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Budding Trouble - Part 10

Geeze, could you research any slower, Plume?

by jupebox
The Laughing Cure

Why are you laughing?

Also by 1992jk1995

by dogcrazy04140

Who's the Boss?

Something has happened!

by mhchristine
The Derpnuggets

Revenge is best served with a pillow to the face.

Idea by puppypawz10

by neojedi11

A Mistake of Great MAGMAtude

A sootably awful situation

Also by christinehmackay

by zomgmad

Rejected Items

Don't Negg-lect to read this comic!

by tyfawgra
Training Up

Is it time for training?

by crystallus
Really Now, Tarla?

Nope. Nobody named Donny in Neopia.

by neohappy123
Shop Wizard Blues

Sometimes being the most famous JubJub in all of Neopia isn't all it's cracked up to be!

by feellikerain

I can't imagine what's keeping her...

by twillieblossom

The Sway is always aware when a holiday approaches. Happy Acara Aquatic Festival!

by 0123kl
Out of Line

Robots and water don't mix.

by narutoluvr935

Part two of an epic adventure featuring Veucia, the mutant Acara.

by keialara
Dinner with the Scarlets: No Big Issue

For all the people who didn't make Issue 600.

by june_scarlet
Spotlight on the Weewoo Pt. 2

You wouldn't think it, looking at that placid face...

by mortimae
Altador Cup: About Darigan

No big talk and exageration here, oh no.

by chiruza_sama
HD 3 - Playing Yooyuball

When teaching someone Yooyuball, make sure to know which Yooyu is in play...

by cherry_kyun
Kadventures of Olly and Ninth: FOR MOLTARA

We should learn to become Moltarans!

Also by 0llyness

by __ninth_gate__

Squid Slippers: A House Divided

I just don't get what's so great....

by cosmicfire918
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Maraquan Pets: Fishy Friends

Maraquan pets, our wet and wonderful friends coming from a much damper section of Neopia! These guys and gals are not your average neopets and are only found in and around water, but that is just about their only limitation; they are not just limited to Maraqua, but rather can be found in rivers, lakes, streams, and seas all across Neopia! Maraquan pets are unique among pets, requiring a particular type of care that other pets simply don't need, but it's certainly worth it to have these finned-fellows in our lives!

Other Stories


Aulyssa's Scavenger Hunt
A chocolate waterfall rushed down a candy mountain, splashing onto the sugar-sand shore. Miles of shiny rock candy path scrolled over the cookie gravel. Stacks of candy cane emerged from the ground...

by honeybee_462


How to Make Friends
"Lucky! Lillian Grace is the easiest kid in Neopia to watch. Speaking of watching kids... would you mind helping me?"

by 77thbigby


Great Petpets for Music-Loving Neopets
So you have a music-loving pet, huh?

by agcat92


Stop Skeith-Shaming!
Owning a Skeith can be one of the most rewarding things in Neopia.

by themysteryshack


The Draik in Black: Pictures of Darkness - Part Seven
When they say that Neovia is the closest thing that the Haunted Woods has to having a bright spot, they fail to mention that it's all relative.

by dr_tomoe


The Transfer: Part Two
She glanced up at Maj. "He's extremely excited. He wants to do the Transfer tomorrow."

Maj's eyes widened. "That's so soon!"

by kimssuperanimals

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