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On a Island: Part Two

by tabascosoup


I grabbed a floating piece of rope from a shipwreck and tied the lifeboat's mast to the palm tree. I then slipped the lifejackets on, one by one. Cloud stirred for a second, and then tapped the tree audibly. Coconuts fell down like evening rain. I grinned at Cloud, rubbed his head gently, then grabbed as many coconuts I could carry in my paws and dumped them into the boat. I rubbed my eyes, and told the petpets (even if they don't understand me) "Alright. Grab some wood and rope, and hand it to me. Okay?" They grabbed some fallen wood, broken crates, and any wooded surface of substance and shoved it into my paws. Shelly gave me rope, and I made two makeshift oars. I pulled as many palm trees leaves as possible, and any spare wood planks and ran to the boat. I've read Ogrin Survivors before, and one did the same thing I'm doing right now, making a shelter in their boat to keep himself safe from the burning sun. The palm tree had little to no leaves now there was no coconuts on the palm tree or water, no floating wood or rope. The beach now looked like it was in the middle of fall, no leaves on the tree at all. Before the freak storm, this place was as pretty as a picture and it looked exactly like a postcard. Now, it looks like one of those shipwrecked islands in the comics: not life like at all.

     I looked at the boat. The leaf shelter looked like a huge tent, it looked like a huge green triangle. It covered half of the boat. The makeshift oars were made of wood planks from the box, held tightly together by rope. I opened the cabinet up and placed the supplies inside. We had 4 bottles of water, now we have more food or two and a half weeks worth of food on our hands. I checked to see if Shelly's life jacket was on tight, then dropped her into the boat. I did the same to Cloud and Honey.

     With the sun slowly setting in the north, casting a bright, Altador-like orange glow on the world for a day, making the water the color of orange juice, the three petpets curled up in the tent area and slept, while I helped us travel back home. The island was no longer in view.

     I, Bloom a speckled Aisha, once from Altador, would no longer be a castaway on an abandoned, picture perfect island. I shall go to Mystery Island, and then go to my destination with three little companions, a schnelly, an angelpuss, and a plumpy. The water looked obsidian, in the middle of the night. Kreludor glowed softly on the water. I paddled slower, careful not to wake Cloud the plumpy who'd soon wake Honey the angelpuss and Shelly, yowling and meowing and hissing. Judging by the way they were tossing and turning, they obviously missed the soft sand on the island. I tried to make the tent area comfy enough for them, so they'd sleep better and calm down. So far, there was no land, no boats, and no sign of other neopets anywhere.

     I heard some splashing on the right. Something floated towards the boat. I turned and looked at it. It was a pool toy, but something was on it. The boat coasted for a while. I looked at the creature. It was a sleeping female mauket, graceful and peaceful, wearing a bright yellow lifejacket. I looked around. It was all alone and nobody was there. The mauket suddenly woke up, slowly opening its eyes. It reminded me like one of those rulers in the Lost Desert, proud and graceful. I whispered, "I think I'll call you Amira." I named her that because she reminded me like Princess Amira, powerful and brave. Amira silently trotted to the tent, and fell asleep. I chuckled and whispered to myself, "This is truly a floating petpet center."

     Kreludor was now disappearing from view. The sun started to rise, like a loaf of bread in an oven. The four petpets were still sleeping. I opened the cabinet, cracked the coconut open on the side of the boat. It opened. I drank the coconut milk, and at the rest of the coconut, but saved the shells in case of emergency. The sun already was in the sky.

     On my right, I saw Lutari Island. Its Lutari residents were still asleep. I couldn't go to the island because of the permanent fog and storm problem.

     The five petpets woke up. I handed them some dried bacon. They eat heartily. Shelly started to take care of Amira like a nanny, while Honey helped me try to find Mystery Island.

     I heard a loud thump on the boat. It was a huge cluster of rocks, making a huge wall. The boat crashed! The boat was stuck there. I couldn't move it whatsoever. This was a major problem. I crawled out. All five followed me.

     The water wasn't deep at all; it was like a huge puddle. We walked. I saw my reflection in the water. I looked like a castaway. My dress was soaked, torn, and ruined. When I go to Krawk Island, I hope I can get this repaired. I thought of life in Krawk Island again. I would see pirates on every corner, pirate ships on the docks, and adventure everywhere. It was the polar opposite of Altador.

     We kept walking. We saw Moltara, and waved to it. We definitely don't need to go there. Suddenly, the water got deeper. The life jackets were helping us float. I saw a small button on my jacket, and pressed it. The whole life jacket inflated. I did the same thing for Shelly, Honey, Cloud, and Amira. They looked like little stuffed toys. We warf-paddled past deserted island after deserted island for hours. The sun was sinking lower and lower by the second. I kept on looking ahead. Nothing but sea and sun ahead, until I saw a huge statue made out of stone. Then a volcano!

     "WE'RE HERE!" I squealed. We paddled at what seemed to be the speed of light to Mystery Island. I heard bongo drums; saw natives dancing to music, youngsters building sandcastles, and neopets eating dinner. We climbed onto the shore. No one paid attention to us at all, except one extremely kind beach dweller, who gave us all dinner, seeing how hungry and homeless we looked. I had no neopoints on me, but the boat service they have is for free anyway. The ride to Krawk Island was silent. We all were a little worried about returning to a normal life. We faced many obstacles, like weather, hunger, shipwrecks, and plenty of other problems. This maybe one of the hardest problems: living a normal life.

     Half an hour later, the boat arrived at Krawk Island. A striped Aisha wearing a orange silky dress and a black wig waited by the boat with a slip of paper in one paw, and a blue fan in the other. She walked towards me and asked me, "Are you Bloom?"

     I grinned and said, "Yes. How long have I been gone, and who are you?"

     The striped Aisha checked the time and said, "One week. Where did you get all of these petpets? And my name is Maya."

     Maya led me to a huge mansion. It had meowclops statue lining the pale marble stairs, a giant red roof, and many windows. We walked inside. My eleven Aisha cousins, each a different color than the other and by big elderly uncle was sitting down for dinner.

     My uncle cleared his throat and said, "Oh my goodness! Hello, Bloom! It's so great to finally see you again! What's with all these cute little petpets wearing little orange vests?'' Shelly crawled over to me, and I took off her life jacket, along with the others. Shelly, Cloud, Honey, and Amira stood proudly. Then, Honey waddled over to the dinner table to my uncle and climbed on his lap and fell asleep.

     "Well, I'll say one thing right now, why don't we all eat dinner, then Bloom can tell her story. Let's eat!" I sat down in an empty chair. Shelly climbed on my lap and fell asleep. Cloud managed to use his wings and hopped on the table. It was the best meal I had a week, compared to Shamus' grandmother's rubbery Blumaroo steak and extremely mushy peas. It was something that Skarl would've eaten, turkey with a leafy salad and for desert, and a big chocolate cake. It was extremely delicious.

     My twelve cousins (Maya, Elli the baby Aisha, Jam the disco Aisha, Cinder the desert Aisha, Gala the island Aisha, Lana the invisible Aisha, and Wave the pirate Aisha were one of the twelve I could name) asked me about everything that happened until my uncle interrupted and informed me, "That captain came yesterday, what was his name Wave?"

     Wave fixed her bandana and growled, "I think his name was Shamus. He said he was looking for Bloom. He still owes me a dubloon for a snack at the Golden Dubloon."

     Elli banged her spoon on the table and squealed in her high-pitched voice, "I want to hear Bloom's story, Uncle!" We all chuckled. Shelly got up and followed her natural instinct and cleaned Elli's face with a napkin. We all finished the delectable cake, and sat near the fireplace. I told the story while Honey played with Jam, Cinder patted Amira on her head, Shelly lay on my lap, and Cloud was on the table, cleaning the table.

     Until the first day of summer, I lived with my cousins. It was a happy, lovely year on Krawk Island, with a life of peace and adventure, with the memory of that deserted island, the S.S Peaceful, and a life of fun I didn't have on Altador. Amira lived with Cinder, after a small day trip to a Lost Desert gallery, Honey decided to live with Jam, both loved to play and dance, Cloud lived with my uncle, after my uncle decided he needed a plate cleaner. But on the first day of summer, Shelly and I moved back to my house in Altador. But on the first day of fall, Shamus took Shelly and I back to Krawk Island back to my uncle with no problems.

     Right now, I am in Krawk Island, with Shelly. It's the first day of fall, and I just arrived there. It has been about a whole year since I've been on that Island. I have to go now; it's dinnertime. Goodbye.

The End

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