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Your Side Account: Things to Do on the Other Side

by akitera


Of course you're very proud of your Neopets account. You visit it regularly, do your dailies, feed your pets, restock in shops, play games and chat on the boards. And to spiff it up, you personalize your user lookup, make sure you have some worthy collection count to display like a decent amount of avatars, or customize your neopets so they'll all be presentable when some folks come to drop by and look you up.

Now a lot of people have side accounts but many admittedly treat them less caringly like they do their main account. The main reason being, they think that side accounts are just handy space holders for extra to-be-traded pets or transient homes for their main pets when they need to clear up a pet space for just a quick period of time. Many Neopians don't see that side accounts are precisely that, the side or extension of their main account and so, should be treated as importantly.

But what else could we do with our side accounts?

That's the question which this article will answer in the form of challenges and hopefully will encourage Neopians to care and maintain their side accounts just as they do their main Neopets account. However, before we proceed, there is one rule of thumb about what you should NOT do on your side account: EARN NP FROM IT. This statement is suitably general to encompass any activity on your part which you should avoid at all costs from doing on your side account from the most obvious (playing games for neopoints) to the most indirect (restocking when your main is banned from doing so).

Now if most of your time is actually spent on activities to earn you NP, then you may think that side accounts are boring to have after all. But actually, there are lots you can do with your side account which can greatly entertain and add more enjoyment to your Neopian experience. So why not give it a try, unleash your competitive and creative side, try your hand at doing the following challenges and find out how having side accounts are also fun after all:

CHALLENGE #1: Create a unique theme for every account

Do you have a collection of created user lookups that you would just love to show off to fellow Neopians all at once? The good thing is TNT allows everyone to create a maximum of 4 more side accounts in addition to their main account. So that means, if you're a pro at graphics and coding or would like to practice your skills, then you have five accounts to apply your skills on! Or for example, if you have say, Darigan and Baby pets and feel that those dark minions might scare away your small, fluffy pets, then by all means, put them on separate accounts and customize them accordingly. I'm pretty sure your Darigan pets will be grateful that they won't be stuck in a pink and baby blue themed home.

CHALLENGE #2: Get 20 colors of the same species or 20 species of the same color

Speaking of pets, since you can potentially have 20 pets if you fill your main and side accounts, then you have lots of freedom to choose from the 54 species and their available colors. So if you feel that you should have every color that you can get of a Chia pet, then by all means, pick the 20 colors you like best and house your army of Chias on your main and side accounts. Or if you realize you need all the Royal pets you can get your hands on, then pet space will be no problem for you, just the neopoints to spend. ;)

Alternative CHALLENGE #2: Fully customize all your pets

There's an alternative challenge you can do to keep you busy with your side accounts. If say maintaining a Chia army or pampering only Royal pets isn't your cup of tea, you don't need to feel restricted and just choose which pets you want. Then customize them to your heart's content; even better, make sure their customization reflects their created personalities.

CHALLENGE #3: Have a themed gallery on all sides

So you're done with your main gallery but wait, you just came up with another brilliant concept for your gallery. Do you need to refurbish your gallery? Why no, you don't need to renovate your old gallery to make way for a new one because your side account(s) can perfectly house your new gallery. As with your pets, feel free to display your collection; after all, it'd be such a waste to just let your prized items gather cobwebs in your SDB.

CHALLENGE #4: Decorate all your neohomes

Well, now that your pets are, presumably, all settled on your respective accounts, don't forget that they still need to rest and relax in neohomes. You surely don't want all your pets (and pretty sure they'll be complaining too) crammed into just one neohome, do you? So don't forget to build a nice home for all your pets. They can be neighbors or you can have them live all across Neopia to experience different things. But what's even better is that you can choose from two types of neohomes: classic or the v2 ones. Or you can build both! Of course, don't just stop at picking the land where you're going to build the neohome; remember that you need to furnish it too. Otherwise, your pets will complain about sore backs or might catch sneezles from sleeping on the floor.

CHALLENGE #5: Expand your circle of neofriends by joining other guilds

I'm pretty sure you've met and interacted with a lot of other Neopians and have made quite a few neofriends. In fact, you probably made most of them by joining a guild. Of course, it isn't really imperative to join a guild, but guilds have their own private boards where you can regularly chat with your fellow guild members and if the guild is run well, it provides a good support group. But anyway, this article isn't about guilds but if you are ever a member of one on your main account, you probably joined the guild because of your main interest on the site.

But what if you have other casual interests or pursuits given the varied activities you can do on the site and have met a group of people in a guild with the same? Don't fret, since you don't need to leave your original guild; you can join through your side account! Take note, however, that some guilds, especially specific site activity-oriented ones like Avatar chat guilds, usually only take members signing up on their main accounts. So it's advisable to join this type of guilds on your main.

Up for an extra challenge? Except for the gallery, you can also try to win trophies for your side account through the User Lookup, Pet Customisation and Neohome Spotlight contests since they won't give out neopoint prizes, just a spiffy trophy. But of course, it's advisable to go for this challenge when you've also won the trophy on your main or else, you know, it would be kinda embarrassing. *cough, cough*

But there you have it, challenging things you can do on your side account. Aren't you now fired up to make your side accounts as glorious as your main? ;)

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