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Wow, awesome job with the Relic Paint Brush! I LOVE IT!!! *wants a relic Neopet someday* Anywho, my question is: can faeries REALLY ask for paint brushes as quest items? I ask because there is a topic going on right now and I am wondering if the topic creator is trying to get donations or if the faeries really ask for these items. If they ask for these, could you let us know which faeries do it? Thanks a lot! :3 ~04071985
Sounds like that person is just out to prey upon the goodwill of others. Faeries should not ask for paint brushes. If you see a post like this again, feel free to report the person for scamming and we will look into it further.

*hands TNT a bowl of cookies* ^_^ I was just wondering, since I can't find info on this topic anywhere: is the transfer of "double" NC Mall items you obtain to a side account allowed? If so, are we allowed to use the free gift boxes we obtain from our main accounts to do it? ~czernows
You mean items that are duplicates from purchases or capsules, etc? As long as you have the boxes, you are more than welcome to transfer NC items between your accounts.

Do you have any plans to either turn Stone Paint Brushes into Relic Paint Brushes or remove Stone Paint Brushes altogether? It seems kind of stupid to keep the old paint brush for a revived, revamped color... also, it would help avoid confusion. ~miztorere
Stone Paint Brushes will not become Relic Paint Brushes. The Relic Paint Brush was not intended to be a revamp of the stone colour. We'll consider whether to do something with the old Stone Paint Brush to avoid confusion, but won't make any promises.

No relation.

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for letting us trade Neocash items. That said, I was wondering if we could trade Neocash items for Neopoint items as long as both parties agreed? For example, say someone wants one of my Neocash items that I have up for trade, but they don't have a Neocash item to exchange for it. They do have a Neopoint item to trade, though. As long as that person agrees and doesn't feel scammed in any way, could we do this? ~chuppacabrashelper
No. Even if both parties agree, trading Neocash items for Neopoint ones (and vice versa) is not allowed. These are two separate economies and they are not allowed to intermingle as it would terribly unbalance both economies and become greatly unfair to players who choose not to use the NC Mall.

Wouldn't it make more sense to just have a "Remove Username" option in the Editorial question submission form? It would prevent redundancy when someone asks to remove their username, and where the username is supposed to go it would say "~username removed." Thanks! *throws you watermelon to avoid angering my friend that disapproves of junk food* ~username removed
Yes, we daresay it would, but we think there are other things upon which we'd prefer to focus our programming power. :)

Hey, TNT! I have a small question. I was doing the Negg Faerie's quests tonight and noticed that most of the painted Neopet images in the worlds (Terror Mountain, The Haunted Woods) are still the old, unconverted Neopets! Shouldn't they be updated by now? Thanks! *hands Meepit repellant* ~lost_in_a_forest
Yeah, it's getting a bit embarrassing, isn't it? We've been eying that area of the site for an update, but just haven't suckered anyone into taking the job of fixing it yet. Maybe we'll draw names out of a hat?

Hey, TNT! *throws Easter egg full of COOKIES* I was just wondering... why is there not a place in Moltara where you can see what all the Neopets that can be painted magma look like? You know, like there are in the other worlds? And, if there is one... where is it? Sorry but I'm slow sometimes. :D ~jubjubbers123
The page exists, but you have to get access to the Magma Pool or click on this link in order to see what the colours look like. :)

Hello! I was just wondering: which items in the NC Mall are Baby Neopets capable of wearing? I am thinking of turning my Wocky into a cute little baby, but the Woodland Archer Superpack looks SO good on him! Can Baby Neopets wear the item from this superpack? P.S.: Thank you for answering my question! ~ lasergu
If you have a baby, Maraquan, invisible, or mutant Neopet (or even a fruit or veggie Chia) that doesn't have the standard body type of that species, then please use caution with your NC Mall purchases. Make sure that you try on all items in the mall to ensure that they work. Most backgrounds and trinkets can be used with these special Neopets, but very few clothing items can. Recently there were two exclusive items for baby Neopets in the NC Mall, but they are now retired. If you enjoy the look of the Woodland Archer Superpack, we suggest not painting your Wocky baby. Further information about what Neopet colours are not optimised for clothing can be found at the bottom of the NC Mall's main page.

*offers some jelly cookies* Dear TNT, a question has been on my mind for a while. What I wanted to ask was this: in the game Bouncy Supreme, if everything is made out of jelly, why does the jelly Blumaroo lose a life if it falls into lava made of jelly, since the Blumaroo himself is made out of jelly?!? I am so confuzzled! =[ ~cutesammy2009
What in Neopia are you going on about? Everything made out of jelly? Are you feeling okay? Well we suppose that, if jelly fell into molten jelly, then that would be pretty disastrous for the jelly that was not yet molten. Erm, does that answer your terribly bizarre question?

Out of curiosity, what's the "most expensive" stamp in Neopia? Not according to regular prices, though; according to the price on the item (like how it says 25 NP on the ARGH!!!! DONNA STAMP). ~piupiudbst
Well, there's a new question! We're fairly certain that it's the One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp from the Mystery Island stamp page.

Wow, you could send a letter to the sun and back with this kind of postage!

Hi, TNT! I was going to throw donuts at you but I got hungry while typing this. :) So, the first account I ever made was Doodley1001. When I created a side account (which is now disabled), I left that first account alone and the Neopets I had left there starved. When I finally went back to that account, I found out you could abandon Neopets at the Pound to get new ones, so I abandoned all four of the Neopets that were on the account at the time and got new ones. Now, at least three years later, I want them back. Can you look up this account and see what my first Neopets were? If you can, could you tell me their full names so that I could find them on the Search bar? Please answer this! I really want my Neopets back and you're my only hope! (please remove my username) Thanks! ~username removed
Sorry, even if the abandoning of those Neopets had been more recent, there's not much we can do to help. Pounding your Neopets isn't something to be done lightly if you have any doubt that you may want them back one day. Once a Neopet is in the Pound it is free to be adopted by anyone. We're sure your Neopets are now living happily with a kind owner.

Greetings, brethren!^_^ A few months ago I accepted a trade of my baby Ixi for someone's Maraquan Lupe. The person asked me to send my Ixi to a side of theirs. I received my Lupe and promptly accepted, but when I sent over my Ixi, they didn't accept within the 2 day transfer period. Therefore, we decided to wait until the next month for me to transfer the Ixi over. Unfortunately, this same thing kept happening. The person is one of those folks who only go online about once every 10 days, so they never accepted my transfer in time! I haven't heard from that person in about a month now. I don't want my Ixi, but this person is never online! I'd like to trade her for another Neopet, but I'm afraid that the person will come on one day asking for her and, if I say she's traded, then that person will accuse me of being a scammer! Should I keep her just in case that person ever comes looking for her again, or should I move on and trade her for something else? ~juicylove17
Oh dear, if it's been a few months and you have been earnestly attempting to get the Neopet transferred to the account... well, there's only so much you can do. You've already sent the Ixi twice, and anyone looking into the situation would be able to see that as well. If they can't be bothered to accept the transfer after repeated attempts, we say to just go ahead and consider the trade for the Ixi forfeited and do what you like with the baby Neopet.

My Neopet was turned into a pink Neopet during the April Fools Day fun. While she was pink I went and fed her popcorn on two occasions, yet I did not get the avatar. Since TNT allowed the color to be used I am wondering why I did not receive the avatar? Oh, here are all the chocolate Easter eggs and jelly beans I could find. :P ~cpolly813
Unfortunately for this situation, only the appearance of Neopets were altered on April Fools. If you recall, the species and colour of your Neopet as listed did not change. According to our database your Neopet was not pink (despite visual appearances), and therefore all the popcorn in Neopia would not result in you receiving an avatar.

*tosses jelly* Sorry, couldn't resist! I keep hearing people talk about "unconverted" Neopets. I've even read a story about one. Are these just Neopets that aren't painted? ~quickquotes
No, unconverted Neopets are Neopets left over from years ago, before Neopets could be customised to wear clothing, backgrounds, etc. Back then Neopets were unalterable images. For example, your pink Cybunny looked exactly like every other pink Cybunny in Neopia. This also meant that, at the time, Neopets could have more unique art, as they didn't have to fit a certain pose for clothing art. We had to convert almost all Neopets to a standard pose when we released customisation. Some Neopets would have undergone such a massive visual change that we either left them alone or left it up to the player to decide whether they wanted to "convert" the Neopet to the customisable version or leave it "unconverted." A lot of players still enjoy the look and feel of unconverted Neopets (which are incapable of wearing clothing items), so that is why you often see talk of them on the Neoboards. In case you are wondering, you can no longer create Neopets that are unconverted. All new Neopets are customisable.

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