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The Best Pink Gift

by djleclair


The Best Pink Gift

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and all across Neopia, Neopians are scurrying to pick out the perfect gift for their special someone. Every year, it’s the same thing; boxes of chocolates covered in pink hearts and bouquets of flowers. This is the year to be creative! To not fall into the commercial gimmicks that tell you what to buy! This is the year to buy your friends something completely unique- a Meepit! Here’s a friendly guide on why Meepits make great gifts, and some tips and tricks to pass on about how to care for them!

Start by getting your friend a Meepit. Meepits are highly underrated petpets (and buyable at only 38,000 Neopoints). They’re little pink spooky petpets that feature a fluffy tail, two buck teeth, and large, expressive eyes. Some people find their excessive staring to be creepy, however, with proper care, that look is simply them being needy. They’re easy to take care of as long as you have Juppie Juice on hand. If a Meepit becomes too hungry, they’re known to eat just about anything. Poor hungry, hungry Meepits. And yes, they’ve been known to bite. Just… make sure your lucky friend is prepared to keep their new pet happy. (The authors of this guide are NOT responsible for unhappy Meepits, or what they may do.) All in all, they’re pink! Isn’t that the best reason to gift them on Valentine’s Day?

A second fantastic gift to add is a CD with catchy tunes. The famous singing Meepit trio is well known for their album, “Ghost Meepit Dance party Ultra Remix”. It features the Hokey Pokey and other spin-around-in-a-circle favourites. A little known fact about Meepits is that music keeps them happy! A bonus gift idea for the next holiday season is Meepit Carols! A book that specifically features festive songs every Meepit loves! Music is NOT the Meepit Overlord’s next plan to take over Neopia though, we promise! (Besides, who can resist such whimsical tunes?) At 99,000 Neopoints, this is quite the bargain for maintaining a happy Meepit!

A Beware of Meepits Sign (or even a Meepit Caution Sign) would make a great additional gift, just as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of your friend’s future guests! For a measly 100 Neopoints you can find this sign on the shop wiz (just make sure you refresh a few times to find the cheapest price!) Plus, if someone does get bitten by a overly excited Meepit, the sign covers any liability! Every Meepit owner needs at least one sign that just screams, “Beware! There are Meepits about!” Because everyone could use a warning before-- (Some people may think this makes Meepits too dangerous to have as pets, the authors of this guide simply see it as a personal safety feature! The Bug Brothers are sure to think twice before stealing Neopoints from your friend!)

If you or your friend worry about their Meepit getting too lonely, the Angry Meepit Eyes would make another great additional gift! For only 110,000 Neopoints, you can pick up a pair of these eyes from the trading post and wear them around! Join the Meepit Movement (™) and show the tiny pink petpet some support! If you really want to go above and beyond, for 75 Neocash you can pick up a Creepy Meepit Hat to gift along with the Angry Meepit Eyes! They go great together and your friend’s Meepit will never know it’s your friend. Maybe your friend’s Meepit will even consider sharing their juice! (However, the authors of this article can not guarantee this- Meepits tend to be very stingy.)

Sometimes Meepits tend to be a bit aggressive if they don’t feel like the number one priority in their owner’s life. So save your friend from receiving some cranky Meepit bites and add one more gift to their Valentine’s day pile. A Golden Meepit Statue is a classic decoration your friend will be proud to display as a new Meepit owner. You can buy this for around 1000 Neopoints on the shop wizard. Or, if your fishing level is high enough (167+), this lovely statue may be fished from the Underwater Fishing spot! Hopefully you don’t get too many smelly fish before you catch one of these gorgeous Meepit-loving statues.

Another great side gift is the Meepit vs Feepit Game Guide. Sometimes these buck-toothed friends can be picky about what they want to do! Sometimes they just get bored and want to get out of their Neohome for awhile. (The authors are aware that this may sound crazy, but hear us out! Sometimes they need to get together to plan world domination.) This book is the key to preventing a bored Meepit (and no one wants that!) For only 100 Neopoints, some great strategies and tips can help your friend when it comes to playing with their new Meepit. Making sure to give a Meepit plenty of exercise is an important part of Meepit ownership. It never hurts to let a Meepit run its energy out, and you know it will on it’s conquest to get rid of that Feepit! (We all know a Feepit doesn’t even stand a chance against your friend’s Meepit!) If your friend’s Meepit is tired of playing Meepit vs Feepit, the next suggested stop is at Meepit Juice Break. What’s better than playing a game full of other Meepits with plenty of juice to go around!

The last and final, and possibly best secondary gift to purchase for your friend (and their new Meepit!) is How to Serve Meepits. At 80,000 Neopoints, it’s a steal! It’s a detailed list on how to best handle and raise a Meepit. “Meepits need constant devotion for their well-being. They deserve an unlimited supply of juppie juice and shiny statues made in their image. Their every whim and need should be catered to posthaste, without a thought.” Proper Meepit care and handling seems quite simple after reading this handy book! (Though, really, this article details it quite well without having to spend all those Neopoints!)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, don’t be boring or cliche. Be unique! Your special friends don’t need boxes of chocolate or bouquets of flowers. What they really need is a Meepit! A Meepit is the perfect pink gift. While you’re at it, buy one for yourself, too. Everyone needs a Meepit (or two) for Valentine’s Day!

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