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Interview with Nereid, the Water Faerie

by stipey33


This story begins with a young reporter, Koteey, which would happen to be me... I just recently started working for the Neopian Times, and I’m super excited. In this article, I’m actually interviewing Nereid. Have you heard of her? She’s a water faerie; she lives off the Coast of Mystery Island. She’s very hard to get to talk to, which is why I’m very proud of myself.

Anyway, I wanted to get her perspective on life as a faerie, and Jhudora, Illusen and Fyora were already booked, so I came to Nereid. Seeing as no one really knows where she lives, she’s almost never busy, I guess, but don’t tell her I said that. She can use magic, and I don’t want to be turned into a... Mortog. Well, here goes, here’s the real and un-edited interview with Nereid, the Water Faerie.


Hi, it’s Koteey, here on the coast of Mystery Island reporting for the Neopian Times. Right now, the temperature is really hot, which should make it easier for me to be in water! I’ll actually have to wait until the evening, because it’s actually the only time that Nereid comes out...

*Five hours later* There she is! That’s her, Nereid. Wow! It’s so rare to actually see her. I am so glad that she’s willing to do an interview; otherwise, there would be no hope of me getting into the next edition of the Neopian Times... Ok, here goes!


Me: Hi Nereid, I’m Koteey. How are you?

Nereid: *grunts* I’m decent enough, slightly sun-burned.

Me: Mmm, good to hear, glad you’re doing ok. It definitely is hot here. That’s why I came prepared!

*I pull out my Factor 50 Sun Tan Lotion*

Me: I think this stuff works the same as Sun Block Lotion. Want some?

Nereid: No thanks, it doesn’t work on me. It just washes off. Ugh--It’s SO impossible to shop for myself, I can’t get decent clothing! The only thing I can do to make myself look better is do my hair! It’s an outrage, an outrage, I tell you!

Me: I think you look very pretty. Ok, back to the questions. What annoys you the most?

Nereid: Thank you, Koteey! Aside from the fact that it’s impossible to shop? Probably, that everyone takes me for granted. Like seriously... just because I don’t do quests, or heal pets, or work at a Rainbow Fountain, it doesn’t mean I’m not special.

*She puts on a pouty face*

Nereid: And that is also partly why I decided to let you interview me. It’s part of my “Faerie Awareness” program, I run it!

Me: That’s interesting, so are you saying you’re jealous of your siblings?

Nereid: Ha! I would never say that to a reporter; I still have my dignity, thank you very much.

Me: Whoa there! Just asking. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. I just got to write this stuff down.

*I write her responses down*

Me: I should really get an assistant, don’t you think?

Nereid: No, I don’t have an assistant, and I’m perfectly fine.

Me: But you don’t need an assistant! You don’t do anything.

Nereid: Yes, I do! Who do you think makes all the potions for my sister at the Healing Springs?

Me: Uh... Kauvara?

Nereid: No!!!!!!!! I do, I do, and I do! What is wrong with pets these days?

*I scribble down the “true” answer about the potions*

Me: Oh, I didn’t know that. Interesting, the rest of Neopia ought to know. So, how did you manage to find a place to live out here? I thought you’d have chosen Maraqua, because their homes are underwater, or Faerieland, because that’s where the majority of Faeries live?

Nereid: *sighs heavily* Well, I was looking for a nice quiet place to live. And I did go check out Maraqua, but the Whirlpool is really noisy, and it’s impossible to get any sleep down there.

Me: You sleep?

Nereid: Of course I sleep; we all do! Just because we don’t take lunch breaks like King Hagan or King Skarl doesn’t mean that we don’t take breaks.

Me: Sorry, this is my first interview with a faerie; I don’t know your customs.

Nereid: That’s OK. You’ll learn, eventually. They all do.

Me: Wait, wait... you said, “They all do.” I thought you said that you didn’t get a lot of pets or people coming to see you.

Nereid: I don’t get a lot of people, just the rare few, like you who come to visit me.

Me: But I checked! There’s no interviews with you, just a story, which by the way, portrays you as a very pretty Water Faerie.

Nereid: Oh, that’s good, I’ll have to read it sometime, but they don’t deliver the Neopian Times to me. They say, “Oh, it’s too hard. When you don’t live underwater, then we will.” Yet, they deliver it to most citizens in Maraqua. It makes no sense, and yet again, it’s an outrage to me.

*Her face turns slightly red from anger*

Nereid: Let me get back to my house dilemma.

Me: Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Nereid: So... where was I? Oh yes, the Whirlpool was too noisy, so I crossed Maraqua off the list. Next I went to Faerieland. I was planning to stay with one of my sisters, you know, the ones who work at the Rainbow Fountain and Healing Springs? Because they have water, even though they’re sort of floating on clouds.

Me: The travel brochures say that it’s a vast distance of rocky land. I guess they lied?

*I look to Nereid, waiting for an answer*

Nereid: It is now, but before it was just clouds; this is before we all got turned to stone. I’m still pretty sure that that was Jhudora’s fault.

*Her face turns to pure disgust when she says Jhudora*

Nereid: I had to sit, at the bottom of the sea, very close to the Darkest Faerie too. I was almost sure that she was going to turn me evil and into a Dark Faerie. They have the power to do that, you know.

*She gives me a knowing look*

Me: Umm, Nereid? Back to the house story, please.

Nereid: Right. I chose not to live there because it was too busy. I prefer the quieter spots and the warmer ones too. It’s never quite hot enough there. Always just mild. So, I came to Mystery Island, it's quiet and hot, all of the time. The only visitors we get are Kougras, and they’re the Natives relatives.

Me: Where do you get your food from?

Nereid: From Tropical Foods, of course. I get a half price discount because they respect me, unlike half of the Neopian population.

Me: Oh, so that’s why you came here. But, don’t you think it makes you less popular when it comes to faeries?

Nereid: Well, that’s again what my Faerie Awareness program is for! It’s to raise awareness of my- I mean our needs. In hopes that we get more attention, so when we get turned to stone, hopefully not again soon, Neopians take action quicker, and we turn normal faster too.

*She literally glows with pride*

Nereid: I hope this article gets published; I could use the extra publicity.

Me: I hope so too. So, I’m out of questions for you.

Nereid: Are we done then? I have to go pick up my groceries soon.

Me: I suppose so. Have fun and thank you very much for your time!

Nereid: Eh, it was nice to have company. I’ll see you again, maybe?

Me: For sure, bye!


And there you have it! My interview with the lovely and oh so charming Nereid. It was a pleasure to talk to her. If you ever have the opportunity, seize it! She’s a very interesting character.

I'm not so sure about the potions part being true; as far as I'm concerned, she was kidding. But hey! Who really knows?

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