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Even More Holiday Proposals!

by indulgences


My previous article, "New Holiday Proposals!," garnered so much fan mail that I was grinning from ear to ear for days! I didn't expect the enthusiastic response that I got from my fellow Neopians. Many people applauded my imagination, giving me virtual hugs and insisting that my holiday proposals were even better than the real life holidays that are on Neopets!

For instance, I posited the idea of a "Nostalgia Day," where we could click on a link and read all of our personal details, such as the first pet we ever created, the first Neofriend we ever made, the first item we ever put in our galleries, etc.. This was apparently a really popular idea, and a lot of players thought this was the best idea in the whole article!

Since I wrote the original article based on my own whims, I thought it would be only fair to canvass the Neoboards this time around for the suggestions of my fellow players. I got many cool and interesting replies!

One player came up with a brilliant idea. Adam and Donna, the site's creators, are British and many of the spellings on this site originate from England, such as "faerie" instead of the American "fairy," or "biscuits" instead of the American "cookies." Wouldn't it be cool to have a "Tea And Crumpets Day" where the words on the Neoboards were switched to their British counterparts? For instance, instead of "you," that word would be replaced with "thou." Similarly, "maybe" would become "perchance," "yours" would become "thine," "argue" would become "quibble," and many other cool switches. I thought this was a great way to honor Adam and Donna, though they're no longer involved with the site. We already celebrate "Talk Like A Pirate Day," so why not have a "Tea And Crumpets Day"?

My favorite idea was a "Plushie Day" where our Plushie-painted pets would look beaten up and torn. I thought this was a creative way to celebrate our squishy, fabric pets! I have a beloved Plushie Kiko, and despite my fierce and abiding love for her, I'd still giggle if she was a little battered and ripped! Serves me right for playing with her all the time!

One player came up with "Throwback Day," where the site would revert to the old layout (pre-2007), and all pets would become unconverted for the day. (Pet transfers would be banned on this day so as to prevent pet trade scamming.) I thought this was a good idea! Having been a member of Neopets from way before the site was revamped, I would definitely grin at seeing the old layout and pets!

One very popular idea on the Neoboards was an "Eat Food Pets Day," where all of our food pets (such as Jellies, Asparagus or Grape) would have a huge bite mark on their heads. I gasped at this macabre suggestion at first, then realized that it was quite humorous! It's only for a day, after all, and I'd love to celebrate our food pets for their edible looks!

One player suggested a "Neoboard Celebration Day," where there would be a little counter under your username that told you how many posts you've made. I had to smile and give her a virtual high-five! Being a major stalker and fangirl, I would love to navigate the Neoboards and see how many posts my favorite players have made!

Another player came up with a cool new idea. What about a "Pet Competition Day" where we'd compete to change the Neopet Popularity page? For instance, at the moment, Shoyrus take first place as the most popular pet in Neopia, with 17,349,654 created so far. What if we, en masse, created hordes of Xweetoks to bump Xweetoks up from 5th place to 1st? And then we'd get a cool new avatar if we happened to own Xweetoks, which would now be "the most popular pet species in Neopia." I thought this was an insanely cool idea! I love all group endeavors!

Another player suggested holidays that celebrate certain aspects of the site, such as the Trading Post and the Shop Wizard. For instance, perhaps there could be a holiday where the Shop Wizard turns into the Super Shop Wizard for one day. And maybe there could be a "Pet Transfer Day," where every player gets an extra transfer at the Neopian Pound. For us Pound addicts, that would be a great idea!

It struck some people as odd that some holidays celebrate the lands of Neopia, while others seem to be missing. For instance, there is a holiday called Discovery of Meridell on the Neopian Calendar, but no Darigan Day. I thought that was a rather astute observation by my fellow Neopians. I hope TNT decides to create new holidays that celebrate ALL the countries of Neopia!

I never disagree with an opportunity to earn extra Neopoints. So when one intrepid player suggested a "Get What You Deserve Day," where we'd each receive an additional 1% of our total Neopoints (on hand, in our Shop Till, and in the Bank), I had to wholeheartedly agree! This holiday would be so rewarding for those of us who have worked hard, scrimping and saving, for every Neopoint. I don't mind that it would reward the richest players with more Neopoints than the poorer players. It took them years and years to earn their 10 million, and they deserve applause, not jealousy!

There were a lot of item suggestions, such as "Eat A Spooky Food Day" and "Feed Your Pet A Non-Food Item Day." For instance, perhaps on "Feed Your Pet A Non-Food Item Day," we could get an avatar for feeding our pets bizarre items like furniture and toys, which is possible for certain species like Jetsams and Grarrls. I would love that!

A terrific idea someone came up with was a "Petpets Mutiny Day," where instead of seeing our pets on our lookups, we see their Petpets, while the pets take the place normally occupied by the Petpets. As a neurotic player who spent hours deliberating over the Petpets for each of my pets, I had to grin and agree! I love my Petpets just as much as my pets, and it would be pretty cool to see the Petpets take center stage for once!

Another person came up with a really cool idea. What if there was a "Raining Toys Day" where all the Random Events on this day would deposit toys in your inventories? I happen to love Random Events, even the negative ones, so a "Raining Toys Day" would simply rock! The toys might even be valuable, which would be awesome, but most importantly, the Random Events would make us smile! And isn't that the reason we log in every day?

Similarly, a "Raining Food Day" would be interesting as well! There are all sorts of ways in which we might get pummeled with food. Pies would burst on impact, our pets could get speared by asparagus (pun intended), or our pets might even get smacked by apples and lose hit points. The possibilities are endless!

One astute person noted that Petpets still can't be customized with wearable Backgrounds. She thought it would be terrific to have a "Petpets On Vacation" holiday where all of our Petpets leave on vacation for a few days, then come back with a bunch of Backgrounds specifically for Petpets. For instance, a Petpet that vacations in Meridell would come back with a Meridell-related Petpet Background. I thought this would be a terrific idea! Plus, it would encourage people to put Petpets on their pets. It always makes me sad whenever I see a pet without a Petpet friend attached.

And finally, these are the holiday ideas that were pretty brilliant, but unlikely to happen...

Someone suggested a "Lab Zaps Back Day" where instead of zapping our pets, the Secret Laboratory Ray zapped US and changed our usernames, avatars or site themes for the day. Though I was thrilled by the idea, I had to admit that changing such essential aspects of our accounts would cause a lot of confusion and mayhem on the Neoboards. It was a good idea, though!

One user insisted that there should be individual Petpet days, like "Spyder Day," but since there are hundreds of different Petpets on this site, we had to agree that individual Petpet days would be unlikely. Which is a shame, because Petpets are amazing, and I would love to celebrate a "Turtum Day" or "Delfin Day"!

And finally, one terrific idea that I regretfully had to shoot down was the idea of a "Lesser Known Faeries Day," where random and nonexistent Faeries would appear via Random Events and do some pretty hilarious things. For instance, a "Gross Faerie" would emit noxious gas and throw boogers at our pets. A "Like, Whatever Faerie" would roll her eyes, twirl her hair, and sigh with ennui. I thought these were all funny ideas, but TNT has long resisted the creation of new Faeries. I had to applaud the person who suggested this holiday, though. It was an excellent idea!

In conclusion...

Thank you so much, my fellow Neopians, for volunteering so many innovative and interesting ideas for new holidays! I have to admit, most of these ideas made me nod with agreement. "Tea And Crumpets Day" is my favorite idea, and I hope that TNT implements such a holiday in the future. The newer players, who have no idea who Adam and Donna are, might be inspired to research the history of the Neopets website, and learn new things about the site that they didn't know before!

Thanks for reading this article, dear readers! May all the holidays you wish for come to pass! And have a wonderful week!

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