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Taking Care of your Chocolate Pet

by chestnuttiger787


Taking care of chocolate pets is a lot of hard work. What with the dangers of melting, the difficulties of grooming, and the fear of being eaten, you really have a lot to think about when you have a chocolate pet. So how do you overcome the difficulties and make it as easy as you can to take care of your pet? Well, here's your guide. Also included are fun activities to do with your chocolate pet. Learn how to solve common problems with chocolate pets, plus find some interesting activities you two can enjoy together!

Problem #1: Melting

Melting is a great concern for chocolate pets, and if you live in a warm place like Mystery Island or The Lost Desert, then you should move somewhere colder, like Terror Mountain or Shenkuu. However, if you live in a place with average heat like Neopia Central or Altador, you'll want to know what to do if the weather suddenly becomes very hot. The best thing to do is have a neohome with good air conditioning. If the weather becomes too hot, then cancel any previous engagements and keep them in the air conditioned house.

However, if it is necessary to take them out, bring a large umbrella to keep the sun off them, walk in the shade as much as you can, and reach your destination as quickly as possible. If your pet starts to melt, take them as quickly as possible into the nearest air conditioned building. Put ice packs on them, stick their heads in freezers, do whatever you can to cool them off. If the melting persists for more than five minutes, call the hospital, and they will escort you to the chocolate factory, where your pet will go into their special freezers there.

Problem #2: Eating

The desire to eat a chocolate pet is much higher for most pets than the desire to eat, say, a pea Chia. Imagine your sibling is a chocolate Chomby. You go downstairs, and all there is for breakfast is boring cereal. You've had a craving for chocolate for days. You turn to your sibling to say something... and they smell like chocolate. Wonderful chocolate. They're covered in candy and dollops of whipped cream. They look delicious.

Another problem is the fact although some pets lose their appetite for chocolate when they are zapped chocolate, some do not—and they find themselves sucking on their paws all the time. So how do you stop your pet's siblings from nibbling on your chocolate pet and your chocolate pet from nibbling on themselves?

The answer is, keep chocolate and other candy treats in your house at all times. Keep stacks of every kind of chocolate in your cupboard and piles of all sorts of candy, so instead of your pets reaching for your edible pet, they'll reach for the cupboard. I know, I know, it sounds horribly unhealthy and terrible. However, there is a way to prevent it from becoming extremely unhealthy. Long walks or runs before and after neoschool are important, as is having lots of healthy food along with the candy, and serving healthy meals. And after a while, your pets may get tired of constant chocolate or candy. If your chocolate pet is afraid of the pets at neoschool, have them bring chocolates and candy with them to satisfy their classmate's cravings.

Problem #3: Injuries

When a chocolate pet gets injured, it doesn't hurt as much as it hurts regular pets, but it also doesn't heal. Chocolate doesn't regrow when you eat it, and neither do chocolate pets when they get cuts and scrapes. The solution is to always have chocolate that you can melt in your house for minor injuries. Melt a certain amount of chocolate, depending on the injury, and then use a brush to brush melted chocolate onto the wound until it is filled up. Then put your pet into a cold room until the injury cools off and the melted chocolate becomes hardened. If the cut is large and/or deep you can use a spoon or ladle and a brush to fill the wound. For more serious injuries, or if you are for some reason unable to do it yourself, you can pay the Chocolate Factory to take care of the injury for you.

Fun Activities

#1: Grooming

This one's more for a girl chocolate pet. Buy a bunch of whipped cream, frosting, candies, chocolate, and sprinkles, and give your chocolate pet a makeover! It's lots of fun, and pretty easy to do. Experiment with new styles of manes, tails, and decorations, and don't forget lots of fun colors of sprinkles, icing, and candy! Even adding a few gumdrops, sprinkles, and chocolate shavings when your pet wants to look nice is pretty fun. And as a bonus, you get to eat your grooming supplies afterward! What non-edible pets can say that?

#2: Chocolate Factory

Believe it or not, it can be really fun for your chocolate pet to go on a tour of the chocolate factory, and as a great bonus, they have many special things for chocolate pets to do there. Just ask to go to the chocolate pet section, and they'll lead you to it. They have a special restaurant where your chocolate pet can go without getting hungry stares from other pets, a fun chocolate pet clothing shop, a chocolate pet hospital (as mentioned above) even a chocolate pet spa—and much more! It's the ultimate chocolate experience!

#3: Meeting other Chocolate Pets

It's sometimes important for your chocolate pet to know another chocolate pet that understands how it feels to be edible, and if your pet doesn't know another one yet, you really ought to go out and try to meet some! I know that several neighborhoods have edible pet clubs that can really boost your pet's confidence, so you should look into joining one!

I hope you've enjoyed this article about chocolate pets, and I hope it helps you take care of your chocolate pet or pets! It may not be an easy task, but with hard work and determination, you and your pet can overcome the hard part of being edible!

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