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A Very Lenny Valentine

by alienigenosidad


Some Neopets really get shafted when it comes to their holidays, easily overshadowed by the events surrounding them, but no one experiences this misfortune as much as the Lenny. The mega fun Lenny Festival falls just before Valentine's Day and less than a week prior to Chocolate Chia Day. As if this wasn't hard enough, right before that Neopia is celebrating (or running away from) the most fearsome evil queen, Jhudora. So how does a Lenny cope with this, they don't have tons of useless paper hearts or scrumptious chocolates to shower the world with, and they are so friendly they can't instill such fear into the hearts of Neopets far and wide that everyone is FORCED to adore them. The Lenny though, with their smarts and cunning, are not ones to be forgotten!

Though this is quite the conundrum, the Lenny uses superior intelligence to work within this flawed system and come out on top, to come out with the most gifts of any Neopet. They embrace the holidays surrounding them as a way to get the best gifts of them all. This guide serves as a great way to give your best Neofriends one gift that counts for two holidays, save yourself some Neopoints by being as smart as a Lenny!

Un-Valentines Plushies

What better way to show a Lenny that they are the best Neopets of all, and to truly celebrate the Lenny Festival as the best holiday of all, than to give them a plushie showing how stupid Valentine's Day is! These adorable plushies, usually in grey, show a variety of Neopets ripping up a heart. Oddly, there isn't a Lenny featured in this plushie set, but you can choose from other adorable species such as a Skeith or JubJub. These also tend to be rather inexpensive, so maybe you can buy the whole set for that special Lenny friend in your life!

Valentine Bow Tie

Every Lenny likes to look nice, and with a neck that long they could use a little decorative piece. This pink bow tie featuring a blue gem is a gorgeous addition to most outfits and not one to be missed. It can be worn on any occasion as well, not just during February!

Pink Paint Brush

A Lenny looks spectacular in pink, one might even say they are downright pretty in pink. This paint brush gives them black tipped feathers as well, making them resemble an animal or creature I think I've heard about somewhere...the name seems to escape me right now... Anyway! Painting a Lenny pink and feeding it some delectable popcorn also gives you a cool avatar you can use on the Neoboards, so consider pairing this gift with some popcorn and you'll basically never have to give that Neofriend a present for the rest of the year!

Valentine's Day Ring

Jewelry is a girl's best friend, and that is actually completely untrue for a Lenny. I thought I'd break up the list of Dos with a Don't. We're getting a little off track so I can give you a warning: never give a Lenny a ring for a gift, no matter how expensive. "Why not?" you may be wondering. There's one simple reason: Lenny's don't have fingers. You can't cram a tiny little ring over a bulky feather made for flight. This type of gift may be more offensive for them and embarrassing for you, so let's skip to something more useful.

Wispy Valentine Wings

Wings! Way better than a silly old ring, especially for a Neopet in flight. Wait, can a Lenny fly? Oof, I already went down that road with Elephante's in a previous Neopian Times and I'd rather skip that headache this time. Back to the gift! These beautiful wings are a compliment to any Lenny, and if it's paired with that bow tie and a pink paint brush, you'll find them irresistibly adorable.

Enchanting Valentines Mystery Capsule

There are few things more fun than a little gamble and mystery. Get your Lenny friend's adrenaline running with a mystery capsule from the NC Mall. This is an easy gift because it could result in a very rare item without costing you a million NC or a trip to the depths of the NC Mall Neoboard trading circuit.

Homemade Valentine's Day Card

It's easy to go out and buy gifts, but it's more thoughtful to make a gift. Using this logic, it's easy and more thoughtful to give a gift that was homemade by someone else. This concept can be done by hitting up the Shop Wizard and snatching a few Homemade Valentine's Day Cards to give to friends. Maybe cross out Valentine's Day and write it as VaLENNYtine's Day! I'm sure any Lenny would just love that.

Handsome Valentine Quiguki

This little guy is...cute...ish. But the real charm is that you're giving a gift that is giving a gift! That's right, the Quiguki doll is holding some chocolates and flowers, offering them out to his new Lenny owner. It's like three gifts in one! He would look adorable sitting on the shelf with all the books your Lenny pal collects.

And that concludes my list of the best gifts to give to a Lenny for what I've now dubbed VaLENNYtine's Day. If you want to elevate yourself from good friend to best friend though, you should really give a Lenny two gifts, one for the Lenny Festival and one for Valentine's Day. Be thoughtful enough to take into consideration that a Lenny is a genius and give him a book or something more useful than a fashion statement. Team that book up with something above and beyond and you'll be golden, we want our Lenny friends looking good, their libraries are definitely stocked almost to the brim, but their closets and toy shelves may be lacking a bit. So hopefully with this guide, you've proven yourself as the true friend, and saved yourself a decent amount of Neopoints and won over the adoration of every Lenny in your life!!

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