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Complete Mush: Fifteen Valentine Gifts for the Lost

by giggilogalmewmew


So here it is, that time of year again when you're surrounded by pink paper, red hearts, and enough chocolate to cause dentists to cry into their plastic gloves. You like Valentines Day! It's got a nice theme, the decorations are okay, and while some of those 'gifts' can be a little hokie, there's something about receiving a cliché card that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. But as you look at the list of people you want to send knick-knacks to, you start to wonder what to get them. Valentines Day is hardly a holiday. It's just simply a day where people choose to appreciate their loved ones. So what do you get them? You don't want to send away royal paint brushes, and you don't know if a chocolate bar is too cheap! Well, have no fear! I have a guide to fifteen gifts that are perfect for Valentines Day! These gifts fit a variety of individuals, price ranges, and meanings. Let's take a look! I'm sure you'll find the perfect gift, or gifts, to send out to those you care for.

“The Emergency Gift”

Price Range: 1 - 10,000 neopoints

The Emergency Gift is a gift that you keep on hand for unexpected emergencies! These can be anything from your neighbour popping by with a card and a box of chocolates (without a planned reciprocation), or an unexpected office party. These are also great small gifts for your buddies! If you're just sharing cards, and popping each other chocolates, then the emergency gift will fit the bill. Nothing too expensive, and easy to stock up on! Just make sure that you have all your emergency gifts wrapped and set aside. There's nothing more embarrassing than being handed a nice card, and passing out a baggy full of cookies in return. It's worse than having nothing at all!

Valentines Cookies

Valentines Cookies are a delicious trio of chocolate chip goodies, freshly baked in the shape of a heart! They are crunchy, sweet, and can be gifted as-is or piled high in a fancy box for something more personal. Unless the person you're gifting doesn't like sweets, you really can't go wrong with these!

Valentines Bouquet

The Valentines Bouquet is a beautiful flower arrangement that is perfect for that special someone, but can be equally appropriate for your mother or sister! Pre-wrapped in soft green cellophane and an attractive pink ribbon, these bouquets are often in high demand on V-Day. While I don't recommend having them on hand well in advance, I do suggest making a trip to the Gift Shop a week or so before the actual event to reserve a couple. You'll want to know you'll have some available when you need them!

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

The perfect gag gift, the Heart Shaped Sunglasses is actually a fairly nice accessory for the price! If you're going out for a night on the town with your friends, pick up a few of these sunglasses and get everyone to don their pair with pride. You could even be starting a new tradition!

Oozing Chocolate Heart

Mm, chocolate! *drool* No Valentines Day is complete without a slew of chocolate treats! Chocolate is practically the reason for the day in the first place! Forget love, forget appreciation, think of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! Chocolate is the perfect V-Day gift, no matter what the price, shape, or consistency. The Oozing Chocolate Heart is exceptionally fairly priced, and can be given in handfuls! Each heart is 100% rich milk chocolate, filled with an ooey gooey cherry filling. Keep a bag full of these in your home at all times when the month of Awakening hits!

“The General Gift”

Price Range: 10,000 - 25,000 neopoints

The General Gift is really just that, a decent, generalized price range of gifts that show you aren't cheap, and can be given to close friends and loved ones. They're classic items that people expect as gifts on Valentines Day. I like to add smaller emergency gifts to general gifts, just to give the present an extra lift! Plus, it's always fun to receive a beautiful bracelet, and a hilarious pair of sunglasses with it!

Heart Shaped Chocolates

Ah yes, the classic heart shaped box of chocolates. In reality, while everyone loves these, most of us only eat about a quarter of the box, tossing the rest because they aren't our favourite flavour. The problem with boxes of chocolates is that there are always those icky nut-covered, orange cream filled, passion fruit whipped blobs dropped inconspicuously between the good chocolates. Still, I love receiving them, you love receiving them, and the boxes really are beautiful! If you receive a box of chocolates this year, I have a suggestion for you to avoid wasting all that chocolate. When you're about to sit down to picking through your chocolates, bring along with you your trusty butter knife! Slice chocolates in half you aren't sure of, and give them a good look. If it looks lemon filled, and you aren't a lemon fan, slip the chocolate back into its respective pocket and try again. You can give the chocolates you don't want to a friend who'll eat anything! It might seem a little unorthodox, but at least you aren't wasting! (Just make sure that all butter knife slicing is done carefully! If you're a younger Neopian, please find an adult!)

Valentine Rose Bouquet

A step up from your classic bouquet of flowers, the Valentine Rose Bouquet is a beautiful arrangement of roses in an ornate pink vase. A heart balloon tops it off, and if you just add a card, this is a wonderful gift for that special someone in your life! I'd recommend this for your special someone, or a beloved family member. It's a little too personal for a friend! If you're looking to cheer a friend up with flowers on V-Day, go for the regular bouquet.

Valentines Negg

A unique gift, this pink negg is a beautiful symbol of Valentines festivity! Where else could you find pink, red, hearts and lace all at once? I'd suggest gifting this negg with a bouquet of flowers, a fizzy beverage, and the promise of a gourmet dinner! What a better way to surprise someone on Valentines Day than a lovely dinner for two? Send this negg, and then arrive on their doorstep with some butter and a frying pan. Cooking neggs is quite simple really, but the best way to cook this sweet negg is to slice it, fry it, and serve it with whipped cream.

“Getting Up There”

Price Range: 25,000 - 75,000 neopoints

Our next level of gifting spoils is the category of present for the person with taste. You want to give a unique gift, or one with class! You'd like to display yourself as someone generous, and you want the person receiving this gift to truly understand how you feel! (Really, you should be proud!) If that isn't you, maybe you've just got a lot of dough to spare. That's fine too! Whatever your reason to want to spend a bit, here are some gifts that should be right up your alley.

Mysterious Valentines Card

This special card restocks at the Gift Shop for only a limited time each year, and the rest of the year, it sits comfy in many lucky users' shops. Its value tends to appreciate the closer you get to Valentines, so I'd suggest purchasing this as soon as possible! One of the more uniquely expensive cards out there, this simple yet classy card is the perfect way to sneakily say 'I care!' while adding a special surprise at the end. ;) This is a gift and card all in one!

Silver Valentines Ring

The more expensive sibling in the Valentines ring set, this silver ring is beautifully simple with a classy silver band, pink diamond heart, and two soft pink pearls. It speaks of commitment! Friendship! And of course, love. My favourite, this ring suits many a skin (and fur!) tone, and looks beautiful on anybody who cares to wear it. If you're looking to give this ring, or any ring, on Valentines Day, I'd suggest carefully stuffing it into ice cream, a donut, or a piece of cake! It might be a bit messy, but serving your sweet someone a delicious treat with a built in surprise is the perfect way to show them that you've been thinking of them! (Just make sure they're a careful eater, not a gulper!)

Sweetheart Scroll

Ooh, how pretty! The Sweetheart Scroll is rumoured to be a slew of rhymes, stories, and hymns that you can tell your loved one. It's the perfect way to start a nice dinner, and if that person isn't a big reader, it's a wonderful collectible! Flowery words have been written in ink on soft pink patterned paper, and rolled loosely, then tied with black twine and adorned with a pink heart charm. Perfect on its own, or slipped into a bottle for decorative safe-keeping, the Sweetheart Scroll is a unique gift for that important person in your life.

Bleeding Heart

So named for the beautiful blood red hearts that hang from the flower's petals, the Bleeding Heart is a melodramatic flower that hovers on the lower end of the price scale. While it's definitely priced fairly, there is absolutely nothing cheap about this shining example of a poetic gift. The Bleeding Heart is a very delicate flower, and needs proper care. Nutritious soil, lots of water, and an appropriate amount of sunlight is key. Gardeners say that the most beautiful Bleeding Hearts come from the hands of someone that is truly in love, and that if you want to grow one, you must be pure of heart and mind!

“Truly Spoiled”

Price Range: 75,000 - 300,000 neopoints

If you're here looking in the Truly Spoiled gift section, then you must really care about the person you're giving a gift to! There is nothing better than having someone who truly appreciates you for you, and can handle all your quirks and randomness. So why not be a little extra generous with that special person? Here is a series of gifts that not only says 'I love you!' but also, 'Thanks for putting up with me! :P'.

Valentines Kadoatie Plushie

Aw, how cute! This adorable plush is a regular favourite of the collector community, and shows the softer side of Valentines Day spirit. White, with soft pink heart patches here and there, this quaint Kadoatie won't ask you for Draik eggs, and it won't hassle you on the street either! It's perfect for the Neopian who wants something to snuggle when they're lonely. Best of all, if you don't think the Kadoatie is a perfect match, the Valentines plush series has a variety of species likenesses for you to choose from! If your receiver likes petpets, why not go for the bright pink Hasee? Or maybe the Valentine Nimmo Plushie? He's ready to be loved with a cut out card of his own!

Simple Ivory Love Spoon

Nothing says love like a Love Spoon! These delicately carved spoons are hand-crafted out of wood or ivory, and feature loops, ribbons, and hearts all carved out of their respective material. The handles are extremely delicate, and can be almost as thin as fine lace. If the person you're giving a gift to enjoys such ornate collectibles, a love spoon might be the perfect gift for them! The detailed designs of the handles represent how deeply you think about that person, and displays your never-ending affection! Plus, you can hang these babies on your wall too! They'll never, ever, forget you.

Dreamy Pink Hearts Background

If the person you have in mind is a true customization freak, then the Dreamy Pink Hearts Background would be the perfect gift! It's festive, and a sought after background that can be worn, or collected. The hearts background not only says 'I care' but also that you pay attention to your receiver's likes and dislikes, two things that are very important! At the very least, if in doubt, it can be resold. After all, customization is all the rage these days!

“Off the Wall”

Price Range: *explodes*

Okay, so maybe I was wrong. Maybe a Royal Paint Brush is just too cheap for you! You send them out as party favours on Halloween, and r99s fall out of your pockets all the time. Heck, you're the reason the Wishing Well still works! If that's the case, and you've got pockets running a line of pure gold, then maybe Valentines Day isn't a case of 'what to get', more as, 'what SHOULD I get'. I mean, really, you want a gift of status! You don't want just a silly old box of chocolates! (Unless they're gourmet, r99, and made out of solid platinum. Mm!) So here it is my pick for you, that daring Neopian with a bulging wallet. This should be right in your price range!

Valentines Girl Usuki

Meet one of the most expensive toys on the planet - the Valentines Girl Usuki! Isn't she sweet? Dressed in her V-Day fineries of pink, red, lace, and soft silk, this shy little Valentine has a big red heart that she wants to give you! How could you even think of not accepting it?! GEESH! Really, this usuki is a big collectable, and was made by the creators of Usuki to celebrate Valentines Day in a big way. With her male counterpart, the Valentines Boy Usuki, she's a real charmer, and the pair together could make an explosive V-Day gift! If the person you're giving this gift to has been good all year long, and is someone you cherish beyond anyone else in your life, then I would highly suggest this little usuki. She's ready for love! (And she's ready to drain your pockets, too!)

So there you have it, silly gifter! A guide for the lost, the confused, and the indecisive. The above gifts are perfect for all different price ranges, meanings, and situations! There's something for everyone in your life, and everything says 'Valentines' through and through. So take your time, peruse your options, and head out shopping! Valentines Day is just around the corner, and you don't want to be caught without a gift, now do you?

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