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Themed Customisation for Less!

by _unis4ever_


Have you been searching for the perfect customisation items for your pet to fit a specific theme? Perhaps you want to dress your pets up for spring, a holiday, a vacation, or theme day. With the help of my fashion-savvy pets, I've compiled a few themes whose items cost less than 100,000 neopoints altogether! Keep in mind, however, that these prices may have changed from the time this article was written.

As I mentioned, my pets are major fashionistas. Some of these ideas I got from them, and others I have seen pets sporting on the NeoBoards. If you love customisation, why not head down to the Customisation board? The people there are a friendly bunch who'd be more than willing to help you find the perfect wearable for your own themes.

Many times, people like to customise their pets according to the season or a holiday, or sometimes based on the pet's personality traits. Always remember to consult your pet first before buying something - too many times my male pets have refused to wear a darling dress or necklace after it was bought! Your pets should have a say in what they wear; after all, they're the ones stuck wearing it!

1. Fancy Party

For Girls: Fancy Pink Gown (2,500 NP) and Curled Blonde Wig (60,000 NP)

For Boys: Brown Suit Coat (3,000 NP) and Jazzmosis Hat (1,500 NP)

These outfits give a charming old-movie-style appeal to a pet instantly. Your pet will be the belle (or man) of the ball if he/she shows up wearing one of these outfits! Add a nice background like Neogarden Background (30,000 NP) for an instant party effect. Although the wig for the ladies is a little bit more expensive, it's well worth the price as it can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Another less expensive dress that can be substituted for the Fancy Pink Gown is the Long Orange Dress (1,000 NP), for those on an extremely tight budget, or if you just want to save a handful of neopoints to buy a snack after you're done shopping! I love snacks!

A few other trinkets that can help to make your party look stun are Spinacle Sphere Earrings, Silver Dubloon Necklace, Compass Bracelet, and Wind Up Pocketwatch.

2. Altador Cup Fanatic

Any Altador Cup Background - (Team) (100 NP - 1,000 NP), Altador Cup Brooch (200 NP), Altador Cup Colosseum Archway (2,000 NP), Altador Cup Fan Jersey (20,000 NP), Festive Slushie Slinger Cap (250 NP), Partially Inflated Yooyu Beach Ball (2,000 NP)

Although there are a wide variety of Altador Cup wearables, these are a few of the least expensive. Cheap doesn't mean bad quality, though! With these items, your pet can look and feel like a true Altador Cup Fanatic. Choose the Altador Cup Background of your favorite team (or the one with the prettiest colours!). You can also choose one of the Vintage Altador Cup Jerseys that are available if you are a fan of Haunted Woods, Darigan Citadel, Krawk Island, or Roo Island. My personal favorite is the Vintage Roo Island Altador Cup Jersey because it is so festive and exciting! Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any sore throat or other complaint caused by excessive cheering while wearing this outfit.

3. Spring!

Bright Striped Spring Shirt (300 NP), Festival of Neggs Garland (3,000 NP), Negg Shell Hat (3,500 NP), Spring Courtyard Background (45,000 NP), Stately Tree Foreground (3,500 NP)

These items will make your pet feel chipper and upbeat with their vibrant colours and fun appeal! The Bright Striped Spring Shirt shows off the bright colours of spring flowers, and the Stately Tree Foreground provides some shimmery light to make the theme come alive. Combining some popular items from this year's and last year's Festival of Neggs, this outfit brings out the very best of springtime.

If you'd like to add some pretty plants to make it feel like your pet has her very own garden, some good trinkets to try are Golden Negg Tree, Vase of Pretty Flowers, Spilt Plant, Ivy Macrame Planter, Leafy Macrame Planter, Pretty Wicker Negg Basket, Negg Bush, and Chomby Flower Child Flowers.

4. Winter

Winter Landscape Background (8,000 NP), Brown Winter Hat (300 NP), Brown Winter Scarf (1,800 NP), Simple Fur Lined Cape (5,000 NP), Ice Garland (8,000 NP)

Winter is a fun-filled season of snow and games. This outfit will get your pet in the spirit to get out into nature and have a good time! The cape, hat, and scarf are sure to keep your pet warm in the thick snow, so he'll be able to play outside for hours at a time. For extra fun, add a Snow SPLAT (1,500 NP).

Some other winter clothes to try are the Doughnutfruit Scarf, Asparagus Scarf, Snowy Scarf, Snowager Scarf, Woollen Scarf, Woollen Cap, Quilt Cape, and Sparkling Icy Winterscape.

5. Love-ly

Valentines Day Tree (7,000 NP), Candy Heart Necklace (50,000 NP), Heart Shaped Sunglasses (500 NP), I Heart Soup Apron (700 NP), Polka Dotted Pink Background (800 NP)

Even though Valentine's Day has passed, your pet can still show her love for the world with this chic outfit. Okay, maybe an apron isn't your idea of chic... but it has a heart on it! That must count for something!

If you're willing to spend a little bit more money, add Valentines Earrings or Dreamy Pink Hearts Background to complete the look. And if your pet is feeling a little bit heart-broken, substitute Single Grey Flower, Dying Rose in a Vase, or Broken Heart Tombstone for the Valentines Day Tree.

Hopefully this article gave you some ideas on how to customise your pet according to a theme! There are so many wearable options out there, and these are only the tip of the iceberg.

When looking for a deal on a cute wearable, remember to refresh your Shop Wizard a few times to find the lowest price. Also, it's always a good idea to ask around on the Customisation board if anyone can model a certain item before you buy it, especially if it's an expensive item! That way, you'll know exactly how it will look on your pet. And who knows; maybe you'll get some inspiration from the folks there!

Good luck, Neopia, and happy customising!

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