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The Wonderous World of Kauvara’s Magical Shop

by mithos__


Also by shadow_the_black

So we hear that you want to restock in Kauvara's Magic Shop, but do you know what you are getting yourself into? Well, have no fear, in this article, we will tell you the basics of Kauvara's Magic Shop. But also keep in mind that this will not guarantee success in restocking there. You need to develop and practice comfortable yet fast haggles yourself. This was just written to supply information about this shop, so keep on reading if you want!

Welcome to Kauvara's Magic Shop (some people fondly refer it as shop #2), home of many morphing potions (MPs) that most people restocking here are after. Magic is NOT an easy shop to restock in, especially if you are a beginner. You will need a decent connection, as well as experience, practice, focus, and patience. The competition is high here, and you should expect to see a morphing sold out in 5 seconds or less after it stocks. As you may have observed, the shop has 6 columns and 4 rows (6x4 = 24 different items max). So if you ever see that the shop contains 24 different items, that means it is full and won't be able to stock anymore items until there's room again. The concept of clearing is simply buying junk knowingly to make more room for something profitable like morphing potions to stock (this is not recommended if you don't have NP to spare, but it will theoretically make the shop stock more frequently). When will the shop stock? No one knows for sure since restocks are completely RANDOM. Sometimes items stock right after the previous restock, or can take as long as an hour or more. To be honest, it can get very frustrating and requires patience.

As you all may or may not know, Kauvara is the shopkeeper. She brews a lot of magical concoctions including morphing potions, bottled faeries (these are probably not brewed... just captured... how savage), healing potions, novas, vials, elixirs, various r98s and 99s, and magic hats and wands. Depending on their rarity, some stock more than others (i.e. r99s stock much less frequently than healing potions). As a general rule of thumb, when restocking in magic, only go for morphing potions, although some are a loss (Most common ones are Green Uni, Red/Blue/Yellow/Green Ogrin, Green Kyrii, and Brown Moehog). There are also some profitable non-morphing potions, but if you want to be safe only go for morphing potions. Ignore the other items no matter how tempting since they will almost always result in a loss (especially that Slippery Floor Potion). We will cover some profitable and junk non-morphing potions later. For now, we will focus a bit on MPs.

Ah, morphing potions. They are probably the main reason why anyone would even bother rsing here. Most MPs are unbuyables (ub) which means that they sell for more than 100k and must be sold either through trades or auctions. From our own experience, most MPs sell for 100k-2m. Some more expensive colours or limited edition pets sell for more, but the most expensive MPs are Draiks (DMPs) and Krawks (KMPs). DMPs and KMPs prices tend to fluctuate a lot, but you can expect VERY good profit in the millions (however, with the release of the new dailies, we're not too sure what will happen). We also feel obligated to add in that Lutari Morphing Potions are also quite profitable in magic.

Usually, there is at least one MP that stocks when magic restocks; however, junk restocks (nothing profitable stocks) occur quite often also. From their name, morphing potions should be pretty self-explanatory about what they do. They morph your pet into what the potions says it would, such as a Yellow Cybunny Morphing Potion which will turn your pet into a Yellow Cybunny (with the exception of Stone Lupe Morphing Potions – they don't stock, and there's no such thing as a stone colour anymore, so sorry, your pet won't turn into stone).

Currently, to our knowledge, stocking morphing potions range from r94-r99. We have not seen a MP under r94. The cheapest MP that stocks for 5k is the r94 Orange Koi Morphing Potion. You can also get this MP from the Wheel of Excitement, which brings us to another point: MAGIC IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE TO GET MPS, but we're sure you knew that already. Another popular place that stocks morphing potion is the Almost Abandoned Attic (for 36 months and older).

As a general rule of thumb, painted morphing potions are most likely worth more than basic coloured MPs unless it is a limited edition species. The more expensive colours would be colours from expensive paint brushes (pbs) such as plushie and pirate. Furthermore, MPs usually sell for less than their pb value, which makes it a good alternative to buying the paint brush. Oddly enough, Baby MPs tend to always sell for more than their pb value. Must be the cuteness factor or something. –shrugs-

As for the stocking prices of MPs, most of them range from above 10k to around 200k. This means you will hardly ever haggle a four digit haggle such as 9898. Instead, Magic is a shop that requires mainly five digit haggles (23233), but also requires six digit haggles (123123) and even seven digit haggles (1231232). Plushie Jetsam Morphing Potion is an exception to this range because it stocks at close to 300-400k. Some MPs like painted Krawk MPs stock for ~800k (desert) and ~1m (pirate). The Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion was the first morphing potion to sometimes require seven digit haggles.

Some profitable non-morphing potions are listed here with their estimated stocking prices in brackets: Carafe of Corrupt (~18k), Vial of Vile (~23k), Decanter of Death (~29k), Potion of Pestilence (~22k), Flaming Torch (~10k), Christmas Magic Hat (~10k), Strange Potion (~10k), Water Faerie Bubbles (~25k), Kauvara's Potion (~200k), Rainbow Swirly Potion (~166k), and Light Faerie Dust (~33k).

Some junk non-morphing potions are very commonly mistaken as profit. We will list a few of them here: Illusen Day Elixir (very shiny, but absolute junk), Brain of Mirgle, Eye of Mortog, Slorg Slime, and Bloodberry Elixir.

So this concludes our brief guide to Kauvara's Magic Shop. We hope some of you have found this a little bit helpful. Good look to all of you trying to restock in this shop!

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