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A report from The Winter Neolympics

by maryannyks


Today marked the opening of the annual Winter Neolympcis, we were gathered on Terror Mountain, where the event was taking place. Weather was very fitting for the Games with the sun shining and degrees being below freezing with no wind at all, as well as there had been heavy snow the day before. Great turnout of Neopets had come to see the best performing their best in various Neolympic categories. This year's categories in competing were: Terror Tilt, Rink Runner, Snowmuncher and of course, everyone's favorite - Snow Wars II. For the Neopets that didn't want to compete against others and still wanted to have some fun, they had Snowball Wars, where everyone was out for themselves. And if you didn't like sports, there was also free food after the event: Soup Faerie's different warm soups, Scones provided by The Crumpetmonger and Hot chocolate by the Coffee Cave.

The judges this year were selected as follows with a very special guest judge: Scratchcard Kiosk Wocky from all the way from the Scratchcard kiosk, Dieter the famous Snowmuncher, Taelia the Snow Faerie, Bruce Skater known for being the best at Rink Runner and as guest judge they had Granny Hopbobbin! Granny Hopbobbin has delayed Charity Corner this year only to be part of these amazing Winter Neolympics Games, but she promised that Charity Corner will take place this year, eventually.

The event kicked off with Terror Tilt on the Tip of the mountain. The competitors were sliding away on the perfect shining ice, collecting bonuses. The arena was swaying non-stop with Bruces sliding with pure glee, falling through the colored circles into the safety net down below. There were four Bruces taking part this year: Bobbi and Buna the twin Bruces, Bert the Bruce and Boppi the Bruce. Each Bruce was out to show their best, but not everyone can be the best and the final placement was as follows: Bobbi and Buna tied with sharing the third place, Bert getting the second place and Boppi winning the first place with a perfect 10 from all the judges. Boppi had been practicing her best all year and it showed. Hopefully we'll see more of this Bruce champion next year!

Next up was Rink Runner with Bruces dominating this round as well. The ice was glistening as Neopets made their way onto the ice arena to greet the judges and all the spectators. There were Bink and Bayte the Bruces and Wanda the Wocky as well as Ally the Aisha, known for her figure skating. The Neopets gave their best in this game as well, skating for as long as they could, collecting all the notes. Each note made a sound and it sounded like there was an orchestra playing as the round was coming to an end. Bink finished on fourth place with a score of 6.7 and Wanda came third with a 7.8. It was a tough competition for Ally and Bayte as they both showed off some serious skill, but Ally's figure skating skill came handy here and she got the first place with a score of 9.8, Bayte coming second with a 9.7. Wanda the Wocky was the newcomer this year and she was seen practicing with Ally the Aisha. Ally must have shown her some good tricks and tips for Wanda to come in the second place. This was also Ally's last time in the Rink, she announced her retirement from the sport as she won the first place.

The day continued with Snowmuncher. Dieter was very exited as this was his favorite sport, so he was already giving out 10 points to everyone, without the competition even starting. Taking part were some of the serious munchers which some of them coming to the Winter Neolympics from all the way from Krawk Island: Federismo and Franchisco Corvallio, Gooblah the Grarrl and a local wondermuncher Bruno the Bruce. They all started out quite even, but as levels passed by, the islanders started getting cold, as they were used to the warmth over at Krawk Island. Finally after 10 levels only Bruno was still munching, getting him the first place. Federismo and Franchisco shared 3rd place and Gooblah was placed 2nd. Bruno the Bruce was seen munching snow even after the event ended, with Dieter joining him soon after.

Last competition was Snow Wars II, the highlight of the event, which everyone was eager to see. Competing were some of the more famous Neopets: Luna the Lupe, Groop the Grundo, Golanda the Gnorbu and Xoro the Xweetok. The game kicked off fast, with competitors building up walls around their field, adding catapults and the war had started. There were snowballs flying everywhere, the onlookers clapped and cheered for their favorite, calling out all of the competitors. The judges were impressed, except for Granny Hopbobbin who had fallen asleep. After many hours of intense Snow Wars II, only one Neopet was left standing and all of the others had given up. Fourth place was taken by Golanda the Gnorbu, ended on the 3rd place was Groop the Grundo, 2nd place was given to Xoro the Xweetok and the winner was declared: Luna the Lupe! She was also the champion last year, having practiced year-round. She said that she loves Snow Wars II so much, she even dreams about it when she is not currently playing it!

This concluded the main event and now was time for other Neopets to join in on the fun! It was time for Snowball Wars, where each and every Neopet got a participation medal! Those who didn't want to play had warm soup (courtesy of the Soup Faerie) waiting inside the Snow Arena, with hot chocolate provided by the Coffee Cave. Everyone was also offered scones and tarts as well as other tasty baked goods to go with their hot chocolate. The event was considered a success, with everyone pleased with the results. Now we await for the next year's Winter Neolympics to see who will be the champions next year!

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