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How Ellamave Joined The Family

by starry_pride


Ellamave was an obedient Christmas Ixi, always following Santa Chia’s rules, but she just wasn’t good at being a reindeer. She wasn’t good at flying in a group, and being attached to reins really didn’t appeal to her. Tired of being mistreated because she wasn’t a good enough Ixi, Ellamave set out to find someone that would truly, sincerely love her as a friend. She trekked over the vast snowy hills of Terror Mountain, seeking a purpose. One day, she found that she had stumbled upon a recent issue of the Neopian Times. Bored, Ellamave cautiously opened the damp newspaper, careful not to rip the pages.

     “Whoa,” she gasped as she saw an advertisement for touring Meridell, “that place is beautiful!”

     Suddenly, Ellamave made her decision to go to the land of Meridell. She travelled for long hours, hoping to reach the lovely region. It took her a bit over a week, but she made it safely to Meridell, with only a couple of cuts and bruises. Meridell was even more breathtakingly stunning in person, and when Ellamave’s eyes lay upon it, she was paralyzed by its beauty. Young Neopets scurried around playfully on the lush green fields, shrieking with happiness. Ellamave sat for a moment, taking in the glorious sight.

     Meanwhile, Jubberskye swam in the pool at the Neolodge, also located in Meridell. Pulling himself out of the pool, Jubberskye’s cloudy fluff puffed out, immediately dried in the blaring Neopian sun. Feeling tense, he went to take a walk to his favourite place to relax and meditate. He walked along a rocky path to a cliff overlooking Brightvale and he floated into its branches, taking a deep breath. Jubberskye felt instantly better. Then, an Ixi walked up the path to his tree.

     “Oh no, hang on, I’m coming!” the Ixi yelled as she darted up the hill leading to the cliff.

     It was Ellamave! When she had reached the top, Ellamave leaped into the branch, trying to bring the Jubjub to safety.

     “No, wait-” Jubberskye started, but it was too late.

     Ellamave had jumped too far and she hurtled to the depths below. Shocked, Jubberskye gently fluttered through his air, grateful for being painted cloud. When his paws finally touched the bouncy grass, Jubberskye crawled over to see what had happened to the Ixi. Ellamave looked crippled, a couple of her bones clearly broken.

     “Help,” Jubberskye screeched, “somebody get the Water Faerie!”

     Magically, the faerie of healing appeared. Without a word to either of the Neopets, the Water Faerie muttered a spell, and touched her glowing fingers to Ellamave.

     She looked up. “Your friend here is severely injured. There’s only so much my healing potions can do, and this is beyond my limits. Except...” Her voice trailed off. After a long pause, she continued. “...I could fetch her a ghost paint brush free of charge and she will become completely back to health.”

     Jubberskye couldn’t say no – this was the only way to help Ellamave from rotting in ill health in the pound. He gulped and nodded quickly. The Water Faerie disappeared and reappeared in a matter of seconds, clutching the paint brush at her heart. She swept the ghost brush over Ellamave’s helpless, injured body. The color drained from her face, her antlers shrank into short horns, her pale green eyes lit up red and a chain formed around her neck. The holly and bells disintegrated from Ellamave and poofed into the Water Faerie blue-tinted hand. She folded the clothes and put them in a bag, handing the bag to Jubberskye. Without warning, the Water Faerie seemingly swam away into the air, leaving the heavily breathing, now-ghost Ellamave and Jubberskye behind.

     When Ellamave felt better, she sat up beside the crouching Jubjub next to her. They introduced themselves casually as if nothing traumatic had just happened. Out of nowhere, Jubberskye asked if Ellamave had a family to get back to. When she said no, Jubberskye invited her to meet his own. He felt like this was meant to happen, so when the two returned to Jubberskye’s Neohome, he was prepared to propose that Ellamave should join the family.

     But it didn’t go that way. Jubberskye’s owner insisted that Ellamave stayed for a few nights. His owner never made it official that Ellamave became part of the family, but his owner, his siblings nor himself ever kicked Ellamave out, or hinted at that, so then Ellamave never complained one bit. Gradually, their affection for each other between the odd members of the family grew strong, and Ellamave never left.

     However, one day, Ellamave brought the matter up.

     “Jubberskye,” she asked her brother, “do you consider me as family?”

     “Of course,” he replied, “even if we don’t say so, you’ll be my sister forever and always!”

     Unconvinced, Ellamave stayed up late at nights, fretting that her so-called family just pitied her, having mercy. She came up with the idea to test it. It was risky, but the void in Ellamave’s stomach would never go away if she didn’t know for sure. On a peaceful, quiet day, when the rest of Ellamave’s family was out and about along their merry way, she left a note on the fridge, needing to figure out whether she’d be missed. Then, she went to the park, hiding from Neopets that resembled anyone from her family. She stayed at the park the whole night, crying herself to sleep on the chilly, smooth ground, for no one came for her. Days passed, and Ellamave gave up, knowing in her heart that her ex-family had moved on, not caring. She trudged down the street, and someone harshly tried to grab her on the shoulder, but their hand slipped through her transparent self, and she yelped a little.

     “Hey, you! Are you Ellamave?” someone barked at her fiercely.

     Ellamave spun around and her eyes grew wide at who she saw standing before her. It was the Neopolice! Ellamave gulped nervously.

     The professional-looking Yurble sighed. “Good, good... I am Officer 23, and you best come with me. Your family has been looking for you!”

     Joyfully, Ellamave let the Officer 23 lead her back to her Neohome, and she almost skipped into her permanent owner’s arms, tears streaming down both of their faces. Ellamave explained her thoughts, and she was gladly reassured that when they were family, they always had each other’s backs. They were a tightly-knit family, and Ellamave didn’t understand. She had never recognized such a feeling; she had never felt such a gleeful, cozy emotion. She finally realized there’s no need to be paranoid; she had an actual, loving family. Inspired by her emotion, she went and played all the games she could manage in an hour, and she brought back gifts for all. The family refused the gifts and it struck Ellamave. Now she understands. Now she knows how to live like a proper Neopet.

     Ellamave is still in the family now, with her sister Enebi and her brothers Netap and Jubberskye. They’ll never forget how it happened. They’ll never forget how Ellamave became a wonderful ghost, but also a new friend. More than that – a new happiness. That’s the story how Ellamave found her peace, found her destiny and her purpose. She’ll never regret her decision to seek out Meridell.

The End

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