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15 of the Best Neopoint Backgrounds

by pinkpaint


Running a little low on Neocash? Or perhaps Mum and Dad won’t let you buy any? The horror!

Never fear, young (or old) Neopian, there is a way around this terrible dilemma, a way that won’t burn a hole in your real life pocket, but may in some cases be harmful to your Neopian Bank Account. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Neopoint Wearables! That’s right, my friend, they not only exist but come in a range of categories; backgrounds, foregrounds, garlands, clothing, wigs, wings, contacts, hats, shoes (even socks!) and trinkets to name a few. Perhaps in a future article I will explore another of these categories, but for this one as the title may have suggested, I will be looking at some Neopoint Backgrounds.

Below lists 15 of the best Neopoint Backgrounds to date. I’m here to tell you a little bit about each and how you might like to use them.

Now don’t be fooled by this list; these are just some of the neopoint backgrounds available for you to spend your NP on. There are heaps of others. These are just my personal top picks. Let’s get started, shall we?

15. Holiday Home Background

This one only comes out of my SDB at Christmas time, so whenever I see it I am reminded of that jolly time of year. It’s a charming little scene, the glow from the fireplace, the decorated Christmas tree, the hard wooden floors... but the real beauty of this background is you can wear it whenever you want to- not just at Christmas time. If you really wanted, your pet could wear it all year long!

14. Ednas Shadow Background

Good old Edna’s Shadow. This background is a bit of a spooky one, so if your pet likes rainbows and Unis, they probably aren’t going to be able to appreciate this background as much as say... a shadow pet? Or a Darigan? I really like the deep purple and green contrasting colours in this background; it’s spooky, yes, but still nice on the eyes.

13. Shenkuu Training School Background

Shenkuu themed backgrounds are great! When I think of Shenkuu or see a pet wearing a Shenkuu themed background, I always feel relaxed and Zen. Though this is a training school background, it still looks pretty calming to me (if you can ignore the swords sticking out of the pillars). Use this one for your Shenkuu character or training warrior. Or perhaps your pet is just a tourist in the great lands of Shenkuu?

12. A Grey Day Background

Ever had a grey day? It might not have looked exactly like the scene in this background, but I’m sure it felt like it. This one matches grey pets perfectly, but on the other hand you could be ironic and put this background on your happy rainbow pet; perhaps they actually like rainy-grey days? Weirdos.

11. Autumn Country Road Background

Here is one that’s really versatile. Who doesn’t love the country? Well, I like the country, and this one depicts an autumn scene, so I imagine it’s not too cold but not too hot like some of those awful summers can be. Use this one to dress your pet up and celebrate the finest season of the year!

10. Inside a Toy Claw Machine Background

Plushies! This background is awesome. Ever played one of those really mean claw machine games that taunt you with amazing prizes but never let your claw keep its grip on the prize you want? Well, the reason I love this background so much is because after I put it on my pet, I imagine they have broken into the machine and now all of the prizes belong to me! Bwa ha ha...

9. Piles of Apples Background

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or so they say. Okay?

8. Shell Beach Background

Collecting shells on the beach is a really fun pastime and good exercise too, so why not try this one on your pet and make them help you with your shell collection? This one is really pretty too and so so versatile, Maraquans/babies/royals, you name it - they can wear it (and get away with wearing it too!).

7. Underwater Background

Okay, so this one’s not as versatile unless your pet can hold his or her breath for a really long time. But this one looks great with Flotsams/Jetsams/Koi/Maraquans, so why not try it on?

6. Visiting the Advent Calendar Background

Another one of my seasonal favorites. This one is a little more versatile than the Holiday Home Background because it’s pretty much just a really cute winter scene. As mentioned above, I love autumn, but if I had to pick a second-fave season, winter would take the cake! Rug your pet up nice and warm and let them outside to play in the snow! Or to collect an advent prize! (Note: you cannot actually collect advent prizes simply by having this background.)

5. Malicious Dark Faeries Background

Oooh, shiny! I know it says ‘malicious’ in the name of this background, but I’m sure if your pet is nice to the faeries, they won’t mind letting you use this background. I think this one looks especially nice on maractite and purple pets.

4. Double Rainbow Background

What’s better than a rainbow, you ask? A double rainbow! Duh! This background always brings a smile to my face; it’s just so colourful! Why not try it on your grey pet and see how they fare? Perhaps it will cheer them up? At the very least it will make all their grey friends jealous!

3. Perfect Gazebo Background

Pretty-pretty-pretty. I like using this one for my girly pets. Don’t get me wrong; masculine pets can wear it too. I just think it complements floaty gowns and tiaras perfectly! This would be a great gift for your royal pet.

2. Spring Path Background

Ah, spring! Although I don’t really enjoy the spring and summer months I cannot deny the beauty of spring when I put this on my Scorchio; she hasn’t taken it off in weeks! I’m a big fan of anything Shenkuu and these cherry blossoms seem to encompass the very essence of Shenkuu.

1. Star Gazing Background

And last but definitely not least (in beauty OR cost), the elusive Star Gazing Background. I shouldn’t even have to explain why this one is on the list, it’s just so dreamy!

The first time I laid eyes on this little gem, I immediately searched it up on the shop wizard –to no avail- and then the trading post, where I discovered it was priced at 4 million NP. Since then it has deflated in price, but because of its sheer popularity it still remains, and probably always will be, pricey.

So there you have it, when you’re next running low on Neocash, or if you find you’ve already got one of everything in the history of NC turn to Neopoint Wearables and let your imagination take you away on a customizing adventure!

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