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Terrific Trios

by mypetsandi


They say: "Two's company, three's a crowd." I disagree. In fact I know quite a few trios who are some of the most popular figures in Neopia. They are known for their eccentricity and for their wacky personalities. Some are evil, others are kind, and some are as neutral as a Transparent Paint Brush, but even those are popular for their own reasons. It has become a habit for me to count down my favourite elements of specific categories, so without further ado I present you my picks for the best trios in Neopia.

8- The Altador Cup Committee:

Oh, the joy of being an Altadorian noble! The Altador Cup Committee's members are some of the noblest of the nobles. That is the reason they were elected. I should present them to you now, but for some reason I ignore, they refused to give me their names. Anyway, first there is the Green Skeith. He is ruthless when it comes to cheating and infractions. The players dread his decisions, the referee dares not contradict him, even the spectators hold their breaths whenever he speaks. Then there is the Red Draik. Not as cruel as his colleague, but definitely as just, he sees reason even in the most ambiguous situations, and he has the ability to chose what is right instead of what he wants. This has made him the anchor of the committee, the bridge between the Skeith's ruthlessness and the Aisha's affectivity. Which brings us to the third member of the trio, the Blue Aisha. She is very affectionate when it comes to the games, depending on intuition rather than reason. Now that you know the Altador Cup Committee, it is time to see (well, read) them in action. Imagine a match is going on and Lilo Blumario has the Yooyu. He tries to score into the Moltaran net but Aldric Beign steals the Yooyu just in time, accidentally knocking Lilo to the ground. The Skeith would kick both players out of the field. The Aisha would endorse the "forgive-and-forget" policy. As for the Draik, he would probably do an investigation to see whose fault it was. In any case, their decisions are incontestable and whoever dares to object shall be thrown out of the stadium. On to the next trio!

7- The Drenched:

They hide in their dark scary underwater cave, waiting patiently for unlucky sailors to venture into the murky Maraquan waves. Their songs are so enchanting that you would willingly dive down into your aquatic doom. The three sisters are not all the same when it comes to vileness. Don't get me wrong; they all are insanely evil, but some slightly less than others. The little sister is vicious and malicious. She has no problem whatsoever to drown any Neopet that comes in sight. The middle sister is viler than her little sister, she is violent and wrathful. I pity those who make her mad. The eldest is by far the most evil. Her heart is probably darker than a Voidberry. She spends her time imprisoning sailors, torturing them until they're in agony, and then waiting for their best friend to come and save them. If you want to know more about this, you might want to ask Jacques, a pirate who has experienced their spite. You'll find him in Krawk Island, still sobbing and writhing uncontrollably thinking about what he endured so many years ago.

6-The PPL Agents:

There are more than a thousand agents in the PPL, but three of them form a team that deserves to be on this list. They are Deckar, Kaylee and Mick. Those guys spend their time saving Petpets from special portals and getting them safely to Petpet Park. Let's meet them, shall we? Deckar is a tough Red Grarrl with a soft mushy heart. He is the muscle of the group but he has a pure kindness to keep his toughness under control. Then there's Kaylee, the Yellow Gelert. She is the charm of the group. Her charismatic personality helps her deceive the cruel Petpet haters so she can get information from them and rescue the poor creatures. Last but not least comes Mick. This Green Nimmo is the brain of the group. His clever and cunning stratagems have saved the trio's lives countless times, not to mention the lives of numerous Petpets. They are most famous for the case of Yurius, the revenge-seeking ex-PPL agent. They kept him under control while Petpet Park was being built. They might have perished in Maraqua had it not been for Mick's wits. Weltrude (the head of the PPL) is ever so proud of her agents; she even lets them have some of her cookies, and trust me, that's not an easy thing to do.

5-The Tyrannian Bands:

Who hasn't been to the Tyrannian Concert Hall? One of the main tourist attractions in Tyrannia, the Tyrannian Concert Hall plays host to the most amazing music acts in Neopia. Some of the bands that play there are, well, trios. Let's start with the awesome heavy metal band, Wock Till You Drop. These three Wockies have taken music to a whole new level. In fact, their brutal beats and their wild fast-paced melodies will make you want to wock till you drop!

If you're into something a little less monstrous, then meet the Blue Kacheek Group. Their music cannot be put in a specific category. It's a mix of percussions, blinding light shows, and crazy dances. So if you're looking for something strange yet addictive, then the trio known as BKG is the band for you.

You can spot another trio in the Tyrannian Concert Hall. They are the Twisted Roses. Pretty much like Wock Till You Drop, this trio plays the same metal tunes, but they sure are prettier to watch.

Let's not forget the coolest trio in town, Yes Boy Ice Cream. These three gloved Shoyrus will take you to a futuristic world of electronic instruments and dazzling laser shows. You're in for a thrill when you watch them.

Let's go back to rock with the next trio, Moehawk. They're the cream of the crop when it comes to rock music, having the most unexpected hybrid instruments. Their music is addictive and catchy, and their looks are quite the sight.

As we leave the Concert Hall we meet our last musically talented trio, the Hikalakas who will transport you to an Island Paradise with their Tiki themed percussions.

4-The Three:

Greed. Revenge. Ambition. Three dreadful words. Dreadful are the names of the members of this trio. A chunky aberration of a Skeith, a proud, vain and cruel Gelert, and a tainted Air Faerie that could easily pass for a Dark Faerie, roam Darigan Citadel, preying on the weak, promising them fortune and glory, then leaving them to rot in their misery. They drained Lord Darigan out of his will. They killed Lord Kass's sense of justice. They provoked a war between Meridell and Darigan Citadel... twice. They still roam the hovering chunk of land to this day. Their ethereal halos will hypnotize you and make you their slave. Will you be strong enough to resist the temptation? Or will you be their next victim? Only time will tell.

3-Clara, Roxton and Jordie:

After our spooky encounter with The Three, it's time to get things fun again with our next trio, the discoverers of Moltara. This is probably the most diversified trio on this list. You have Clara, a clever Wocky who seeks knowledge and adventure at the same time. Her cleverness has earned her the rank of the Wise Old Gnorbu's apprentice. She has a habit for annoying Roxton. Speaking of which, Roxton is the second member of this group. He is a excessively confident Lutari who works as a professional explorer. His bravado shone back when he discovered the Lost Isle, and then again when he discovered Moltara. He tries to charm Clara, but to no avail. Then there's Jordie, the smallish Kougra who keeps his two friends from fighting. If it weren't for him, Roxton and Clara would still be fighting until this very minute. These three friends are most known for their teamwork, their mutual understanding (that does not include Roxton and Clara), and their never-ending thirst for adventure. What will they discover next time?

2-The Dark Faerie Sisters:

You have to admit. Dark Faeries are awesome with their shady looks and evil powers. These sisters are the best of the best. Vanity is the prettiest sister of the three. Her obsession with her looks has made her famous. I wouldn't dare tell her about her split ends if I were you. Her sister Spite is a different story: instead of focusing on herself, she tries to find her pleasure in others (as in hurting others). She is, well, spiteful. Don't give her a reason to hate because she tends to hold a grudge. There is one more sister, Malice. In her free time, she randomly hurts people or destroys properties, just for the kicks of it. Fun right? These three femmes fatales may look like angels, but trust me, there's nothing angelic about them. In fact, they can summon evil spirits from the dark forgotten corners and unleash them upon you. At least it would be a great sight to see before you become a ghost...

1-AAA, Abigail and Lulu:

Yes, these gamers make up the top trio in Neopia. They first made an appearance in Y8. Back then it was AAA alone. Soon, his sister Abigail started popping up in his events. Before you know it, their cousin Lulu followed them. Now the three kids have transformed the Gameroom into a family reunion. Enough of this, let's meet them. Aristotle A Avinroo is a self-righteous Blumaroo, but you'll forgive him once you know he is the best gamer on the planet. Every year, he organizes two worldwide events, the Games Master Challenge in which he flies solo, and the Daily Dare in which his sister and his cousin join him.

Now let's meet his sister Abigail. She is a charismatic Aisha who is also a gaming enthusiast, though less professional than her older sibling. She plays for fun, what a loser... I mean, let's meet Lulu, their cousin. A chic Cybunny, Lulu never deceives the gamers of Neopia. Every year, she grants NC wearables to people who can beat her scores after handing her special tickets.

Now that you have met this gaming crew, you might be wondering why a bunch of cranky kids are so popular. The answer is very simple; it's because they hand out prizes for every score you beat. Here's something fun to know, AAA and Abigail almost got stuck in a gaming system because of the jealousy of an ugly green Blumaroo. Oh, how I wish that AAA never got out. He's a real pain when you get to know him. Yes, he is number 1 on this list, but it's by popular demand; I personally despise him.

I hope you are now convinced that three is never a crowd. You have to love those colourful trios, even if some are a little mean. I'm part of a trio too: my two Neofriends and I make a fun trio that plans to rule Neopia! One day, we'll end up on a list like this one.

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