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Slimy Slobbering Slorgs in Space: The Game Guide

by you_are_my_happiness


I didn't really like playing Attack of the Slorgs, but the sequel Slorgs in Space seems to sit well with me. The music seems suitably alien and creepy; it makes you wonder what those slorgs are up to, beyond looking cute and snarfing Kreludor's food supply.

Gameplay is fairly simple, so you'll pick it up quite easily. You shoot at the slorgs and they disintegrate if you have three or more of the same colour. It's quite friendly to non-gamers as well, since aiming skills required are minimal. You use your mouse to aim with crosshairs, so you don't have to judge the distance or angle. As such, I think it's more of a "puzzle" game than action.

Slorgs in Space has surprisingly few levels, so if you want to get a higher score (and perhaps that cute Slorg Hat from beating AAA's score), you will have to pace yourself and farm lots of points using — you guessed it — combos. Before we get into combos, let me cover the different levels first.

Level 1

Number of slorgs: 20

Colours: Purple, Green, Red

Level 2

Number of slorgs: 30

Additional Colours: Starry

Level 3

Number of slorgs: 40

Additional Colours: Island (minus the flower and the grass skirt)

Level 4

Number of slorgs: 50

Additional Colours: Pink

Level 5

Number of slorgs: 60

Additional Colours: Pirate

Level 6

Number of slorgs: 70

Additional Colours: Brown

As you can see, each new level adds ten slorgs and a new colour. Chain combos are harder to do with more colours, obviously. The slorgs also move increasingly faster, so it's easier to make mistakes as you go along. There are also a few things about the slorgs' movement that you should take note of and exploit to maximise your score.

If you successfully disintegrate a bunch of slorgs, the chain of slorgs in front will stop moving until the slorgs behind the disintegrated ones catch up. This is very useful if you find you're being overwhelmed, especially in the later levels. It also makes aiming that much easier since the ones up front will remain stationary.

Next is, slorgs will happily slide back down if there are more slorgs of the same colour. Imagine you have purple (P), green (G), and red (R) slorgs:


In this case, if you shoot at the two red slorgs (RR) with a red one, those will disappear and the first group of slorgs (PPGG) will slide toward the second group. And you get a combo to boot, since the green slorgs will disintegrate. If you find slorgs are getting dangerously close to the food supply in the centre, you can always use this to your advantage. Shoot an appropriate colour at the second group to make the slorgs slide back down, giving you valuable time to regroup or to shoot down more slorgs.

I find the easiest way to make combos is by using two colours only. It's fairly manageable in Level 1 since there's only three colours, but it's hard to organise the slorgs properly in the later levels. Which is why I suggest going trigger happy with the slorgs in the beginning of, say, Levels 3-6, and waiting till you have about twenty slorgs left or so. (You can see the number of slorgs you have remaining on the upper right corner of the game screen.)

Then you try to weed out other colours until you have two colours remaining. Then shoot and group slorgs into pairs. If you had purple (P) and green (G) slorgs, you would want to do something like this:


Say you wanted to make the chain of slorgs even longer, and now you have a purple (P) one to shoot. What do you do? You now have to aim between two green slorgs (GG) and shoot, getting something like this:


Then you just keep shooting and filling them out. Of course, you can also try shooting at the end of the chain, but I find shooting between two slorgs easier. You can try and experiment to see which you prefer.

After you get a really long chain of purple and green slorgs, what you do is shoot near the middle. Something like this would be quite effective:


Once the purple slorgs (PPP) disintegrate, the other slorgs will come together into a lovely chain combo, racking you lots and lots of points.

Now, you might be wondering why I recommend doing this combo thing near the end of each level. I did recommend going trigger happy until you have about twenty slorgs left, didn't I? Well, that's because you can only shoot a colour that is already present on screen. This means even if you're on Level 6 and you have purple, red, green, starry, island, pink, pirate, and brown slorgs, as long as you manage to weed out six other colours, you will only get two colours to shoot. You won't have to worry about dealing with all eight colours at once.

Or, you might get a rainbow power-up. And although rainbow power-ups might seem like a sweet deal, they really aren't when you're going for chain combos. It's easier to mess up with them and make small combos unintentionally. (Remember, one long chain combo is better than several little chain combos, since you get more and more points for each consecutive group of slorgs you vanquish.) In those cases where you have an unwanted colour, remember you can always shoot away from the screen to "discard" the colour.

You might want to shoot the slow down power-up (that's the orange hourglass circle you see floating around) to slow the slorgs down a bit, but I personally find it distracts me from the slorgs and doesn't seem to slow them down all that much. I kind of ignore the powerup most of the time.

So that's basically the gist of it. I tailored the guide for players who may be a little less experienced with games, so of course feel free to try and aim for combos at other times if you feel like you're up to it. I followed this chain combo technique while I ran through the levels taking notes down on the number of slorgs and their colours, without really trying to hard to score high. And still managed to get over 23,000 points when you only need 16,500 points to beat AAA. So with a bit of practice, mastering this is wholly possible.

And I don't know about you, but I'd much rather pick practicing and beating AAA over buying the wearable from a user shop. And you know you want that Slorg Hat. (Your pets... not so much. They don't seem very happy having slorg slobber on their heads.)

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