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Fun Times With Your Jetsam

by insane000illusions


Jetsams often have a bad reputation for being mean, angry, and argumentative, but if you have a Jetsam as your pet then you know there is a whole different side to them. They like to have fun just like any other pet! The question is how do you have fun with this temperamental pet? Well, I'm going to show you some things that you can get to help entertain your beloved moody friend!

I'm sure you know that your Jetsam likes to spend time in the water, but did you know that there are several toys you can buy throughout Neopia that they can play with in the water? Let's start with the Jetsam bath toys! There are three Jetsam bath toys with simple windup action in red, green, and fire colors, all available for under 20 neopoints! There is also a Snapping Jetsam Bath Toy, which is a little more expensive at 1.6k but it's totally worth it for that awesome snapping action. If the bath toys aren't enough to make your Jetsam crack a smile you can also get them a Purple Jetsam Squirty Toy for just 50 neopoints just make sure you duck because they have a pretty big squirty radius! Also if you so happen to have a baby Jetsam still learning to use its fins you'll want to put safety first and get them the Jetsam Floaty Ring for just 10 neopoints.

Now I'm sure you're thinking what if my Jetsam doesn't want to play in the water? Well I definitely don't want to stereotype your Jetsam, and there are plenty of awesome toys for you and your Jetsam to enjoy on dry land! Let's start with the Jetsam Fish Toss. You and your Jetsam toss the fish into the toy Jetsam's mouth for just an average of 2 neopoints! Just be sure that your Jetsam doesn't eat the fish before you get a chance to toss it. For something that requires a little less physical activity you can get your pet a Jetsam Fishing Game for just 20 neopoints.

Maybe your Jetsam is feeling a bit theatrical and would like to put on a show? You can help them satisfy that need by getting them a Plushie Jetsam Sock Puppet for only 60 neopoints. Then you can sit back and watch as your Jetsam entertains you, or maybe you could buy one for yourself so you can put on a show together (the cost of admission would be up to you of course).

Your Jetsam might not be moody and temperamental at all. There is a chance that your Jetsam could be very cuddly overall. If you happen to have that cuddly Jetsam then there are several Jetsam plushies that you can get to satisfy that cuddly need. You can get the Pirate Jetsam Plushie for only an average of 70 neopoints or if you're wanting to spoil your Jetsam you can spend about 64k to get the Blue Jetsam Plushie . There are also several different Jetsam plushies at varying costs.

If your Jetsam is one day dreaming of being a great star in the Battledome they might enjoy the Jetsam Ace Action Figure, for an average of only 50 neopoints, so they can pretend to battle one of Neopia's famous Battledome challengers. You can also purchase a book entitled Jetsam Ace for only 400 neopoints which you can read to your Jetsam when you're tucking them safely into bed with their Jetsam Ace Action Figure.

Your Jetsam may not be interested in Jetsam Ace, but what if they are interested in bedtime stories? Well then you're in luck because there are several more books that you can buy around Neopia that your Jetsam will find fun and informative as well!

You can start by reading your Jetsam Jetsam Warrior which you can find for only 3.2k. If your Jetsam enjoys Jetsam Warrior they will definitely enjoy Jetsam Tall Tails which is a bit more expensive at 29.7k, but worth it because it contains three books in one! After hearing about such daring Jetsams going on dangerous adventures your Jetsam may feel like they should be preparing for their own adventure as well! It might help them prepare if you read them Weight Lifting for Jetsams, which is very well priced at only 800 neopoints.

Ok, so you what if you have a Jetsam that just really isn't interested in entering the Battledome or performing courageous feats? Well, once again I most certainly do not want to stereotype your pet, and I've got the perfect solution! You can read them The Jovial Jetsam for only 1.8k; this book will show your Jetsam that it's ok for them to live on the fun side of life and laugh! Maybe your Jetsam is not only interested in the funny side of life but also the artistic side as well. If that's the case your can buy them the Jetsam Art book for only 1.2k and they can enjoy all kinds of Jetsam art.

Now it doesn't really matter if your Jetsam plans to be an artist, a clown, or the next hero of the Battledome, they are going to need to look good while they are doing it. You can buy them the Jetsam Style book for only 2.4k and they will look like the most classy Jetsam in all of Neopia. Now that they look suave you might also consider getting them the Jetsam Teeth Maintenance book to help the keep their smile looking pearly white. Let's face it; those big chompy teeth need to be taken care of to look their best.

Now you have got some great ideas to keep your Jetsam having fun and looking great. Jetsams may be known for being moody but if you follow my advice you should be able to keep your Jetsam happy and maybe even focus those moods into training! But just in case I'm wrong you may want to stay out of chomp range and buy them a Chia Clown Punching bag to beat on. Happy Jetsam Day, everyone!

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