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Different Neopets Dreams

by palidus_tomato


Neopets is a game that is made up of casual players and extremely avid players. There are loads of different, specific Neo-obsessions people have that translate into their everyday life, so much so that players often dream Neopets dreams...

That sounds perfectly innocuous, but well, it can really throw you off, even make you kind of sad when you log onto Neopets and realize that everything was a dream.

The following stories are taken from accounts of real Neopians, either from personal experience or from people on the Neoboards. No examples are completely fabricated.

"The Gamer" Dream

'It was really weird because I closed my eyes and all I could see was SNOWMUNCHER, just blocks and blocks and blocks of colored ice, but it was me instead of Dieter, and I was doing wayyyyy better... P:'

Most players have had the experience of trying really hard at a game for a certain score, possibly for a trophy or even an avatar. Even if it's not an actual Neopets game, most of us have played one game for a long period of time before sleeping... and couldn't shake it as we laid down.

Why it's a bad dream to have: There are two reasons. Personally, my game obsession was Hannah and the Pirate Caves, which was way cooler than real life... I mean, I was a spunky pirate girl showing those skeletal birds what-for, jumping around and swimming and treasure hunting and OH MAN it was awesome. Waking up and then going to school, however, was not.

The other reason is comparatively simple. Scores. Some people dream of the game interface, of seeing the numbers flash by as they get a never-before-seen high score. That avatar that's impossible to get because the score is so high is suddenly easily grasped, the trophy in the hardest game on Neopets is nothing, and games that made you rage-quit during your waking hours are suddenly as simple as breathing. So waking up without the score/trophy/avatar/key to the Games Room for being so awesome is pretty disappointing.

PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT RATING: 2/5. It's disappointing, but the reality of the dream knocks it down a few pegs. I mean, who REALLY believes they're flying through Kreludor or babysitting robots?

"The Restocker" Dream

'SO I GOT THIS BLUE DRAIK EGG FROM MERIFOODS. I can't believe I grabbed it before anyone else...! :D :D :D Then I realized I was in my bed and figured that it didn't actually happen, and of course the egg wasn't in my SDB. Sadface. :'( '

Restocking is a legitimate way to make Neopoints; it's a combination of luck, speed, and perseverance. Neopians all over have made millions because they managed to grab that one coveted stamp or nabbed about a bazillion gourmet foods. But it's a method that is full of as much heartache and aggravation as it is success... at times, it's a mixed bag or a lucky break, but for most people it's a pastime that may never actually pan out. The restocking dream can be any range of things... a dream about refreshing at the shops so much you literally get kicked out of the store, or a dream about grabbing the most amazing thing ever (of course we're talking about the Rod of Supernova).

Why it's a bad dream to have: Obviously it's bad to think that you have something when you don't. But the really bad thing is, even for restockers, shopping is such a mundane thing it might take a few days for it to set in that it was all a dream. They might be stalking about nabbing that paint brush for days and days before they realize, wait, no, that's not there... Some people even view it as 'vanishing' because they were oh-so-sure they possessed the item, and figure the Pant Devil must have figured out how to steal from the Trading Post.

PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT RATING: 2/5 to 5/5. It depends, really. If you thought you got a pretty good item in your dream but didn't, it's definitely a two... but if your dream pet is a Draik or a Krawk and you dreamt you restocked one of the eggs or petpets, really... it bumps the score up to full.

"The Key Quest" Dream

'Ugh I played Key Quest so much last night, trying for that tenth gold key, that I actually dreamed I was on the board and moving around like the tokens. @_@'

Why is this different from the gamer dream? IT JUST IS. It's... Key Quest is more interactive than any other multiplayer game on Neopets, because you are actually playing against someone else. With Kacheekers you make a move and, typically, hours later they move against you... but Key Quest is LIVE, man. So people dream about other players being really rude, about the Faeries being real and granting them magical KQ powers, about the really bad games where they seem to hit every bad thing possible but the other player is hitting the treasure chest an impossible turn-after-turn-after-turn.

Why it's a bad dream to have: Warped reality due to faeries. Believing you own a paint brush that you don't, on top of other items and Neopoints. Random hatred of other Neopians who only did things to you in your dreams. It's like a combination of the previous two, but throwing in other people to add extra drama that... doesn't... need to be there, because of course it didn't happen.

PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT RATING: 2/5. Dreaming up an imaginary paint brush isn't cool, but other than that, it's not a huge downer, comparatively.

"The Neopoints" Dream

'i never won the Neo-lotto but this one time i thought i did because it happened in a dream. i thought it might happen if i bought a bunch of tickets because maybe i was psychic, but i was wrong, i guess. =|'

Random events. Stocks. Lottery. Jackpot. Wishing Well. So many ways a bunch of Neopoints could just fall right into your lap, and yet, somehow, it doesn't happen to most people. It's random and it's rigged so that it doesn't happen often, because well, the house wouldn't be making any Neopoints that way (we're looking at you, TNT... make jackpots in Scratchcards happen more often than the snowballs, we're begging you). And it's a good thing. If Neopoints fell out of the sky like that, everything would inflate, and... we'd be right back where we started, but there'd be a really crazy economy fluctuation until then. Just with more Neopoints. But I'm not here to discuss economy, supply and demand, or the 'points pool... just dreams. And obviously, the dream is that a lot of Neopoints fall into your lap.

Why it's a bad dream to have: That super expensive goal you had? Now it seems even further away because you had a dream about how easy it /could/ be, and you know it's not going to happen like that in your waking hours.

PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT RATING: Between 3/5 and 4/5, depending on the amount of Neopoints we're talking about.

"The Designers" Dream

'It was kinda weird because I kept getting up to mess with my Neohome and laying down and thinking of something else and needing to mess with it some more... I'm pretty sure I dreamt that I lived in that Neohome afterwards. O_o;;;'

Don't knock it, some people really really really like designing their Neohomes... or even coding pages. It translates pretty well between the two of them, aside from content. One is items you buy and rearrange, the other is coding that you type in and rearrange to better present data. Some people have made really cool looking Neohomes, which is amazing! It's not my thing, but I can understand liking interior design so much they dream about it.

Why it's a bad dream to have: Well, the main thing about it is dreaming up a better Neohome than you have, or dreaming that you put a lot of work into a page and then realizing that you never REALLY did. It was just a dream. Well, that feels like hours of work you have to do over, or will never get back. Ever.

PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT RATING: 1/5. Because honestly, I've seen it inspire more people than depress them, and if it does depress you, you should just pull your sleeves up and get to rearranging/typing.

"The Everything Went WRONG" Nightmare

'you know that random event with the nightmare totally happened to me in real life???'

This is the scariest one on the list. There is a random event... chances are, you've seen it before. It's the one with the sleeping Acara, tossing and turning because they lost all their Neopoints and their pets ran away or something scarily unbelievable like that. But the strange thing is, it has happened to nearly everyone who is highly invested in their pets or account. Just dropped a few million on a stamp to polish off your collection? You're going to dream that you got perma-banned from Neopets forever. Just painted your pet something expensive, like Zombie? You're going to have the 'zapped pet' nightmare... thanks, Boochi.

Why it's a bad dream to have: CAN YOU SAY HEART ATTACK?

PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT RATING: 5/5, because you were so looking forward to whining on the Neoboards from your obscure side account... just kidding. Of course, -10000000000/5 or something like that.

"The Real Life Neopets" Dream

'I had this one dream and it was kind of awesome – I actually lived with all my pets and walked up to my non-Neopets friends like, "HA BET YOU WISHED YOU PLAYED NOW. PEACE."'

A lot of Neopians are extremely attached to their pets. They spent a lot of time painting them, giving them stories, coming up with a personality, sometimes even dedicating petpages and whole series or comics to their pets. And that's awesome, because that's the major basis of Neopets... loving your virtual pets, come what may with Neopoints.

Why it's a bad dream to have: I've had this dream before. I dreamt I lived in my Neohome and all my pets from all five of my accounts lived there, and I actually walked my labrats to the mad scientist to zap, and all my pets had special rooms for each of them, and it was huge like a mansion and all my pets did different things all day and they just spent the whole time interacting and hanging out and... then I woke up.

PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT LEVEL: I just wa-ha-ha-nt my Gh-gh-ghost Xweeee-tok to be re-re-real so I can ha-hang with her and my Mutants and my Pirate and swim with my Maraquan Pteri and I PROMISE I WOULDN'T EAT MY TOMATO CHIA, NO MATTER HOW HUNGRY I GOT, AND I SWEAR I'D PROTECT HER FROM MY LUPE... .

If you can't tell, that's pretty much asparagus-should-cost-per-kilogram/5 on the disappointment rating scale. Personally.

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