times, a starry Gelert trots home through downtown Neopia. When passing by the local candy store, something catches his eye. It’s not the dazzling pink candy Lutari behind the counter, rather it’s a box of neo-chocolate bars sitting in the window. A tiring day filled with typos and edits deems him worthy of a delicious goodie, right? What he doesn’t realize is the bar he is delicately holding in his paw contains a rainbow ticket wrapped inside. This iridescent slip of paper offers him something much sweeter than a dip in the rainbow pool.. A mysterious Kiko waits at the gate of the plain looking factory, almost as if he knew today would be the day his ticket would come home. Without a word, he gestures the young Gelert through the iron fence and heads towards the front door. Unsure of what is about to happen, the starry pup swallows and takes a step through the front door without a second thought to look back.

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