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Coconut Power! A Guide for a Wild Ride

by sargelw


I absolutely love to play games and collect trophies. of course, the point is to have fun, so it's always great to find a game that you can get a trophy for that's also fun to play for a long time in itself, and Wheeler's Wild Ride is one of these games. As a trophy hunter, I like to categorize games based on similar characteristics, and Wild Ride, while firmly in the "super fun" column, is also in the category of "farming" games. Farming, or point-farming, is where you find a way to basically sit and do the same thing over and over until you have a score that you want. Sometimes this can be infinite, and other times, like in Wild Ride, you can just do it for a very long time.

Wheeler's Wild Ride is a charming little game where you pretty calmly ride your bike through increasingly treacherous levels filled with spikes and pits and bad things. But really none of that matters, because like most farming games, you're going to be sitting in one spot and doing the same thing over and over and over until you get enough points for the trophy. Play the game for real a few times to get the hang of controls; try to land some flips and press space a bunch to add a couple extra points. When you know what you're doing and can safely beat the first few levels without too much effort, read on!

We're gonna set up camp in the very beginning of level 2-2 (the fifth level). There's another level you can do this with in stage 3, but it's not worth it, and honestly, it's better here. You start on a ledge and normally you'll fall down and ride up a ramp towards the rest of the level. But attempting a trophy score, you'll never actually make it that far. This whole strategy keeps you at the base of that hill for the rest of the game.

Well... okay, you can take one round to run through the level and pick up more coconuts. Coconuts are your life. They're important, so taking 1 time to go collect more is fine. You should have somewhere around 55-60 coconuts coming into this level just from picking them up in previous levels. That should be plenty, but the more coconuts you have, the higher you can get your score. Just try not to lose any. When you're out collecting them, pick up the gold coconut saver bonus before you die, and you won't lose any before restarting!

Now, to explain what we're going to do for this. To score points, we need to do tricks, and the safest trick is the wheelie, or specifically, the front wheelie. To perform this trick, all you need to do is hold down the break button (down), and the forward tilt button (in this case, right). you'll lift your back wheel off the ground and for every second you hold it in the air, you get 5 points. Be careful though, if you keep holding the forward tilt, you will keep tilting forward, until you've gone too far and you flip over your bike, crashing and losing coconuts. To stop this, quickly release the tilt button and then almost immediately press and hold it again. you'll fall back down, but not the whole way. It's this balancing act that lets you continue for a long time and rack up serious points.

But that's not the end of this strategy, there's one more step to it that will double your points. If you combo tricks together you get a multiplier for your points, so finding a way to put in a second trick will multiply your wheelie score by two, essentially giving you 10 points per second. This is why we picked this stage in particular. At the very beginning, scooch forward until your front wheel starts dipping down off the ledge, then hold your brake, and hold right as well to do a front flip down to the ground. You should land on your back wheel and the impact will push you onto the front one into a front wheelie. This momentum is pretty big, though, so you'll need to pretty quickly cancel it out by releasing and re-pressing right. This timing takes a little practice to get used to, but once you get the rhythm down, it'll barely register any more, it'll just be second nature. Your goal from here is to hold this wheelie as long as possible, up until the last few seconds. If you accidentally land your back wheel, you'll get points from what you did hold, and you can fill the rest of the time with another front wheelie, but you won't have that combo multiplier bonus any more, so really try to keep it up as long as you can.

As you hold the wheelie, you'll be inching forward, but with that big hill in the way, you'll just stop at the base, so there's nothing to worry about there. It also provides an additional benefit that relates to crashing at the end of each life. As you near the end of your timer, you'll want to set down and score your points, and then intentionally crash. Crashing will take away coconuts based on how fast you're going, and since you're barely moving, it'll be just one. But if you let the timer run out, you'll lose 15. That's a huge difference, and even one of those losses can mean the difference between gold and not even placing. Do NOT let that happen to you. The easiest way I find to crash is to just hold a front wheelie over the top and crash into the hill. Since it's raised up and not flat ground, you hit it just a little sooner, which can save you a second.

So now you know the basic idea of what to do: Get to level 2-2, inch off the platform, doing a flip into a wheelie, and hold that wheelie as long as possible, until 3-5 seconds are left on your timer. Then crash, losing just 1 coconut, and try again. You'll have about 50-60 tries, and as a rule of thumb, holding the wheelie for the full time will get you around 450 points (usually closer to 480). Just 23 coconuts at full points and you've got 10,000, which would put you in the #1 spot at the time of writing this. And you have almost triple that many, so it's not hard to get enough points for gold this way. It just takes patience, control, practice, and time. You've got a lot of wiggle room too, with all your extra coconuts. Don't freak out because you lost a couple crashing from the flip or accidentally running out. Just stay calm and do some dirty quick math in your head to see if you've still got enough to keep going. For max score, call it 2 coconuts for 1,000 points, and the low range is 4 coconuts (full time without the flip multiplier bonus). And if you get too stressed, take a break and come back later. Good luck getting this trophy! It's well worth the effort.

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