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Shampoo Shenanigans

by dinoblox


We all have those days, the wind is roaring, the rain is bucketing, and cold, still air clutches at your warmth. You struggle home, the weather seizing every opportunity to steal your heat and cosiness as you trek through the hazardous winter weather. Huffing and puffing – you finally arrive in your neohome. Now inside, you slump exhausted against the hard front door, your gaze wandering over to the tall skinny mirror kept in your hallway. And that’s when you notice what has happened. During your moments out in the unpredictable weather, your hair/fur/fluff has deteriorated into such a mess, it’s a wonder people aren’t tutting and sighing at you. Embracing your limp, lifeless hair/fur/fluff, you shoot a glimpse up to the ceiling above and curse this disaster that had to fall upon you.

We’ve all had those days - you fight with the weather and end up losing, your hair/fur/fluff suffering in the process. But, have no fear, this handy guide shortlists my top ten favourite shampoos to get your hair vibrant, volumised and radiant with minimal fuss. Imagine a life without the worry of stray hair strands; it would be pure bliss! So what are you waiting for? Read on, and learn the secret to shiny healthy hair/fur/fluff. :D

1. Uni Shampoo

“This bubbling mixture will clean even the grubbiest Neopet.”

Not just for Unis, this Shampoo even comes with a handy spout and handle to enable easier washing! The purple liquid cleaned efficiently, and left a distinct soapy smell afterwards. It’s readily available too, suspicious? Maybe, for all we know, Unis are plotting to take over the world with this shampoo. D:

2. Scented Hearts Flower Shampoo

“Your hair can now smell like the scented hearts flower with this shampoo.”

Just as it says, this shampoo is essential if you crave for your hair to smell of fresh blossoms. It is a light silky shampoo, capable of washing a lot of hair/fur/fluff with a single palm-full. The light pink is very appealing to more girly Neopets especially, and is essential for a quick burst of a flowery themed bath time.

3. Usul Tail Shampoo

“Cherry scented Usul Shampoo will have all of your Neopets in a frenzy to take a bath.”

While my Neopets weren’t exactly in a frenzy to take a bath, both they and I appreciated the tasty cherry scent given off by this product. (However, it may not be a good idea to use this product near sensitive fruit pets.) It cleaned thoroughly and left a glossy, fresh gleam. :)

4. Chestnut Shampoo

“If you are going to go nuts, start with this shampoo!”

This is one of my personal favourites – the scent of this shampoo is like taking a brisk walk through a pine forest. It’s bursting with enhancers and leaves hair/fur/fluff in a great condition – perfect for styling into any design! However, this shampoo does have one set back, the price. According to the shop wizard, this shampoo cost 65,000 NP! If you like spending Neopoints aimlessly, this shampoo is one to look out for!

5. Herbal Shampoo

“A shampoo that washes your hair and makes it healthier with its herbal recipe.”

I always find herbal shampoos good for the scalp, and this one is no exception, leaving a sparkling feel. But the scent may bit a bit too strong for some pet noses, and even I found it to be eye stinging in certain quantities. A little seems to go a long way - great for Neopians who have many pets. ^^

6. Super Shiny Shampoo

“A handy one dose package that will give your Neopets fur the shine they have always wanted.”

Exactly as it says, this shampoo did indeed leave my Neopets fur super gleaming - even Ombrophobe’s, and she’s terrible with keeping her coat clean. x) The best thing about this shampoo, though, is that the packaging come with a cute pink bow, immensely loved by feminine Neopets all around.

7. Watermelon Shampoo

“Surprisingly, it doesn’t make your fur sticky.”

Ever wanted your pet to smell EXACTLY like a watermelon, so much that you want to eat it? You have? o.O Then this shampoo is perfect for you and your delectable *ahem* pet. As assured, it doesn’t make your hair/fur/fluff sticky (although it would be worth noting, it does make your palms sticky, very sticky). I personally love its packaging, brings a mouth-watering smile to my face at bath time.

8. Superstar Shampoo

“Yet another fabulous product from the Superstar range. Guaranteed to remove even the toughest tangles.”

I set this shampoo the hardest challenge, cleaning Miri, my Eyrie’s fur. He spends so much time in the sea, his blue fur constantly contains tangles, meaning it’s hard to catch him with a hairbrush! So, we began scrubbing away in the big white tub and surprisingly, it works really well! Of course, there were still one or two more permanent tangles in his ruff, but barring that, he escaped from the bath tub with no need of a hairbrush. Although it lacks a nice scent, its de-tangling abilities make it a regular for Miri’s fur.

9. Chokato Shampoo

“Let your hair smell like a salad and dessert at the same time!”

So many shampoos are shaped like food, but none can match the colour of this shampoo! A rich blue gel oozes from the bottle, creating a mass of foam to tingling your senses with its lucrative smell. Just make sure your pets don’t mistake it for a real chokato, I had problems keeping Ombrophobe from gnawing on the temping bottle!

10. Grey Shampoo

“Lather, rinse and repeat... if you really want to.”

Last but not least, the humble grey shampoo. With scent of falling rain and typically dreary bottle, perhaps it would be ironic to use this on a grey pet. Needless to say, I went and tried it out on a grey pet. Its cleansing abilities proved themselves worthy, as I found no need to repeat the lather and rinsing; once was enough. What really tickled me about this product, though, was the colour of the liquid inside – bright pink, fuchsia if you will.

So, now that you are educated in the ways of shampoos, go forth! Buy yourself some new shampoo and prevent your own bad hair/fur/fluff days from happening again. :)

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