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The Road to Become a NeoQuest! Champion

by saudadesdagripe


     Hello, fellow Neopian Times readers. Neopets is a website full of activities for their players, but some are more challenging than others are – one must agree that completing jobs for the Faerieland Employment Agency is much easier than completing even a single page of your stamps album.

     However, we are not here to talk about stamps, no. In this article, we will be discussing one difficult task – getting a champion trophy on both NeoQuest I and II. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I don’t know a lot of people who have accomplished that task.

     To get a golden trophy on NeoQuest, you must beat the game on Normal mode, then on Evil mode and then beat the game on last time on InSaNe! As if beating the game three times isn’t hard enough, if you die during your gameplay on InSaNe! you will have to start over. Yup.

     Okay, okay, this is not a NeoQuest’s gameplay. Let’s get to the point – I was lucky enough to testify a friend of mine, Daniel (saudadesdagripe), becoming a NeoQuest champion, and I thought it’d be really interesting to ask him some questions. That’s enough for an introduction, let’s get to the interview!



     First of all: why did you do it?

     Haha, that’s a really good question to begin with. Honestly, I really like NeoQuest – the game is very fun, no skills are required, very simple to play, among other things. But there is another thing that I must confess is that I’m kind of addicted to collecting golden trophies, so that task was on my to-do list for a really long time, until I did it. That’s why, I think.

     What were your difficulties? If you had any, that is.

     Oh, boy, I had some. I won’t talk about every single detail because I know you have more questions for me, but each version of NeoQuest has their particularities. In general, the game is long and it can take some time to complete, especially if you easily get bored. But, if you have a friend to play with simultaneously, it can be really fun! If you’re playing alone, NeoQuest has its own forum on the Neoboards that you can find another players, or you could try finding a partner on the Avatar Chat, since the game can award you some avatars.

     Which one were the most difficult one: NeoQuest I or NeoQuest II?

     NeoQuest I, without any doubt. REALLY. Enemies are harder to beat when you’re on InSaNe! mode on both games, so that’s not comparable. The thing is, if you die while playing you have to start over. And I died. Two times, actually, and that made me almost give up, really. NeoQuest II has four characters, but on NeoQuest I there is only one, so you have got to be extra careful – which I learned the hard way. Moreover, as if that wasn’t enough, to level up on NeoQuest I InSaNe! mode you need twice the experience points, which means that by the end of the game you will need 10.000 experience points to gain one single level. I think that’s the one thing that discourages most players to ever go for the NeoQuest I golden trophy. I mean, you have a golden NeoQuest II trophy but a silver NeoQuest I, right? I wonder if that’s the reason why.

     How long did it take?

     NeoQuest I took a really, really long time because I only managed to finish the game on my third try. But even if we are only counting my third attempt, it must’ve taken approximately a year to complete because I took as many breaks as I wanted, because I had to stay focused the entire gameplay and on the slightly sign of boredom, I’d take a break.

     NeoQuest II has a pretty cool function where it tells you your best time on completing the game. My InSaNe! time is exactly 219 days, 22 hours, 45 minutes, 17 seconds. Again, I took as many breaks as I needed.

     Have you got any advice for the readers out there?

     Don’t give up. If you’re tired of playing, take a break. It doesn’t matter how long that break lasts – I had some breaks that lasted a few months. I honestly don’t know if this is true, but I’ve heard that if you don’t play at all for a whole year, your game will reset – so maybe walk a few squares every now and then until you are ready to play again, right?

     Also, stay focused. And I really mean it. As I told before, I died twice while playing and that was because I wasn’t paying enough attention. Listen to some music while playing to make the experience more enjoyable, but I wouldn’t recommend watching a movie and playing at the same time (I speak from experience here).

     Third, be careful. Read every guide available, ask for other player’s advice, and learn the details of the game. Get to know the enemies, because some of them can stun you, steal your life, some are capable of healing, among other things. You really don’t have to rush your way through the game, take your time leveling up with the easier enemies even if it means you will be getting less experience points per battle. Safety is the key. Trust me.

     Lastly, have fun! NeoQuest is all about the experience, but if you aren’t enjoying it, you don’t need to feel obligated to keep playing. Don’t be ashamed on giving up if you don’t feel like the trophy is worth it. In the end, it’s only a trophy.



     Well, my dear readers, I think that’s enough for an article. As you can see, becoming a NeoQuest champion is a very difficult task, but it’s not impossible! With enough dedication and (a lot of) patience, anyone can do it.

     There are plenty of players who took their time to write extremely detailed guides, some even with maps – which are very helpful. In addition, I’m pretty sure that Daniel would be delighted to answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to drop him a neomail if you’d like!

     Hope you enjoyed this article. Good bye!


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