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Battle of Imagination - Part Five

by undeadfortune


Act 4 – Scene 1 – The Grand Finale

Setting: Mutt’s kitchen. Sweet and Mutt sit on one side of the table, while Fortune sits in a chair on the other. Everyone has something to drink or snack on while Sweet finishes her story.

Sweet: The end. (Smiles proudly.)

Mutt and Fortune: I liked it.

(They look at each other.)

Mutt: I thought it was well done.

Fortune: (As Mutt finishes.) Long, but well worth it.

Sweet: Really? Wasn’t too drawn out?

Mutt: No, not at all. The way you built up the story was perfect, I didn’t know how Sponge would get out of that one.

Fortune: I’ll have to agree on that.

Mutt: Really now? (Surprised.) You found nothing wrong with it?

Fortune: You must be mistaken; I only find things wrong with your stories. (He points at Mutt.)

Mutt: Well, prepare to be amazed with my own tale I have to tell.

Sweet: Just get on with it, already! It’s almost dinnertime.

Mutt: (Leans towards Fortune and Sweet.) All right, all right! Here we go. I call my story…


Act 4 – Scene 2 – Mutt’s Story, The Grundo

Setting: Aboard the Virtupets Space Station. Erik, a blue Grundo, is asleep in his room. The room itself is sparsely furnished and lacks anything to prove it belongs to Erik. The lights are dim, and suddenly, there’s a knock from offstage.

(The knock continues.)

Erik: (Shouting half asleep.) Whaz? Whoz there?

(A voice answers from offstage.)

Voice: It’s me, Erik, Brandon! Open up, it’s creepy out here.

Erik: I waz still sleeping! Why’d you goez and wake me up!

Voice: Because! Today’s your big day! You’re finally going to have your voice fixed!

(At that, Erik jumps from his bed and rushes to the door. After opening it for Brandon, he sits back down on the end of his bed.)

Erik: That’z right! I’m zeeing the doctorz today!

Brandon: That’s right, and if you don’t want to be late, we better hurry.

Erik: Don’t worry, I have everything I needz to zee him.

Brandon: (Glancing around.) Really? You could have fooled me.

Erik: Come on now, you know I don’t like to buy thingz, my home will always look like thiz.

Brandon: You need the note. (Pause.) Where’s the note?

Erik: (Lifting his pillow.) Tad daz! I told you I have everythingz.

(Brandon leads the way out of the home and Erik follows. Erik stops before leaving off stage to look at his room one last time.)

Erik: Afterz the doctorz, I’ll be a whole new personz!

(Erik exits. Blackout.)

Act 4 – Scene 3 – Mutt’s Story, The Doctor

Setting: A common doctor’s office. The walls are painted white and the room is filled with books and reading material of all kinds. Erik and Brandon take a seat near the entrance and look around. The entire office is empty besides them.

Brandon: (Laughing quietly.) Looks like the doctor’s having a slow day. Good news for us, we’ll be out of here in no time!

Erik: (Nodding in agreement.) I’ll be fixedz in no timez!

(At that, the doctor’s door opens and the doctor himself walks out. Taller then normal, and dressed with an unusually long white cape, the doctor smiles when he sees the two Grundos.)

Doctor: (Still smiling.) Welcome! Welcome to my fine office. How may I help you two today?

Erik: I havez an appointment. (He hands the doctor the slip of paper.)

Doctor: Ah yes! Ok, very well, good to hear. (Taking the paper he turns around, and out of the sight of the Grundos, tears it up.)

Brandon: So what do you think Doc? Can you fix my friend here? (Points his thumb at Erik.)

Doctor: (Pretending to look at Erik.) Hmm, interesting. This will be a tough case. But Dr. Htols has never failed a case!

Erik: (Interested.) Htols, is that Tyrannian?

Doctor: (Feigning interest.) No… it’s not from around here.

Brandon: Maraquan?

Doctor: (Becoming annoyed.) No, not Maraquan, not anything from around here! (He puts his arm under his cape, as if to grab something, maybe a laser gun, but stops. His face returns to its previous happiness.)

Erik: (Cutting in.) Doc, thiz really meanz a lot to me. You don’t understand, I just want to be like all the other Grundoz!

(The Doctor steps back, and looks up at the ceiling.)

Doctor: (With feigned sadness.) I believe you, I believe you. You’re not the first Grundo who's come in for my help. I see cases like this all the time, but let me tell you. (Pause.) I have a 100% success rate!

Erik: (Suddenly excited.) Really?!

Doctor: Really.

Brandon: Really, really?

Doctor: Yes really, really. (Waving his hands.) Look, stop, let me just get on with the patient. He must feel ready to be fixed. (A quick glance at Erik.)

Erik: (Almost jumping up and down.) Of course! I’m readyz for anythingz!

Doctor: You must be completely certain you want to go through his healing process.

Erik: (About to explode with excitement.) Oh I am!

Doctor: (Smiling.) Good… very good. Follow me. (Pointing at Brandon.) You, wait here. Read a book, (Pause.) or listen to some music. Relax, BUT do not leave. Or wander… I dislike wanderers…

(Dr. Htols leads Erik out of the waiting room and into his office offstage. Brandon sits down in a chair and picks up a month old issue of the Neopian Times. Blackout.)

Act 4 – Scene 4 – Mutt’s Story, The Side Effect

Setting: Inside a docking bay. The doctor from before is marching back and forth in front of a line of mutant Grundos. Erik can be seen on the far left end of the line. The docking bay is empty except for a few crates and other piles of trash.

Erik: (Awakening from a little sleep.) Wha… where am I? What am I doing here?

Doctor: You there! (He points.) Did I tell you talk?

Erik: (Looking around at the other Mutant Grundos he panics.) What’s going on here! (He turns to run, but his new, larger body is unexpected and he falls.)

Doctor: Poor fellow. (His face twists with anger.) You are mine! My minion! My pawn! Did the brainwashing treatment not work on you?

Erik: (Confused.) What brainwashing treatment?! You mean fixing my speech impediment? (Pause.) Wow, I guess you did fix it.

Doctor: Fool! I am Sloth! Soon to be ruler of all of Neopia. You are my Mutant Grundo minion in my vast army!

(Erik glances around at the other Mutant Grundos once more and understands.)

Erik: You, you tricked me?

Sloth: Of course I tricked you. Grundos come to me all the time for help, and I, disguised as a doctor, take them in. Turn them into Mutants and brainwash them to do my bidding! Your friend's in here somewhere, but they all look alike to me.

Erik: (Shocked.) Brandon!

Sloth: (Bored.) Brandon, Bob, Joe, Mark, whatever! He is mine now, mine to control. You, on the other hand, confuse me. Did you not get brainwashed? (Pause.) Did we skip you? We’ll have to fix that, yes we will! Guards!

(At this, two Mutant Grundos make their way over to Erik.)

Sloth: (Pointing at Erik.) Take him away!

(The Mutant Grundos move in, but Erik has other ideas. As they near Erik, unexpectedly, he leaps towards them, arms out; hands open, and grab both of his attackers. With his new super Neopet strength, he tosses them aside as if they were beanbags. Sloth, outraged, orders more to attack.)

Sloth: Get him! Everyone, get him now! He’ll ruin the plans.

(The entire room of Grundos turn towards Erik and begin marching. Erik looks for something to fend them off with and his view lands on some nearby crates. Without hesitating, Erik rushes towards them and with un-Neopet like speed hurls them towards the oncoming line of attackers. The Mutant Grundos look as if they do not care, and continue to march, even while some are hit with crates and knocked back. Seeing as this is a losing battle, Erik leaves the crates and heads towards the docking bay exit.)

Sloth: (Screaming now.) Do not let him escape!

Erik: (Smiling.) You had your chance Sloth, and you failed.

(With that, Erik exits the docking bay and heads offstage. The Mutant Grundos stop when their target is no longer in sight and Sloth turns around from their view, about to explode with disgust.)

Sloth: (Whispering to himself.) Sloth does not fail, Erik… you will soon learn that.


Act 4 – Scene 5 – Mutt’s Story, The Getaway

Setting: The Café aboard Virtupets Space Station. It is a large room with many tables, chairs, and foods of all types. The smell of cooking meat fills the air as well as the chatter of Neopets.

(Erik stumbles into the Café and looks around. No one pays him much attention, as he is a Grundo… on a Space Station. A Mutant Grundo Vender does notice Erik and hopes to sell him something.)

Grundo Vender: Would you like to buy something friend?

(Erik glances in his direction and realizes the vender is talking to him.)

Erik: No thanks, but you can help with a problem.

Grundo Vender: (Curious.) What’s that?

Erik: (Pause.) Sloth… and his henchmen are making their way to the Café in search of me. They’re pretty angry and probably armed with Fungus Rays and QX-92 Neutrino blasters of every kind.

Grundo Vender: (Stares at Erik as if he were crazy, then laughs.) Sloth? SLOTH?! He hasn’t been spotted for over a month, let alone seen up here!

Erik: (Uneasy.) I’m telling you, he’s coming this way! We need to save everyone-

(Interrupting Erik’s conversation, a large blast erupts and takes out a piece of the nearby wall. Debris flies through the air, while Sloth and other Mutant Grundos march in the new hole.)

Sloth: (With blaster in hand.) I always knew how to make an entrance! (Pause.) Grundos, attack!


Act 4 – Scene 6 – Mutt’s Story, The Showdown

Setting: Not more then ten seconds after the last act. The Café has turned into a mass panic as Neopets begin to run for cover.

(Sloth and his Grundos begin to fan out as the EGS (Emergency Grundo Squad) enters the Café in an attempt to subdue Sloth.)

Sloth: (Shouting to the EGS.) If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get!

(A short battle ensues as Sloth and his men open fire on the EGS. The EGS in turn opens fire back and takes cover behind overturned tables and chairs. Erik jumps behind the counter with the Vender from before and finds the Vender searching for something. Before Erik can ask what, the Vender removes two Florbix blasters from a hidden compartment and hands one to Erik. Erik nods and takes a chance to peek out to view the fight. The EGS has taken minor hits while Sloth’s army seems to be unstoppable as they continue to enter the Café. After a few minutes, the EGS retreats and Erik and the Vender are left alone.)

Erik: (To the vender.) I have a plan.

Grundo Vender: You better! I don’t feel like working for that Sloth, bad pay, and no benefits!

Erik: This is no time for worrying about working for him, we need to stop him. He controls the Grundos with something… (He tries and thinks.)

Grundo Vender: Well?

Erik: I can almost remember a… a… a control, a remote control! He hides it in his cape. (Holding his head.) Man, Sloth really messed me up.

Grundo Vender: If we can get the remote, we can stop him?

Erik: (Nodding.) I believe so; think you’re up to the task?

Grundo Vender: Do you even have to ask? I had these blasters tucked away for something just like this. Saved them from the last war, and I’ve been itching to try them out again.

(Erik whispers to the Grundo Vender the plan and then once they're ready, gives the Grundo Vender the signal to begin. Sloth’s Mutant Grundos have made their way across the Café, searching for Erik. The Grundo Vender checks to make sure the immediate area is clear, then slowly makes his way out. Once in position, he gives Erik the signal.)

Grundo Vender: (Shouting.) Hey Sloth, looking for me?

Sloth: (Turning.) I don’t know really, you all look alike to me. (To the nearest Mutant Grundo.) Get him!

(At that, the Grundo Vender opens fire with his blaster and the entire army ducks for cover. Sloth can be seen holding two items in his hands, a Toxic Sludge blaster and… a remote control! Erik steadies his own blaster, waiting for the perfect shot in which to hit the control. Suddenly his path is blocked, and a Mutant Grundo is standing with a blaster in Erik’s direction.)

Erik: (Quickly.) Don’t shoot! (Pause.) Brandon?

Mutant Grundo: (Not listening.) Give gun to me.

Erik: Brandon! Is that you?

Mutant Grundo: Brandon is no longer here. I live only for Sloth.

Erik: Brandon, snap out of it! We’re best friends, don’t do this to me!

Mutant Grundo: (Still not listening.) There is nothing to can do but join Sloth; it is inevitable that he will win.

Erik: (Suddenly overtaken with sadness.) That’s not true! Brandon, we can beat him! We can beat Sloth; help me… help your friend.

(At this, the Mutant Grundo’s eye begins to twitch and his hand starts to shake. The blaster falls and he begins to stumble around. Erik, not wanting to miss the opportunity, forgets his friend for the moment and aims back to Sloth. The Grundo Vender’s blaster clicks dry, and in a last attempt to fend off the attacking Mutant Grundos, throws it at the closest one, missing badly. Erik aims towards Sloth’s remote control hand… and fires.)

Sloth: (Shouts.) The day is mine!

(The blaster shot hits the control, which then erupts into a flash of white and explodes. The entire room freezes at this, and then turns to see what the cause was. Seeing this, Sloth panics and jumps into the nearest trash cute, hoping it’ll allow him to escape from this new situation. Brandon, still a Mutant Grundo stands up holding his head.)

Brandon: (Aloud, to no one in particular.) What happened?

Erik: Brandon! You’re back!

(The two hug, and Brandon, confused, and unaware of the previous hours, questions Erik about the hug.)

Brandon: What was that for?

Erik: (Happily.) It’s a long story, but I have the time to tell it.

(Erik leads Brandon to a nearby table that hasn’t been hit during the firefight. The Grundo Vender, happy to be unharmed, joins the two friends after retrieving drinks from his shop. Laughter and conversations fill the Café. Blackout.)

Act 4 – Scene 7 – The End

Setting: Outside Mutt’s Neohome. The door is open and Fortune and Sweet are standing next to Mutt.

Mutt: I think we can safely say, it’s a tie.

Sweet: (Quickly.) I agree, they were all very good stories.

Fortune: (Nodding.) I guess so… But I don’t like your ending, Mutt.

Sweet: (Cutting Mutt off before he can speak.) Look at the time; I think we should all be getting home.

Mutt: You’re right. It’s almost time for me to have dinner. (Holding his stomach.) I don’t know how I’ll be able to eat with Sweet’s lunch still in my stomach.

Sweet: (Curious.) Is that a good thing?

Mutt: Oh, yeah, of course, Sweet. Your cooking is the best!

(Sweet smiles and hugs Mutt. She leaves first, leaving Fortune and Mutt.)

Fortune: I’ll admit, while I don’t like the ending, you still can tell a good story.

Mutt: As do you; I don’t think we can declare a winner.

Fortune: At least, not this time.

Mutt: (Smiling.) Anytime you feel up to it, I’m ready.

Fortune: (Holds out hand.) I’m already thinking up my next story. It’ll blow you away.

Mutt: (Taking Fortune’s hand and shaking it.) Until then. (Smiles again.)

(Fortune walks down towards the street and Mutt closes his door. Fortune begins to whistle and glances up at the night sky.)

Fortune: (To himself, smiling.) Until then.


The End

Author's note: thank you so much for reading my play! I’m currently in a Drama class at school, and playwriting is the current topic of study. I really wanted to create an in-depth play, but couldn’t exactly pick one thing to write about. After a while, I decided a way to include different stories I had in mind, which, in turn, was a play. The endings of each story, if to general, are up to the reader to decide for themselves. Does Lima live happily ever after? Will Sponge successfully pass the 1st grade? Does Erik ever change back into his old self? Who knows, at least, I don’t. Anything you come up with is fine by me. :) - Fortune

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