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Ageless Kindness (Celebrating Fyora Day)

by _white_spirit_


Ageless and beautiful in pink, she has been the queen of Faerieland for almost as long as anyone can remember. Her presence in the Neopian history is systematic and her magical powers never seem to end or weaken (on the contrary, they get stronger with the time). Also known as the Lady of the Western Skies, she has appeared in some past plots, the NeoQuest II game, and some random faerie quests, whose reward is very desired and well worth.

Her eternal life is almost totally dedicated to defending Neopia, and she never asks anything in return for her great service as a queen. She is a symbol of peace, the beauty in person, and has gained the trust of Neopians for hundreds of years with her gift for expression and impeccable appearance.

Already know who am I talking of? That's right! Fyora, the queen of Faerieland, of course! And today is her very special day, and a very special issue of the Neopian Times too!

For those readers who are unaware of who this character is, let me tell you that Fyora is known for her elegant dresses, long and pink (not purple!) hair and iconic image in some expensive avatars! Almost every day, she does something that make everyone but Jhudora happy (needless to say, everyone wants a bit of her attention).

Her story would take a thousand pages to describe, so instead of telling it myself, I will let you with some recommended items that are related to this magical monarch. Some of them are very elusive and expensive, but they all have in common the capacity to let you to be in touch with this character that protects Neopia every day!

Fyoras Rule (r84)

This is probably one of the most used items related to Fyora, including young neopets that are studying Neopian History in school. It consists of a book which will bring you up to date about the rule of this queen in the kingdom of faeries. It has almost nine hundred pages (which is quite a lot for only one person's story) and embeds some famous images and quotes of the queen, such as the majestic "You have been summoned to Faerieland!" or her astonishing pink dresses which were used during official announcements. It has been published by the same editor for a long time now, and can easily be found for sale for 1,500 NP at the shop wizard or at the Faerieland Bookshop as a r84 item.

Hidden Tower Secrets (r98)

Besides being the ruler of Faerieland, as the previous item might tell you, Fyora has also run a mysterious shop during all these years, which is the focus of many ambitious neopets' attention. It is called the Hidden Tower and is full of powerful, maybe magic, items which are considered truly artifacts (all of them are rarity r200). This book will give you some important information about the relics this place holds, as well as some secrets that very few are aware of. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it because it is a bit pricey. The book restocks rarely at the Faerieland Bookshop, in Faerie City, and there are some examples of it at the trading post whose owners ask 175,000 NP in return for all the knowledge here.

Fyoras Magic Hairspray (r87)

As you may calculate, a person as important as Fyora has already been asked several times to sponsor some brands around Neopia. One of her most famous line of products belongs to the grooming sector, which includes the Fyora Comb, Fyora Hair Brush, Fyora Nail Clippers or even Fyora Shampoo. If you look closely at the highlighted item's description, you will be able to read something as "This is the secret to Fyora's perfect hair, one spray of this and you will look immaculate in any disaster." This is absolutely true because she has been seen around in the most terrible situations and storms before, and her hair was always with a perfect appearance! This not only applies to the "her" magic hairspray, but also to all the other items with her name on. They all have in common the characteristic of being target of an intense quality control, whose ingredients and materials are of great quality.

Fyoras Collectors Dress & Fyora Wig (r500)

While this article-writer does not know the detailed prices and values of many items that are or were for sale at the NC Mall, I can ensure that both these items are absolutely wonderful, and that together they create an impressive imitation of the queen herself. Both this dress and wig might be desired by a big number of customizers, making them hard to find and hard to deal with, so get prepared to fight before getting your hands in one of these, especially the wig. After a little research, I found out that the Fyora wig became a four-year old item this year! Much like what happens with very old r101 stamps, time turns items into elusive and expensive stuff.

I am sure that there are several people with these items for trade, though, so don't worry. It is just a matter of time until you find a collector with it, and the NC Mall chat might be the most adequate place for you to look! (:


As you see, this faerie's work is unique and makes her one of the most important characters in the Neopian world! She never rests and is always willing to help everyone, whether they are costumers, magic apprentices or simply friends. Her invisible shop (the Hidden Tower) continues to sell dozens of items a day and the faeries continue to live in harmony thanks to her extraordinary methods used to rule Faerieland! Of course, dark faeries still exist, but having a policy of tolerance Fyora does toward them, we can be sure that Neopia will remain safe and that the Korbat-winged creatures will not go too far with possible evil plans. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit more about this amazing Faerie! Happy Fyora day and long live the queen!

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