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Deceptively Easy Game Avatars to Get This Year

by earthiness


It's one of the most dreaded avatar categories.. game avatars! Ahhh. But, hear me out, some are actually easy! And perhaps you never even realized how easy. Here I list the top ten deceptively easy game avatar, from easiest to achieve to hardest. With each avatar I list three ratings: difficulty level (higher rating = more difficult), how much time each avatar takes to achieve (higher ratings = more time consuming), and how much luck factors into achieving the avatar (higher rating = higher luck needed). When needed I also list user made guides that have personally helped me achieve the specific game avatar. In general, I strongly recommend using the fansite for tips and tricks on all game avatars. I have never considered myself a gamer, so if I managed to get these game avatars then you can get them too!

1. Evil Eliv Thade

Difficulty: ■□□□□ Time: ■■■■□ Luck: ■□□□□

Send a score of 1,200+ points in The Castle of Eliv Thade.

Cheat Code: rehaxtint - Gives an extra hint. One use per game

This is probably one of the easiest game avatars, and one of the most time consuming. All you need to do to get the avatar is continue to go around the castle, solving anagrams, until you get the points needed. You get a bonus 350 points for completing the game, so you only need a score of 850 before finishing. So hunt down your favorite anagram solver (pst. JellyNeo has a good one), and get started!

2. Magax: Destroyer

Difficulty: ■□□□□ Time: ■■■■□ Luck: ■□□□□

Cheat Code: xagam – Refills health meter. One use per game

Send a score of 3,500+ points in MAGAX: Destroyer II..

Another time consuming, but oh so easy, game. Like with Eliv Thade, this game avatar takes hardly any luck or skill. To play the game you need to take your time and shoot every scorchio in every level. If you do this, you’ll get the needed avatar score at the end of the game. It is also important to make sure your health meter stays high (so don't run into any baddies) and definitely don't run into Hubrid Nox, or it is instant game over. Another tip is to stay going in the same direction. You can turn around/back up to avoid being hit by an enemy, or to wait until your power replenishes, but if you start changing your directions often then you’re bound to run into a scorchio, or worse, Nox.

3. Meepit Vs Feepit

Difficulty: ■□□□□ Time: ■■■□□ Luck: ■■□□□

Send a score of 3,000+ points in Meepit vs. Feepit.

This is a game where Neopoint farming is necessary, and you need to lose to win. Simply beating every level and completing the game will not get you the needed points for the avatar. There are five stages and you need to win three rounds in each stage to advance. The best strategy is to almost beat the meepits each round, but then purposefully lose, twice. Then make sure to beat them three times in a row to advance to the next stage. For the most points you also need to make sure to use combo shots. For example, Z, X, Z, X will do the roll attack, and X, Z, X, Z will do the torpedo dive.

4. Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

Difficulty: ■■□□□□ Time: ■■■□□ Luck: ■■□□□

Send a score of 2,250+ points in Mutant Graveyard of Doom II.

With a few tips/tricks, this avatar is deceptively easy. The trick here is to gain points not just by collecting the items needed, but also by crushing the enemies trying to attack you. Getting points from pushing tombs on enemies can be a chore, but if you take your time this is the best method for gaining the avatar relatively quickly. And by using this method you don't have to deal with the harder, later levels. For a better explanation and level overviews, check out this guide.

5. Master Vex

Difficulty: ■■□□□□ Time: ■■■■■ Luck: ■■□□□

Achieved while playing Cellblock. Usually awarded by the end of Tournament 10 or during Tournament 11.

The only non-flash game on the list, but still a very doable game avatar. The goal of this game is to line up five of your pieces in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) before your opponent can. As stated above the avatar is usually awarded during the later tournaments so getting this avatar will take time.. a lot of time. But if you make Cellblock a daily, then you won't even realize how long it took to achieve! The best part is, there is a playing method where you are almost guaranteed to win every round (with some exceptions, of course). You may need to adjust your strategy depending on your opponent’s initial moves. But once you start playing the game often, you'll be able to outsmart your opponent no matter how good they are. Game playing strategy from this guide.


6. Snowmuncher

Difficulty: ■■□□□ Time: ■■□□□ Luck: ■■□□□

Cheat Code: buuuurrrrrrrrp – Reduces bloat meter by 50%. One use per game

Send a score of 5,000+ points in Snowmuncher.

This is another game avatar where you essentially need to farm points in the earlier rounds to make the avatar easier to obtain. For this method you need to complete level one all the way, collecting as most gems as possible. On level two you need to collect gems and get all the way to the bottom without completing the level, instead let the time run out. Repeat that method again on the second try, and then complete level two on your third go. Try hard not to use the cheat code while doing this. By the time you enter level three you should have roughly 4,500, and should be able to get the avatar score during this level. JellyNeo’s guide explains this method in more detail if needed.


7. Spacerocked!

Difficulty: ■■□□□ Time: ■■□□□ Luck: ■■■□□

Send a score of 13,500+ points in Spacerocked!

This game.. takes some luck, and the actual time it will take you to get the avatar will depend heavily on how lucky you are. There are three levels, and you get three lives per level. In general, a good strategy is to get as many points as possible with your first two lives, and then actually complete the level with your third life. But there are different methods of achieving the avatar score, from how you aim to what your score goal should be in each level. One user found that an easy method of getting this avatar was to keep restarting the first level until you can hit one-two dirt patches (which are worth 1k points each). To do this, you need to aim low since the dirt patches are on the ground. Game playing strategy from this guide.


8. Techo - The Buzzer Game

Difficulty: ■■■□□ Time: ■■■□□ Luck: ■□□□□

Cheat Codes: cheese: shows the cursor while playing. -- salamander: use while the time is going to skip a level. You won’t get any points for the level but this code is unlimited use

Send a score of 300+ points in The Buzzer Game.

This game is a bit tedious, to say the least, but with a little concentration and a steady hand getting the avatar score is easy. For this avatar, play on full screen and zoom in as far as you can with still seeing the whole board. Using the game cheat code (cheese) is absolutely a necessity. Once activated just make sure to move your cursor along the black line to complete the mazes. And take your time! You do not need the time bonus points to get the avatar score. There are fifteen levels total, and you will get the avatar at the end of level eleven. JellyNeo’s guide is nice to use for this game because it gives you a screenshot of every level so you can prepare before you even play the game.


9. Sutek's Tomb

Difficulty: ■■■□□ Time: ■■□□□ Luck: ■■□□□

Cheat Codes: plzsutekcanihavemoretime: adds 30 seconds to your clock. One use per game. --- pyramibread: shows you three random tiles that can create a match. Multiple use.

Send a score of 2,000+ points in Sutek's Tomb.

If you're not already familiar with this game, then it may take some practicing before you can achieve the avatar score. You need to get used to the images of the game, and used to finding matches to line up. The fastest way to get the needed score is to play on hard. You can pause the game three times while playing by clicking the hour glass. It’s best to pause the game while using the cheat codes (type in the whole code except the last letter, then hit the last letter when the game is resumed). In general you should try concentrating on the game board at all times, and get your next matches ready in your head. But, at the same time, you need to look at your time every so often so you know when to use the extra time cheat. Another strategy is to play on zen mode, which has no clock, but only gives you one point per match. And if the board reshuffles (in zen mode) you lose all your points, so this would be a very time consuming avatar method that I personally wouldn’t recommend.


10. Turtum

Difficulty: ■■■□□ Time: ■■□□□ Luck: ■■■□□

Cheat Code: catapult: gives you a free power-up. One use per game

Send a score of 100+ points in Ultimate Bullseye II.

This is one of my favorite games, but obtaining the avatar score is based greatly on luck. The trick for this game is to wait for balloons. One method is to keep restarting the game until you get a balloon during the first or second arrow. If you hit your arrow through the balloon, and it hits the target, you'll score pretty nicely. You get 5 points for hitting the red balloon and 10 for hitting the gold, plus another 25 points for hitting the target with the same arrow. Punchbag bob is another bonus to look out for, when he appears you get 5 points for hitting his body, and 20 if you can hit the apple on his head. Finally, if you hit the bullseye on your final shot you will be awarded with three additional shots, so it’s best to keep your power-ups to use on your final try.

Well, there you have it, all the game avatar tips and tricks I have up my sleeve. Hopefully they can help you achieve a few new avatars this year. I’ll see you in the games room!

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