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The Warrior Princess: The Coronation: Part Two

by purplbrooke


      Clarity looked back to Professor Wells and said,” Professor, please forgive me, but this is not my report. I bumped into someone in the hall and we must have gotten out papers mixed up. May I be excused to get my report back?”

      Professor Wells frowned, but said,” Hurry up. I don’t have all day, Your Highness and I would like to finish our lesson.”

      Clarity rushed out and ran toward the kitchen when she saw Terrence.

      “Terrence! I have your recipe and you have my report.”

      Terrence turned and said,” I was about to go to the library to give you your report. I realized that the war between Alkuu and Mara the mage was not part of the recipe and figured out that our papers got mixed up. I had a dream one time that I would mix up papers with someone”

      Clarity laughed, despite the unfunny situation. She handed Terrence back his paper and got hers back. Terrence said,” Crazy he would have you write about something you lived through and fought. I would think you learned enough from leading that war and it would be emotionally scarring, as well as leaving a few bruises.”

      Clarity looked at her left arm. It was the one thing she knew would remind her of that war forever. She frowned for a moment, looking at the long bandage that covered her arm. Terrence said, “I didn’t think of how bad those choices of words were. I was just thinking he must be crazy to have you report something like that. I mean, you are a part of that history.”

      Clarity smiled.” Actually, he wanted a report about something that may have happened recently, so I did this and gave my thought process while I was fighting the battles of the war. And, it was scarring. You don’t even want to see what’s under the bandage.”

      Terrence laughed and said,” You better get back to school and I need to get to the kitchen. See you around.”

      Clarity nodded and said,” Okay. Bye.”

      Terrence smiled, then turned around and returned to the kitchen. Clarity ran off toward the library, hoping Professor Wells would be kind. He could be a little annoying when he was irritated. Clarity knew from personal experience.


      Clarity and Ivy were walking to the dining hall for their evening snack. Clarity was happy because Professor Wells called her report the best he has read out of all the students he has taught in his many years of teaching. Clarity felt so happy, she barely made it to the hospital to tell Ivy.

      Ivy smiled at Clarity’s story and said,” Sounds like the Professor is becoming nicer. When I was learning from the professors at the local school, they were really strict. If you had a hair out of place, then you were not adequate enough to learn basic problems.”

      Clarity frowned. Professor Wells was a very boring person, but he wasn’t too strict. As the girls talked, a shadow zafara blocked their path. She had long black hair and purple eyes. Clarity felt like she knew this lady, but shook off the feeling.

      Ivy said, “Can we help you?”

      The lady replied,” Yes, you can. I am what you call a messenger. I carry messages to people in the village. I am here to tell Clarity a message from an anonymous source. Clarity, she wrote it down. Here you go.”

      The zafara handed the slip of paper to Clarity. Before Clarity said anything, the messenger was gone. Clarity read the note that was written in curly black letters. It read:


      Watch your back. I’m coming.

      Love, you know who.

      Clarity frowned and said, “Ivy, I got to take this to my dad. I’ll see you later.”

      Clarity rushed off and ran toward the throne room. As she ran, she saw Terrence. They were about to literally run into each other. She stopped, but it was too late and she was once again on the floor.

      Terrence hadn’t fallen and once he saw who he ran into, he said, “Sorry, Princess. I was looking for Samantha, but found you instead. Let me help you up. How was your report?”

      Terrence helped Clarity up. He noticed her worried look and the paper in her hand. With a swift move, he took the paper and read the few words. He then looked to Clarity, who looked extremely worried. Terrence frowned and said, “Who’s coming for you that could get you so worried? It’s probably a prank by one of the village kids. I would know, I’ve pulled plenty.”

      Clarity shook her head and replied, “I need to get to my parents. Please, give me the paper. It’s seriously important. I don’t have time for games right now.”

      Terrence hesitated a moment, thinking about questioning her, then decided he would find out a different way and handed the note back. She ran off, but he followed her. Clarity ran into the throne room, breathless. King John said, “Clarity, a proper lady doesn’t run. What do you think you are doing running around the castle like an urchin? We have taught you better than that.”

      Clarity replied, “Can’t…breathe…hold…on.”

      Terrence came in and said, “Your Majesties, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I happened to see what it is that Clarity is worked up about and I would like to know exactly why it bothers her. I saw the note and it seems as though it is some silly prank by one of the village kids.”

      Queen Clarissa said, “That’s fine, but um, who are you?”

      “I am Chef Samantha’s lead assistant. My name is Terrence Johnson.”

      Clarity caught her breath and said finally, “I was with Ivy, heading toward the dining hall for a snack and a creepy zafara came in, claiming she was a messenger. She handed me a note and I read something awful. Here, read it.”

      Queen Clarissa took the note and shrugged, saying, “What do you think it means, Clarity?”

      Everyone looked at Clarity expectantly. She sighed and said battled whether or not she was overreacting. Then again, she knew she might not be. The note seemed so legit and Clarity didn’t want her friends and family hurt.

      King John said,” Clarity, we are waiting.”

      Clarity took a deep breath, and then said,” I think Mara escaped.”


      Cole smiled as he read a letter that Maya had sent him. He always enjoyed when she sent him letters, but today, she said she would come a week before coronation, seeing as they were best friends and she wanted to be with him before all the people came to see him.

      Cole decided he would tell her his plan when she arrived. He was happy because she would come in a couple weeks. He looked out from his balcony and sighed. He noticed the villagers walking around, selling their wares and other people milling about.

      Cole could see Farmer Hank trying to sell some produce to have money for his family. Some guards were standing tall and proud at the castle gates, their eyes not leaving the village. Cole loved the simplicity of the village. While he knew they worked hard, he wished he could have a smaller job, too.

      It didn’t matter, though. Soon, this would all be over. As he looked up at the sky, he noticed the clouds start to get uncharacteristically darker. Cole frowned, but figured it was because it was becoming night time.

      Cole decided it was time to go to dinner and walked to the dining hall, only to find that no one was there. He exited and saw Ivy pacing furiously.

      “Ivy, where is everyone?”

      Ivy replied,” Clarity got a note and ran off to the throne room. I think they are in there.”

      Cole thanked her and ran toward the throne room. He realized he shouldn’t run and began to walk more diplomatically. He saw the double doors leading to the throne room and opened one.

      Cole walked in and saw his parents on their thrones. A note was in his mother’s hand and his father looked anxious. Terrence was in the room and so was Clarity. Cole began to think Terrence did something, but then Terrence said,” Your Majesties, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I happened to see what it is that Clarity is worked up about and I would like to know exactly why it bothers her. I saw the note and it seems as though it is some silly prank by one of the village kids.”

      Queen Clarissa said, “That’s fine, but um, who are you?”

      Terrence introduced himself as Samantha’s assistant. Queen Clarissa asked Clarity what got her so anxious. Clarity seemed to hesitate, as though what she said might sound silly. Cole closed the door quietly behind him, but no one noticed his presence. All eyes were on Clarity as she decided whether or not to say what worried her.

      King John said,” Clarity, we are waiting.”

      Finally, Clarity uttered words that made Cole think his heart had stopped working.

      “I think Mara escaped.”

      To be continued…

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