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Sophisticated School Supplies!

by indulgences


It's a brand new semester at Brightvale University, and classes will be starting soon! As an experienced graduate of that fine establishment, I thought it would be handy to make a list of school supplies for you incoming Freshmen, a list of supplies that are sophisticated and refined rather than childish and puerile. I mean, it's not like you need crayons and glue anymore!

So here follows the list. The items are all affordable and wallet-friendly, and they're bound to impress your classmates!

1. Bento Boxes

Gone are the days when Lunch Boxes were considered cool, now that you're a young adult! As an incoming Freshman wanting to make a good first impression, you should avoid carrying Lunch Boxes. They make you look immature and silly, and your classmates will give you odd looks.

Instead, try a Bento Box! They come in eight varieties: Nimmo Bento; Veggie Nimmo Bento; Silver Cybunny Bento Box Lunch; Illusen Bento Box Lunch; Dr. Sloth Bento Box Lunch; Pirate Bento; Lawyerbot Bento Box; and Tangram Bento Bowl. Each is guaranteed to please your tastebuds, and you'll appear mature and sophisticated to your fellow classmates!

2. Tote Bags

Now is not the time to be wearing garish, cartoonish backpacks featuring your favorite Neopets characters, no matter how much you love them. You're adults now! Instead, try carrying your books in a tote bag. There are several species-specific tote bags in existence, such as the Rainbow Kacheek Tote, the Mynci Summer Beach Tote, and the Quiggle Summer Tote, but what you'll really want are the Tote Bag and the Official Yooyuball Tote, both of which can be worn by all species. You'll look so grown up! They sure beat wearing an Angelpuss Backpack!

3. Zen Furniture

What better way to decorate your dorm room than with Zen style furniture? Turn your room into an oasis, a place to meditate as well as study! The cool, sleek colors of black and white will calm your mind, while a fountain in one corner of the room will tinkle merrily as water flows through it.

Try not to overwhelm your room with random items! I know it'll be tempting to splurge on bean bags, rugs, hanging lights, posters, pretty curtains, and other interesting items, but what you really want at the end of a stressful day is to come home to peace, not chaos. Pattern your own room after a Zen oasis, and your stressed-out nerves will thank you!

4. Mature Stationery

Themed stationery is so immature! Do you really need that Techo Master Eraser, or that Koi Pencil Case? Now that you're an incoming Freshman, consider buying stationery items that are more age-appropriate! A Shiny Gold Ruler fits the bill, for those of you who are science majors. The Space Folder is sleek and fun, rather than garish, and well suited to Astronomy majors.

And surprisingly, I strongly advise you to collect every pen ever made by the TNT artists. They glitter, sparkle, and scintillate, and are all made so tastefully and elegantly that I recommend them all. The Fall Leaf Pen, a particular favorite of mine, writes with glowing auburn ink and is scented with crushed autumn leaves!

And if you simply MUST have something shiny and decorative, rather than plain and generic, I suggest any stationery item with Altador in its name. These items are lovely and glint with the slightest hint of yellow gold!

5. Wardrobe Accessories

The issue of clothes is a controversial topic. Now that you're all college Freshmen and not high schoolers, should you dress more formally? More radically? Is it a good idea to attend lectures in a shirt and tie, or should you come dressed up in black lipstick and ripped jeans? Basically, what do you want to do with your newfound freedom, now that you're no longer living with Mom and Dad?

So, rather than giving you a lecture on how to dress, I thought it would be simpler and nicer to recommend additions to your wardrobe! Whether you're goth, rock, or preppy, the following suggestions ought to add kick and pizzaz to your regular clothes!

For starters, everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. There are tons of species-specific sunglasses available, but what you really want are the sunglasses that can be worn by all species. That way, if your roommate wants to borrow your pair, they'll fit properly. Try buying the Plain Black Sunglasses!

Second, you'll want to buy a gym bag. Brightvale University has an enormous gym full of exercise equipment and machinery, and you should take advantage of that! There are dozens of species-specific workout clothes, such as the Poogle Sweatband, Moehog Sweat Towel, and Groovy Koi Workout Shirt, but you'll need a gym bag to carry everything in. Enter the Altador Cup Backpack! Crafted from sturdy leather and graced with a single golden yooyuball pin, this classy backpack will carry your sweaty gym clothes in style. The inner lining is waterproof and won't let your sweaty clothes seep through the leather.

Third, you'll need an umbrella to shield you from the rain. I recommend the Fire Umbrella, which will not only keep you dry, but give off the most delightful sizzle and steam when the rain comes into contact with it!

And finally, every wardrobe needs a good, reliable watch! There are species-specific watches, but as before, if your roommate wants to borrow your watch, it behooves you to give them one that can be worn by all species. The coolest, sleekest watches are: the Wind Up Pocket Watch, which never needs a battery; and the Sundial Wristwatch, a tiny sundial that relies on the sun. Wear these watches with pride, and never show up late to class!

6. Medicine

You're bound to be sick with the flu someday, and Mom and Dad won't be around to take your temperature, fix you hot soup, or give you your Sneezles medicine. You're going to have to take care of yourself. Now is the best time to stock up on medicine such as Fuzzy Pink Blanket, Medicinal Soap, and Sporkle Syrup. Buy them in bulk and store them in your cabinets!

It's also a good idea to buy a Faerieland Travel Brochure and keep it handy. When you're sick, you'll want to visit the Healing Springs Faerie, who might be able to cure your illness. Just follow the path mentioned in the brochure to get to the Healing Springs, and I hope you feel much better afterwards!

7. Brightvale Travel Brochure

And finally, you'll need a Brightvale Travel Brochure! What, did you think going to university was all about the classes? You're in Brightvale now, dear student! Have fun traveling from one end of Brightvale to the other, and take in the sights! I highly recommend: Brightvale Books, where you can pick from a wide selection of authors; Fruits of Brightvale, where you can drool over the fantastic selection of luscious fruits; Royal Potionery, chock full of lovely and useful potions; and Brightvale Glaziers, which holds the most spectacular windows ever made. In conclusion:

Welcome to Brightvale University, Freshmen! I hope that this guide helps prepare you for college life! I hope that you enjoy your classes, make some excellent new friends, and enjoy everything that the land of Brightvale has to offer!

Enjoy your first year of college, my friends, and good luck with everything you do!

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