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Just Cake #11 Day of Giving Special

by flameshard

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A Present from Jhudora
"Jhudora!" she exclaimed as she grabbed a hold of the Dark Faerie. "I'm so happy you made it!"

Jhudora struggled to breathe in the rigid grip of the old Faerie. "Yes... I wouldn't miss it," Jhudora gulped, "Mother."

by kaddiez


The Perfect Christmas Gift
Serenity had asked for a Mootix, to have a friend to talk to and play with while Lilah was traveling and writing her novels. If she really wanted to get her a Mootix, she'd have to fly all the way to Mystery Island...

by jessica_jellibean


Found! Wishing Well!
Avatar collectors: never happy.

by serebii251


The Day of Giving
What it's all about and some traditions for the day!

by pinkpaint

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