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There was a recent mailing that said "JubJub is bouncing out of town." Does this mean that the NC Mall JubJub Power Bounce game will be removed from the site? PLEASE answer this, as many people have purchased multiple tokens to use in the future and we need to know how to strategize the use of our tokens if the game will be gone for good! Thank you!!! ~bluelilacia
JubJub Power Bounce will be taking a bit of a vacation after May 31st, but we do have plans to bring it back sometime during the summer. Your tokens will still be available when it returns, so no worries! :)

*brings a plate full of fresh baked Tyrannian Brownies - enjoy!* So, on to my question. Kyishi the Limbo Queen has a Neopedia entry, but does not seem to exist anywhere else in Neopia. Is this an oversight? Is there any chance that the folks in Site Content / The Art Department could create a few items in her honor while munching on those delicious brownies? ~mjondaniel
Kyishi was a character in the Gadgadsbogen logic puzzle from quite a few years ago. You can read more about the participants here.

Dear TNT,
I haven't gotten my activation code. Do you think there's a glitch? I tried everything; please look in to it. ~pluffy32

Please be sure to check your spam folders in case the activation email ended up there. If you still can't locate it, please contact support to make sure you didn't accidentally enter your email address incorrectly during the sign up process.

Hey! Some time ago you announced a Key Quest load test and teased us with images of the awards we'd be able to get for joining in. The test went wrong and you promised that you'd reschedule it for soon after, but we haven't heard a thing about it since. Is this still going to happen in the foreseeable future? If not, would you consider releasing the items through something else? I was really looking forward to that Thorny Vine Garland! ~raza_
Whoops! Considering that was a couple of years ago, we're fine with releasing those items another way.

A while ago, you added the White Kateil and the Starry Screal to the site. Shortly after, you added them to the Petpet Puddle so that they could be painted. To my surprise, however, I just noticed that they're also available for purchase in Little Nippers, the pirate Petpet shop, for a dubloon price! How and why is this possible? Could you please remove them so they're paintable-only? ~juney4
Gah! Thanks for the heads up. Little Nippers works a bit differently than the other Petpet shops, so they need to be classified a certain way or they restock by accident. It's an easy fix, though, and they should no longer be restocking.

*waves* Hey, TNT. I was just wondering whether there was a Mootix fan amongst your staff that has decided to flood Neopia with the little critters? There suddenly seems to be an abundance of those adorable green fellows for sale, whilst there seems to be hardly any of the other Petpetpets around! Is this a coincidence, or is there something more sinister afoot?!? ~hogwartsbean3
We've also received similar reports about superior numbers of Aisha Transmogrification Potions being given out in relation to the other transmogrification potions. We're looking into both of these issues.

Psst... guys, I think they're on to us.
Just act normal.

Have you guys ever released a Petpet that was at one time in contention to be a regular Neopet? ~halfcourt32
Sorta. On April Fools 2005 we announced that we were adding 50 new species. It was just a joke, but later on we did use the designs for several Petpets, including the Carmariller, Calabat, Slymook, Duocorn, Urchull, Gwalla, Soreen, and Petoot.

For the new grimoire avatar, I went to the Hidden Tower and bought the least expensive one I could find. I will have to save up for the rest. :D I have been busy with my Gallery. I got the avvie for buying something from the tower but not the new avvie. Will I have to buy it again to get it? ~username removed
*whispers* You have to read it, not just buy it. *wink*

Dear TNT,
*hands Negg* Is it okay to have a "guild account" where all the owners have access to it? I keep joining good guilds, but unfortunately they have guild accounts. Would you freeze me for that? Thank you! ~princesspygmypuff

Accounts may not be shared. One guild member must create and serve as the coordinator for the guild account.

I was wondering if we could ever expect any wearables to appear in the Hidden Tower? ~bramble5
Oh, thanks for reminding us. Yes, we did have something planned.

Hi, TNT! :D I was wondering: why did Nabile marry Jazan? He's all evil and weird. Maybe I could get an answer from Nabile herself, because the Neopedia just gets me confused. Also, could you please tell her to say that I PWN out loud? :3 ~x_wolves
We're not sure that's the type of thing she'd say, but if you would like to know more about her and why she married Jazan, check out the Lost Desert Plot.

Hi, TNT! *gives you a cookie* I've been wondering if it's possible to read the old Editorials. I haven't found any links to the old ones. I would mostly read them to learn new stuff. Since you usually answer uncommon questions, I thought it would be fun. Thank you, TNT! If this gets through, would you please remove my username? ~username removed
You could navigate through the Neopian Times archives, but if you want to be efficient and just see the Editorials, we suggest altering the URL at the top of the page. See how it says week=493 up there? Just enter 492, 491, and so on to keep going back. Remember, though -- the farther you go back, the less accurate the Editorial is likely to be on matters. The Editorial is like a newspaper column, not a rulebook. Things change with time. :)

You can't end the Editorial like that. I demand warm fuzzies!

o.o Warm fuzzies it is, then. Enjoy!

Dearest TNT,
You rock, sirs and madams. I recently had my Advanced Placement Art History exam, and on one of the essay questions was an Egyptian scroll picturing several figures that I didn't recognize. One of them, I fancy, had a jackal head. After some pondering, I decided to write down "Anubis" for its name, after the Petpet. It turns out that I was right -- thanks for the tip, darlings. Neopets is educational. ~evilprincess2004

Hello, I write this not to get in the Editorial but to simply give thanks to the amazing staff that work so hard to make this website run every day. I cannot imagine how difficult this job can be, but you guys and girls always come through! Thank you to every single staff member for giving me and thousands of other users a place to escape to. You guys are the best. ~sparkleworks_mlp

Hello TNT,
I have a little story for you. Last Wednesday, I was having a bad day. Work was stressful, I hadn't slept well, and the weather was cold and gloomy. I had spent the morning feeling dismal and annoyed at the world. Then, unexpectedly, I was given a Fountain Faerie Quest and got to paint my Lutari pirate. That tiny act of randomness completely turned my day around. Suddenly I was smiling, work didn't seem so bad, and even the sun came out. So thank you, TNT, thank you for all your hard work that helped brighten my Wednesday and my last (nearly) 11 years with Neopets. THANK YOU!!! ~gpwsbeaver

Fuzzy enough for ya, Bruno?

Yes, thank you.

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