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Why does the description of the Flaming Evil Coconut say, "This hideous totem can only be won from the coconut shy in the Deserted Fairground." when it reportedly can't be? ~togepi_forever
Hmm... good point. We'll update that to to properly reflect its origins.

Hi, TNT! Why are the cardboard Petpets that come with newbie packs "no trade / no sell"? I think they'd be cool to collect. Please remove my username, thanks. ~username removed
The paint brushes and Petpets in the newbie packs are meant to encourage new players to learn how to use these items. Their intention is not to be instantly sold for a profit. Making them no sell / no trade helps to insure that the items are put to their intended use.

Hello, TNT! I was wondering: how do you guys choose the captions that go into the contest? Do you actually go through all of them and pick the best, or is it random? Also, is it true that you can be banned from the contest if you send too many entries or something? Thanks, and have a great day! ~deboratibi
We look through as many as we can within the time allotted for that particular task, which is several hours. If we picked randomly you'd know it pretty quick. As an example (this is always fun), we went through and DID randomly select five captions from competition #1107. Here are the results:


Why are you looking at me.

"Ahh Mr.sneky i see you are wering your fance top" "You are wereing yor's too mr.coconut" "Speaking of coconut,were did you get the new flying hat of coconut?" "Wat coconut?" "Ohh that coconut near my had WAT a coconut on my had!" "BOOM!" "AHHH MY HEAD" "GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut" (12:30pm)

oh...dear,this is horrible

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any mental or physical injuries sustained while participating in Tarla's Tour of Mystery event. This includes but does not limit to: concussions, insanity, random girly stances, loss of hair/fur/feathers, hallucinations of red Ixis, or twitching. Enjoy the event.

Okay, hehe, that last one was pretty funny, but the rest (as you can see), while amusing in their own bizarre way, are a bit... erm, nonsensical. As for the second part of your question, you can't be "banned" from the Caption Contest for sending in too many entries. If you spam the same entry enough to annoy our contest judge, however, it's unlikely he'll select your caption, no matter how funny. If you submit pages and pages of unique captions, it's a little overkill, but as long as they are quality attempts it should be fine. As always though, it's at the discretion of our judge. :)

GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut

I read the Terms of Service and it strains that you can't make banners or layouts and the like out of official Neopets art for Neopoints or items. Are we allowed, however, to make handmade original art of people's Neopets (or original characters) and trade it for Neopoints and items? It seems like a waste to not allow artists to share their creativity and get something in return. Thanks! ~juhbeia
No, Neopoints and Neopets items can only be exchanged for other NP / items. You may not trade items / NP for art of any kind and vice versa. It does not matter if it is made by our artists or you. Artists are welcome to either gift their art or trade art for art. Please note, though, that anything that is derived from our intellectual property cannot be used to make a profit.

Does an item's rarity index change? If so, say my Neopet ate something. Then, a couple of years later, the rarity index of that food item goes up to 90. Will it qualify for the Gourmet Club? ~username removed
Hypothetically speaking, any food that your Neopet eats with a rarity between 90 and 100 when consumed will count toward the Gourmet Club, even if that item is later changed to another rarity. Items that are not the correct rarity when consumed will not count. Also, we can't really recall ever changing an item's rarity from something lower than 101 to another number below 101. (It may have happened, but if so it's so rare that we can't think of an example.) Generally an item's rarity will only change to r180 for retirement.

So, I'm getting harassed offsite by a user who knows me on here. Can I report them on here also? :( (Remove my username, please please PLEASE!!!) Thank you. :) *gives cookies* ~username removed
Only if the harassment happens on neopets.com. If it is happening elsewhere, please report them on that site (or block them if possible).

Do you get annoyed when people send you useless Editorial questions that waste your time? ;) ~rinishi
Not really; sometimes it's a question we haven't had to answer 334,553 times before.

*hands some cookies* Okay, so I'm currently interested in collecting stamps. The problem, though, is that I can't remember all of the stamps I already have! As a result, sometimes I end up buying an extra. I was wondering if you could possibly set something up whereby, if you're at the Neopian Post Office and try to buy a stamp, you can't if you have that particular stamp already. Please and thank you. ~xx_____kitty_____xx
Sorry, the Neopian Post Office is a shop just like any other in Neopia. The vast majority of players restocking in there are after stamps to resell for a profit, not for use to pad their own stamp albums. If you purchase a stamp that you discover you don't need, we suggest reselling it in your shop to help fund the purchase of stamps you don't already have. :)

Just a quick question: do you ever read and consider the topics where people "complain" about Neo, Fyora forbid? There can be some intelligent responses on there at times and I was just wondering if, maybe, even Lawyerbot considered listening? ~dragonair623228
Believe it or not we DO listen to your feedback. Constructive feedback, that is. Ranting and raving about how awful we are because we're not doing something the way you personally want it to be done is not doing anything but wearing your keyboard down faster. We have several people who compile both positive and negative feedback from players so that we have various opinions on what players do and don't like.

But I feel more right when I'm loud. :(

*gives you Ultra Nerkmid Eraser* An Alien Aisha just gave me an Ultra Nerkmid Eraser. While I appreciate the gesture, it was one thing when Alien Aishas gave me Nerkmid mania all the time, but now with Nerkmid stencils, erasers, biscuits, charms, and plushies, the chance of actually getting a bona fide Nerkmid goes way down. Meanwhile, the Nerkmid prices continue to skyrocket. Please TNT, can the Alien Aishas improve their pattern-matching abilities to be "exact" instead of "contain," so we can finally win more Nerkmids again? This will especially be helpful to those who do not have the avatar yet. ~lkozma
Oof, yeah... kind of like how the Wishing Well likes to give away that Nerkmid book and Baby Paint Brush Plushies... we'll look into the coding and see if we can improve the selection process. It might take a little while, though, because of The To-Do List.

Why is it that an actual Tyrannian Acara's horns face a different direction than the plushie version's? The real Neopets' are in the back, while the plushies' are in the front. Care to explain? :-) ~pixiedust1110
Prior to customisation the horns of the Tyrannian Acara went forward; it was during this time that the plushie was drawn. These days the horns go backwards so you can dress up your Tyrannian Acara all fancy-like.

What's VAT? Does it have anything to do with PayPal? Why TNT are you making us pay this?!? Please remove my username. ~username removed
VAT stands for "value added tax." It's a government tax; not a Neopets or PayPal fee. Some countries now require Neopets to collect VAT -- it's the law in those countries. If you happen to be in a country where VAT is a required charge, then VAT will now be added to your Neopets payment total. For more information, please check out the NC Mall's FAQs under the "Purchasing Neocash" section.

Is it okay for me to give an Everlasting Apple to each of my side accounts so that I can keep my Neopets on them well fed? I prefer actually feeding my Neopets to taking them to the Soup Kitchen or something like that. If it is okay, can I put a bunch of junk items on their accounts as well, to ward off the Pant Devil? Thanks for your time. ~iisown
While putting them all in the Neolodge is a much cheaper alternative, if you prefer to hand-feed your Neopets you are more than welcome to transfer the items and Neopoints needed to your side accounts, as long as it's funded by your main.

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