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Nine Books for the Month of Celebrating

by dandelioncupcake


Neopia really comes alive in the wintertime. What with the Snowager hibernating, the Advent Calendar up and running, and an overall feeling of cheer and generosity in the air, it most certainly is a hustling and bustling time. However, there are some Neopians (like myself) that just want to get away from it all. Buying Christmas presents and blowing your neopoints can be exhausting, and most of us have a 'shop till you drop' mentality. The Month of Celebrating is when we need relaxation the most, and what better way to do that than by snuggling down with a good book? This article will show the most palatable holiday books filled to the brim with cheer, and (hopefully) they will keep you from whacking somebody with a 17-Pound-Trout to get that Christmas Yooyu.

1) Classic Neopian Holiday Tales – 1,100 NP

What an adorable book this is! A leather cover decorated with a bundled-up red Shoyru adorns this tome and assures you that it will be a jolly read. It contains short stories that you probably read to your pet when it was just a young'un, but now has them all in a collected form for your reading leisure. This book was given out in Year 10 by the Advent Calendar, which means that you will have to buy this from the Shop Wizard.

2) Winter Usul Wear – 3,500 NP

Usuls are cuddly little Neopets, and look lovable in almost anything they wear. (Except, of course, for mutant Usuls, but that is a different article altogether.) However, these little guys get cold just like every other neopet, and this book tells you how to keep them looking fashionable without catching frostbite. Not only is this guide handy to have around, but fun to cuddle as well—the cover is made out of soft orange fur, not unlike the very same fur that makes up an Usul's coat. You can buy this book from the Shop Wizard or the Magical Bookshop this Christmas season.

3) A Ruki Christmas – 7,500 NP

This is an excellent novel that spooky Neopians will most definitely enjoy! It demonstrates the magic that occurs when my two favorite holidays (Halloween and Christmas) combine to form an amazing collaboration. Okay, okay... I'm exaggerating a tad on how "good" this book is. In all actuality, it's really just tales about receiving mummy bandages for Christmas. But it is cute enough to read to your neopet after a long day of wintery chill and bad egg nog. This is retired and was given away at the Advent Calendar in Year 8, so you will have to purchase this from the Shop Wizard.

4) A Collectors Guide to Snowglobes – 1,100 NP

After the higher-than-usual price of 'A Ruki Christmas', the low price of this book is almost refreshing! This hardcover is for the Christmas-crazy grandmothers in all of us—don't deny that she lurks inside you too—and is a thoroughly researched read. Even though it goes a bit slow in some places ("Yes, we know that Geraptiku Snowglobes are virtually worthless!"), it usually picks up when you start on the multimillion dollar globes. That little grandmother will most definitely flip her wig when she hears that the Jhuidah Snowglobe is worth four million neopoints, and that's what the Christmas season is all about... right? Anyways, this book is almost always in stock at the Magical Bookshop; just in case it isn't, the Shop Wizard or the Trading Post are always safe bets.

5) Bruce Snowball Strategies – 460 NP

You're going DOWN! Why? Well, I'm a snowball throwing pro now because of this handy-dandy guide! Now I know how to pack the perfect cold snowball and to even put some gravel in it if I don't like to lose. (Shh! Don't tell!) In Chapter Six I learned how to aim it so that it turns into icy slush as it lands down your shirt. And Chapter Eight—oh, I wouldn't want to give up the surprise. Muahahahaha! *throws* This book is available through the Shop Wizard, Trades, or the Magical Bookshop.

6) Ponderings for the Holidays – 1,600 NP

Ah, King Hagan, is there anything that you don't know? He's just so wise! Anyways, this book is a large, attractive volume chock full of musings in time for the holidays. "Fortunate is the one who understands that kindness are similar to the judgment of a family of acrobatic Anubis." So true, Kind Hagan, so true! Do you get this smart if you read Advanced Poetry every day for an hour? *scrambles for a book* This was given out in Y12 by the Advent Calendar (isn't everything on this list?), but you can always swipe it off of the Shop Wizard.

7) Neopian Carol Book – 1,400 NP

Singing at somebody's doorstep is the least annoying thing I can think of, and this book shows all of the lyrics and sheet music for each one of Neopia's most popular Christmas carols. Bundling up in layers of sweaters, shuffling from door to door in a cold, dark neighborhood—pure holiday fun! Anyways, this is a perfectly fine book, and is more informative than most. You can buy it for 1,400 neopoints from the shop wizard, and it was given away by the Advent Calendar in Y10.

8) Guide to Neopian Snowflakes – 2,000 NP

This is the third guide on our list—wow! You are sure going to be informed this Christmas. Now you can boast to your friends and family about how you can recite the rarities of every snowglobe, throw a perfect snowball and price snowflakes with ease. Of course, this depends on whether you read all of those books, but I know for sure that you will (you loyal reader, you)! On a different note, this is a great hardback to add to your collection, because who doesn't want to become a snowflake expert? It sells for 2,000 neopoints in the Magical Bookshop, or can be bought in the shop wizard or trades.

9) A Special Christmas – 2,300 NP

What a heartwarming tale! This is a holiday story about an adorable little Bruce named Pooky who can't wait until Christmas morning to open her presents. When I read this book, I like to imagine her with rosy little cheeks, a shortbread cookie in hand, and wide eyes anticipating Santa's arrival. Is that cute or what? Anyways, I want you to read this book, and wee Pooky does too! It sells in the Magical Bookshop and you can always find it via the Shop Wizard or trades.

There we go! Nine books to keep you calm this Christmas. (Because isn't sanity the most important gift of all?) I hope my article was most helpful, and Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year!

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