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The Perfect Neohome Buyer's Guide: Mystery Island

by brittanyandsteven


Hello there, future neohome owner! I will be traveling to each land in Neopia giving you a brief overview of both the pros and cons of living there. Buying a new neohome is a very hard choice, but hopefully by the time you weigh out the good and the bad, you will find the perfect place to live! Let's start off with the exciting land of Mystery Island!

First things first, the pros:

When you first arrive on Mystery Island, prepare for lots of warm greetings and gifts. The Island folk are just so friendly! If it's your first time ever being here, they have a Tiki Tour to show you everything around the island. It's a great way to see the land and explore around a bit! Mystery Island also has a lot of entertainment to offer everyone in your neopet family, and even has an Island Mystic! You'll never be bored with so much this place offers!

If you're into sports, you will love playing Mynci beach volleyball! They even offer private lessons if you want to get good enough to join the annual Mystery Island Volleyball Competition! For those more into the martial arts and meditation, Mystery Island has the best known training in all of Neopia for you at the Mystery Island Training School from the Techno Master himself. Just make sure you stock up on codestones, because he doesn't take neopoints as payment. After training is done, try out your skills at the Island Arena! For those that want to test their luck, feel free to try out the tombola stand-you might win a great prize!

For those that are into shopping, you're going to LOVE living here! Mystery Island has not one, but two petpet stores! The first is located at a very remote location of the island at the rock pool. These refugee petpets are so cute and loving, and everyone can always use a new petpet to keep you company. Hey, the more the merrier they say! There is also a small petpet store in the Lost City of Geraptiku. Although we are still trying to figure out who owns this store, there are sometimes some very rare and adorable petpets found there.

If you're looking for something good to eat, the best place to grab a bite is the Tropical Foods shop right near the Tombola stand. For the more adventurous eater, you can always take your chances at the cooking pot and see if you can mix up something crazy and delicious! The Island faerie is very friendly, and loves to see her customers leave with a tasty new dish! If you dare, go ahead and take on a kitchen quest or two and the island chef will reward you graciously.The Island also offers a marketplace full of hundreds of different shops for everything you'll ever need and a trading post for those looking to find more rare and expensive items!

Now for the cons:

If you don't like humid weather or hurricanes, then this might not be the area for you. The sweltering heat and humidity on this island is very intense about ten to twelve months out of the entire year. Hurricanes are known to be very common, and it's not unusual to have to rebuild your neohome once a year due to extreme damage from high winds and downpours of rain. Don't be surprised if a typhoon comes around and destroys your boat-these are common in the two cooler months of the year. The sun is also the most intense in the summer months, and can cause quite a bit of sunburn to those not used to it's strong rays.

The Mystery Island Volcano is also something to be concerned about. Although it is used daily for those making offerings of codestones, scientists have predicted that very soon it is due to erupt again. As they have very carefully calculated, it has between 2-20 years before the next eruption is to take place. Being as active of a volcano as it is, it's completely up to you to take your chances. Personally I'd rather not have my hard earned neohome lost in fiery lava.

On the Northern Part of the Island is a weird location called Geraptiku. Although we haven't learned the complete history of this place, it's rumored a lot of bad spirits lurk here. Quite a few Neopians have tried to venture into the Deserted Tomb and have never come out. Now I'm not saying that by visiting or living close to this mysterious place brings bad luck...but I'm not going to say it brings good luck either. Sometimes Neopians have been permanently cursed just by picking up coins or other trinkets found around the ground in this area, so be warned if you dare to take anything from there as a decoration for your home or a "souvenir".

Since Mystery Island IS an island, the downside to living in this beautiful place is that if you don't own a boat, you're not going to be able to go very many places. The island does have a harbor to park your boat, but it's a very expensive purchase and requires lots of maintenance. The harbor also requires a monthly fee, and if a typhoon or hurricane is to hit the area they do not cover the damages done to your ship. Also as being an island, any food that is imported from other areas is going to be very costly. Even though Mystery Island has it's own array of various goods and foods, if you want to switch up your dinner then prepare to dish out a lot of neopoints.

So there you go, a very brief overview of what living on this Island has to offer you. You'll never know for sure until you go out and take a look! Hopefully this article gives you a little more insight to all of the pros and cons you have when considering to buy a property here. You might just find the perfect to live at is Mystery Island.

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