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*Tries to find a cookie to give to CQ* Oh, wait! Granny took all my cookies :o There are none left :( Atleast it was for a good cause! :) Thank you TNT for organising another Charity Corner! I very much enjoyed participating in it :D Unfortunately it seems something's gone awry when handing out the avatars to those of us who already had the Fall CC avvie. I can't imagine Granny not wanting to reward us after having put in all that work gathering these donation items. Could you please send her an urgent message asking her to award us our avatars? 0:-) Thank you! :* ~ 1_charlotte_1
Well then you've already given me plenty! Hellooooo, I was in charge of the food donations for a reason guys! Anywho, we're looking into this, so just be patient with us! Avatars are still a-comin'.

Hey there! I wanted to know which of my pets was to be abandoned if ever my premium ran out and went on a long hiatus? Is it possible for us to choose which pet could/should be put up for trade if ever I do not subscribe before the 3 months? (I raise this question as I often put my battledome pet as my active and I wouldn't want her to be put up for trade if ever I forget to renew my membership!) Thanks! ~ x_mystichorse_x
Hi! So when your premium runs out, the next time you log in you get a message asking you to abandon one of your pets, or renew your premium, and you can't do anything until that message has gone away. We will not just pick one of your pets and get rid of them without your knowledge :)

Hey TNT! For this Valentine's Day, can we expect a free NC Mall gift or goodie bag? Please remove my username ~ username removed
You can indeed! I'd check back at the NC Mall this afternoon ;)

Hey CQ! *hands out borovan and warm cookies around the office* I'm super stoked (as well as many other Neopians) to see that PPL and Pet Spotlight are back! Thank you so much for that. :) I was wondering, do y'all have plans to bring back other contests that have gone on an indefinite hiatus/new ideas for contests in the works? I know something was mentioned a few editorials ago about selecting a new paintbrush color... ~ citybound
You're very welcome, and we're happy you're happy! The new paintbrush is totally separate, but we are taking a look at all of the site contests and starting up or formally retiring all contests in limbo, as well as moving contests that were already retired to the retired list, to make that clear. It still make take us a little time, but we're starting getting all of that sorted out for y'all!

Hi CQ! Will a premium sale happen this year? I've been waiting to purchase premium since 13 years ago but am still a broke college student :* thanks! ~ theyellowrose
It will indeed! We typically run a premium sale around late June for the premium anniversary!

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