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Great Petpets for Music-Loving Neopets

by agcat92


So you have a music-loving pet, huh? Maybe they love to sing, whistle a tune all the time, force you to hear their favorite bands, dance to their favorite songs whenever they hear one or play invisible instruments? Maybe they even play an actual instrument or write songs? Then maybe, just maybe one day they ask you for a petpet that loves music like them and you feel a bit... lost? Well, worry no more! This little guide I wrote after some careful research might be able to give you some suggestions of a suitable company to your lovely musical pet!

1. Adagio

The Adagio will play a tune to tell you what its mood is and to communicate with your Neopets, how cool is that? An Adagio can be acquired by combine two smaller petpets Ada and Gio at Tangor's Workshop in Moltara, and they each can be made by collect and give Tangor some miscellaneous gears and scrap metal and... Ok, it's a bit troublesome. Maybe you should just buy one at a user's shop for around 4000 NP.

Pros: Adagios are cheap and easy to take care of! Your neopet (or you) only need to clean them from dust and give them oil once in a while. They look unique, don't need food, toys and grooming like Puppyblews or Kadoaties and did I mention that they communicate with music?

Cons: Being made from metal and stone and Obsidian (which is also a kind of... stone), Adagios are hard and not squishy or soft or anything you expect from a "normal" petpet. They also dislike paint and don't come in a variety of colours.

Conclusion: Adagio is great for a busy owner who doesn't have a lot of free time to play with their pet!

2. Beekadoodle

Beekadoodle is a petpet that sings beautiful songs all day long! They're sold for around 50.000 NP, a little expensive but still affordable, and restocked at The Neopian Petpet Shop in Neopia Center. Beside their beautiful singing, they can also fly very fast! They were loved by many Neopians and featured in some toys like Beekadoodle In A Box and Beekadoodle Kite.

Pros: Beekadoodles are enthusiastic and will welcome you home every day with a nice tune. Most Beekadoodle owners agree that they're fun to watch and always excited to see you if you treat them well. They're small, don't need a lot of food and come in many different colours to choose from.

Cons: Beekadoodle need a lot of attentions to keep them happy. They can be very loud, messy and demanding. Sometime they will try to destroy your neopets's hands (or paws) if they accidentally offend them and if your Beekadoodle decided to fly away from you it's likely that you can't catch it.

Conclusion: They're great for responsible owners who enjoy a playful company and have free time to take care of their pet. Might not suitable you very young neopet.

Alternative: If you live anywhere near Shenkuu, a Naleap might be a better choice. They sing haunting melodies all through the night and come in nice colours, most suited for nocturnal or insomniac neopets!

3. Carmariller

This jolly and colorful petpet will sing pretty melodies when happy! Carmarillers have Faerieland origin and with just 400 NP you can get yourself a common one. They're fairly popular, featured in April Fools Joke Year 7 and inspired some fancy NC wearables like the Ornate Carmariller Flower Staff from the Festival of Neggs earlier this year. A famous Neopian who owns a Carmariller is Echo from the Spooky comic series running in this very Neopian Times!

Pros: Carmarillers are very cheap (unless you want to paint them - yes, they come in variety of pretty colours too!) and don't need a lot of food. They fly slow, generally docile and also help pollinate your flower garden. If you take care of them well they're very loyalty, helpful and always singing!

Cons: Did I mention flower garden? Because you should have a flower garden if you want to keep your Carmariller happy. Yes you can take care of them without a flower garden, but having some kind of flowers or trees in your house in still recommended: They love plants and sunlight! If your neohome lacks those, you will need to shower your Carmariller with a lot of love or it will get sad quickly! Carmarillers are also too light and have fragile wings so you will need to keep them far far away from strong wind and ceiling fans (especially Fiery Ceiling Fan). In short look after a Carmariller might be tricky.

Conclusion: They make great company for nature (and music)-loving neopet who has responsibility and a lot of free time (and maybe a garden). Not recommended for places with absolutely no sunlight like Moltara and places with strong wind like Shenkuu.

4. Gulper

Gulper might look fierce with their big teeth but they're actually docile petpets and no scarier than a Goldy. They love making music by inhaling large amounts of air and blowing it out of the airhole on top of their heads. Like Goldies, they're an ancient and endangered petpet. Different from Goldies, they have a cool-looking TCG card. They're too rare so the Rock Pool on Mystery Island no longer sell them. It will cost you one million NP or more to purchase a Gulper from the Trading Post!

Pros: It's relaxing and fun to watch and hear them swimming and making music, their tank make your room look awesome and they don't need grooming. Beside the green of common Gulpers they also have eight different colours to choose from.

Cons: They're very expensive - not counting the fish tank you will need to install in your neohome if your neopet isn't live underwater. And since they're endangered petpet you will need to study in deep what kind of food, water temperature, rock, algae, fishy friends ect they prefer and get a written permission from the Petpet Protection League to buy one. They will not give you the paper if you're not trustworthy!

Conclusion: Getting a Gulper is even harder than keeping a Gulper. Unless you're very rich and determine to get one, probably not worth it.

Alternative: If your pet really wants a musical aquatic petpet and you can't afford a Gulper, suggest a Cheerlub or Peadackle instead. They might not be able to make music, but hey, at least they make funny noises. And don't forget Leebles, they can even learn simple tunes if you sing to them enough!

5. Gulpfir

Gulpfir is a hybrid between Gulper and Fir, and they have the best of both worlds: They love making music and can't wait to be your bestest friend! They can be found on the Trading Post for around two million NP.

Pros: Being part plant, Gulpfirs are easy to take care of. They just need some water and sunlight every day and a little brushing every few weeks or so. The Fir part in their DNA also make them be able to stand cold weather much better than a lot of other petpets. They hardly get sick!

Cons: The PPL doesn't like you mixing endangered species at the cooking pot. While Firs are everywhere (in Happy Valley anyway), Gulpers aren't. If everybody turn their Gulpers into Gulpfirs, the Gulper will go extinct! The PPL only allows you to buy Gulpfirs from someone who doesn't want to keep their anymore, which make them harder to purchase beside their already high price.

Conclusion: Great petpet for rich and busy (but not too busy!) owner. Make sure you have at least ten minutes a day to play with them!

Alternative: If your pet reeaally want a musical wintery petpet and (again) you can't afford a Gulpfir suggest them Christmas Carmariller, Christmas Naleap or Snow Naleap. Both colours are affordable!

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