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I write in the hope that you can do something about the lack of communication from this site regarding the problems with Premium accounts. We've been waiting for some kind of response from you for tickets, emails, twitter and facebook requests. Many of us have lost our premium accounts and don't know why. If you still don't know what the problem is at least acknowledge that you are aware of it and are trying to fix it. Ignoring us will just drive people away from the site. You're running a business, we are your customers. Please treat us with a little more respect. Thank You. ~ roguefairy12
Hi there, we do know why this happened, but it is not a problem or a glitch. So here's what happened, during the e-wallet transition, we allowed users whose premium membership had lapsed to keep certain benefits, like the Super Shop Wizard, access to the premium boards and the 5th pet slot; while they stopped receiving Space Faerie Scratch Cards or Premium Collectibles when their membership ended. Due to this, many users may not have realized their premium membership had not renewed in July. On Wednesday, these users with lapsed premium membership lost access to those benefits. If you lost your premium status and believe that you should not have, please send a ticket and our team will look into it. Sorry for all the confusion, I hope this clears things up!

Hi :D I have a Snowpetpetpet and it won't attach to my pet. I checked SunnyNeo to see if I was doing it wrong, and the Snowpetpetpet isn't even on their list! Is it inactive or something? ~ dhyabolica_side
It is very much active, you have one! However, the Snowpetpetpet is actually not a petpetpet, it is a toy! You may not be able to attach it to your pet, but they can play with it!

Hi TNT! What exactly was the picture from last weeks Mystery Pic (Storytelling Contest)? ~ swordsforlegs
Hi! The Storytelling Contest Mystery Pic image was the Wocky who represents the contest on the Spotlights & Contests page!

Hi, TNT! So I've heard lots of talk of the "purge" (where old accounts are deleted to free up space and allow old names to be recreated), but I've never been around for it! I was wondering, do you have any plans to purge abandoned accounts in the near future? It would certainly be neat to see it in action. Thanks! ~ _sammy_kiwi_
Hi there! There are no immediate plans for a purge right now, as it actually is quite hard on our servers, and we have some other areas to work on first! Eventually we'll have another one, so just hang tight for a bit!

I was told to submit a question when posting about this on the help boards- when will the Woodland Pteri Morphing Potion be available to use? I have one but I can't feed it to my neopet and he longs to become a beautiful wooden bird so we are both anxious to know when the item can be used! ~ izzabird
Today is the day for your Neopet's dreams to finally come true! Go ahead and use that magical morphing potion to have him become the wooden bird of his dreams, just don't blame me when other Pteris mistake him for a tree and land on his back.

Hello! I had a thought and became very curious. Who exactly comes up with item ideas? Is it just a certain group of people or does everybody chime in? And what comes first, the drawing or the name? ~ novagal928
The content team comes up with the ideas, although they're pretty open to the paper airplanes that get sent their way! The artists turn the ideas into reality! As for what comes first, it really depends! Sometimes a great name is thought of that turns into the drawing (Pterimisu, genius!), and sometimes the drawing just inspires a name.

Hello, TNT. I want to talk about something serious. You might want to take a seat first. I've just found this website [link removed] which sells neopoints, maps, and rare objects... For REAL money. They claim, and I quote, that "there is NO chance of being frozen by TNT for purchasing from [them]". This sounds somehow fishy, and I would like to know if buying from this site goes against the rules or not. If you publish this, I'd rather you don't include my username. Thank you. ~ username removed
*takes a seat* thanks for bringing this site to our attention. Using third party sites to buy Neopoints, Neopets or any items is definitely against the rules, and anyone we discover using sites like this will most definitely be frozen. If you have any questions, take a look over the site rules, as this is specified there as well.

Hi TNT! The super adorable Mibblie Squeezy Toy that was announced in the 5/17/15 news doesn't seem like it's been activated yet. Do you have an estimated timeline? I normally wouldn't be so eager, but it's one of the cutest items I've seen in awhile and I'd love to buy one. Thanks! ~ white_lion325
I bequeath unto you one Mibblie Squeezy Toy! Okay not really, because that wouldn't be fair to everyone else, but I DID make it active so you can go pick up one for yourself!

Hey there, Country Queen. :) *gives you white Weewoo* I was just wondering how you like being the new Neopian Times editor. Do you like it? Do you have a favorite piece? How about favorite category? (Yes, this is a lame question, I know - I'm just curious.) ~ chasing_stars44
Hello! I'm really enjoying it, I've always been an avid reader, so I really get pulled in to checking out all the great submissions I get (which those of you who've gotten responses at all hours have probably noticed). I don't think I could really pick a favorite piece or category, I've laughed out loud at comics, gotten teary-eyed at stories, marveled at the details of articles, and found myself reading weeks ahead because a series left me on the edge of my seat! The creativity of these users never ceases to amaze me – especially the issue-wide collaborations, I came across the Brightvale University one yesterday, and WOW. Keep being awesome everyone, I'll do my best to keep up.

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