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The Power of Card Giving

by jackie_3_3_3


Checking by your mailbox on a random day and noticing a card just for you can really bring a smile to your face. A card can be received for any occasion and even though it might be considered “old-fashioned,” it’s still being done today. The reason cards are still popular is due to the fact that they’re more personal, authentic, impacting, and emotional.

They’re personal due to the fact that YOU’RE the one picking the card and it leaves a sense of actual feelings from you to the receiver. This kind of motion gives the receiver a sense of you and something to always keep with them.

They’re authentic because the card is based on your own personality. It takes time to pick out a good card and then putting a bit of your own writing in there to show the reader that you actually cared enough to even send them a card.

They’re impacting because instead of just being in the neomail, where they can be easily deleted; real cards can be placed inside a home on top of a fireplace mantle or even on the bedroom desk.

They’re emotional because it’s just for the receiver and a way of communication that can be stronger with words when written.

These are very good reasons to get up and go to a local store that stock up in cards! Neopets love to receive cards just as much as we do and this list will show and explain a few noteworthy cards for various occasions. Each will make quite the impact for each neopet and some will include other good alternatives, in case the first choice doesn’t suit your fancy.

1. Get Well Soon Card

This card can be given to your sick neopet after suffering from the Reptillioritus illness after playing Qasalan Expellibox or just from any common sickness while exploring Neopia. This lets them know that they really are cared for and inspires them to keep their health up so that they can get healed as soon as possible.

2. You Did it Card

Who doesn’t want praise after accomplishing a goal? This card is just a little extra to show that you’re happy for your neopet after they did something. This can be given when they win the Beauty Contest, finally getting that book they wanted from the Book Shop, or even when they bring home their first pay from the Faerieland Employment Agency.

Alternatives: You’re the Best Card and Kau Congrats Card

3. Thanks Card

Thank you for being wonderful, for being you, for helping me with the shop, for the gift, for reading this, etc. This simple one-worded card has so many possibilities and meaning. This could be the most popular card to give to any neopet for its simplicity yet heartwarming gesture.

4. Thinking of You Card

Being away from someone that you really care for isn’t always easy. A way to always stay in their hearts in paper form would have to be this card. This shows that they’re not forgotten and are always on your mind. Another heartwarming gesture that not many neopets receive, so surprise them with this lovely card!

5. Happy Birthday Card

This is simple, nice, and a traditional card. No one likes when they feel that everyone has forgotten one of the most important days of the year. Every neopet is only born once and they love to be spoiled like everyone else with all the gifts, cake, and at least one of these fantastic cards!

Alternatives: Hissi Birthday Card and Pteri Birthday Card

6. Ghostkerchief Greeting Card

This is a great greeting card for welcoming a new member to the family, new neighbor, or welcoming the new Ghostkerchief that found its way to your neopet’s side (still find that a bit strange...). However, giving this card plus an additional present can sure make the newcomer feel welcomed.

Alternatives: Peadackle Greeting Card, Ona Greeting Card, and Unicoto Greeting Card

7. Best Friend Card

Let your best friend know how special they are! This can be great to receive on just a random day. Neopets are our friends and it’s nice to remind them that they’re the best. I can see this as the perfect card for any disco pet with its vibrating colors and “groovy” swirls in the background.

8. Gingerbread Seasons Greatings Card

The text reads – HAVE A WONDERFUL SEASON FULL OF JOY AND LAUGHTER! Traditional Christmas cards should be something done every year. It keeps the holiday spirit alive and is another good form of giving. I understand people don’t have a lot of free time and believe sending a Christmas card is a “hassle” but it’s always GREAT to get! Be sure to send this a bit early before Christmas to ALL loved ones and they’ll surely love you for this simply and loving gesture.

Alternatives: Merry Christmas Card, Seasonal Greeting Card, and Happy Holidays Card

9. Nimmo Surprise Card

Unlike all the other cards, you can be as random as you want with this card. Surprise your neopet with a random surprise to go along with that random gift you bought while shopping around Neopia. Randomness with cards can go from Happy Gadgadsbogen Day, Happy Usuki Doll Convention Day, or just saying in big letters how much that you just love Chocolate Chia Waffles (yummy!) Go random and enjoy the expression on their face when they ask you what the point of this card was!

Alternatives: Fyora Card and Kacheek Graduation Card

10. A Mysterious Valentines Card

Send this to somebody on the 14th of February! Valentine’s Day is also for the love of family and friends. Giving this specific card however will not only be a lovely gesture, but both you and the receiver will benefit from it with the Valentines Sidebar! Now that’s one great card!

Alternatives: A Heartfelt Valentines Day Card, Heart Swirl Valentines Card, and Homemade Valentines Day Card

All these cards are great finds and your neopets will love you dearly for them. If none of these catches your eye, fear not! Making a card truly yours is by making them yourself. A great book known as “Making Homemade Greeting Cards” is your best bet on learning different creative cards to make at home.

Cards are wonderful to get every time, so just have fun while choosing your cards for your loved ones. As stated by the book mentioned above, “Remember, it’s the thought that counts.”

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